Ask-Mr-Waldo.Com 2010 Viewer Policy is good, old fashion, American Satire/Parody with a political message.

First let us think of the bigger picture about what satire is and isn’t. All satire can be offensive and funny at the same time to different viewers with different political philosophies.

Satire isn't racism, it's satire. Some people find the political satire here offensive because it’s an affront to their embedded, moral code or view of what is being satirized. But that is the point.

Satire attacks (pokes fun) at the very core of our own personal moral code or personal views we have developed over time on just about everything. It instantly brings the funny or offended instincts right to the surface of our emotions.

In growing up we are influenced by our parents, friends, high school experiences, love affairs, disappointments, jobs, politics, religion and on and on. No one ever sits down and writes out their personal code of ethics on what is and what is not offensive or funny.

I believe that these change from moment to moment as we grow and experience new things. We remember things and events from the past and in reflection say “remember the time that we. . .“

Thus the more offensive satire is can be awful funny to some people and awful offensive to others. Just because satire is offensive to you personally does not mean it has failed it’s original purpose. Visualize satire as the sharp stick that punctures your moral and ethics Piñata. Peace.