Where Right-Wing Moralist and Sychophants Duke It Out With Left-Wing Moralist and Sycophants
"there are those ( Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Anita Dunn ) who want to change your country from what it is TODAY to what THEY believe it should be TOMMOROW - SOCIALISM"

The Highjacking Of America

Anita Dunn and David Axelrod are American's version of the Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, for the Obammunist administration. Obammunist, Dunn, Axelrod and Goebbels all favored "oratory prose ( Speeches filled with False Promises And Lies ) over truth to persuade, to manipulate, to convert our Country to their vision of Socialism and the destruction of America created by our founders".

Voting for a confirmed Socialist/Communist like Obammunist is not a path to reform; it is a path to Socialist/Communist domination, a path to losing our constitutional freedoms, a path to turning America into a over taxed, over regulated, 3rd world, poverty stricken country. It is "Idiotocracy"!

Editorial - Monday October 19, 2009 - Obama ( aka Obammunist ) ended his most recent health plan propaganda speech by condemning "Big Insurance Companies", not outlining the costly, unworkable virtues of his Health plan.

His purpose - SPIN. The "art of obfuscating" the Democrat Health Plan to voters. Convince the easily manipulated, uninformed, OBAMMUNIST voters to support his socialist health plan on the premise that insurance companies are just "evil", money grubbing capitalists. Obammunist and liberals in general have a abnormal hate for capitalists and capitalism. So where is the logic? Let's examine who is more evil for our country - Obama the Socialist or Big Insurance Companies.

The queen dunce of genius, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the following 'Pelosism' - "we have to pass the (Health) bill so that you ( the public ) can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy" The "fog of controversy" perfectly describes liberalism and incompetent fools like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

No, Ms Pelosi, as always you have got it back-ass-ward again. We, the voters, have to read it first to find out what is in it so we can rationally decide if we want you to vote on it! Passing this Health Bill against 'voter's will' clearly defines how arrogant and corrupt you and the rest of the liberlized Democrats/Republicans that voted for this piece of legislative crap.

You and the Democrat/Republican socialists in Congress do everything backwards because, well you are just plain ignorant of facts - you think, as a elitist ruling class, that you run the country, you are the elitist of smart, you believe, like most dictator ran countries, that you and the other liberalized Democrat/Republican socialists in Congress believe you and no one else know what is best for the country.

Forgive me but as much as you dislike being called an employee, you ARE an employee of the people. You were given the power to do what the people want, not what you, not what Obammunist and the other Socialists in Congress want. Anything else is a dictatorship - you Ms. Pelosi is not what the founding fathers of our country had in mind when they created this country or when they wrote the constitution. You, Obama and Reid are the worst examples of 'elitist politicians'.

I believe that Democrats like Obama, Reed and Pelosi who look and act rationally on the outside but have fundamental flaws that expose their neurotic inability to recognize reality or to tell the truth. The flaw is they are all elitist liars. They all live in a fantasy world where lying is acceptable in order to get what ever THEY want. When reality does not fit their world of fantasy then they lie. Reid, Pelosi and Obama have all demonstrated their inability to tell the truth when it looks like the public doesn't like or want their left-wing policies.

Example: Reid said before TV cameras at the recent Insurance summit between Republicans and Democrats that he had never considered the Senate Reconsolidation Rule to force through their Health Plan. Search the Internet and you can find dozens of examples of him saying they would use Reconsolidation to pass their Health Plan.

3 year old children tell lies thinking that adults can't see through their childish lies. Obama, Reed and Pelosi tell lies when ever it suits their purpose and will reverse their story the next day thinking, like 3 year olds, that no one heard the first lie.

OK. Let's look at who was responsible for the collapse of the Housing market. Look at who has done little to nothing to rebuild our Economy or create any type of innovative Job Program that did not include some sort of a taxpayer money give away plan.

Insurance companies or other large corporations are not trying increase your taxes, they are not trying to force you to buy Health insurance, they are not trying to circumvent the Constitution and ram their un-Constitutional health Plans through Congress, they don't try to take over banks or auto companies, they don't make ridiculous promises to the American public they have no intention of ever keeping.

American Health Insurance companies, like Obammunist, are not trying to take over the government and convert it to a socialist nation. Can you name one insurance company that wants to circumvent our Constitution in order to replace many of our century old traditions with Obama/Pelosi Socialism?

America's Health Insurance Plans ( AHIP - an association representing 1,300 insurance companies ) responded to Obammunist verbal condemnation of the Health Insurance Industry by saying:

"Any Health Reform needs to work and deliver on the promises made to the American people by Obammunist that everyone will have quality, affordable coverage.

Two industry studies released last week found that some of the current Obammunist health proposals will significantly increase health care costs for individuals, families and employers in every level of large industry and small business' across the country"

Obammunist's false promise of quality, affordable coverage was and is a BIG, FAT, OBAMMUNIST LIE. He is a liar. Lying to the voters is one of Obammunist's most notable skills, especially when it comes to either promoting himself or any of his anti-America Socialist programs.

After one year of Obammunism is he becoming more and more ineffective in accomplishing anything due to the pressure from his unfulfilled promises? Is he overwhelmed by trying to solve Democrat caused problems for which he has NO solutions due mainly to his inexperience and lack of leadership skills.

He is grasping in the dark for solutions which is the reason for the massive, unresolved economic problems regarding unemployment and the home mortgage collapse. Millions of jobs have been lost and Obama, Pelosi and Reed seem paralyzed. They have wasted months in forcing Health Reform through Congress that nobody wants, giving terrorist Miranda Rights and spending millions on show trials in New York for terrorists? What are they thinking? It is disturbing to see our country and our economy so off track and the Democrats and Obammunist are failing to respond to these issues.

It needs saying now that after a year of Obammunist it seems he is incapable of solving anything as he wallows in his own ineffectiveness. Is his underlying ego, naivety and narcissistic image finally exposing the self manufactured, over confident facade that got him elected.

I and most American voters are weary of Obammunist's dictatorial, lie filled lectures that promise a lot but do nothing. They are veiled, propaganda attacks against, in this instance, the Health Insurance industry that he sees needs his Socialist reform. Who do you believe?

The Nobel Peace medal was given to Obammunist for what accomplishment(s)? He was elected President on what accomplishment(s)? Every reform idea he has proposed so far is a anti-American, Socialist solution. He has repeatedly tried to circumvent the guidelines of our Constitution by appointing liberal/Socialist 'czars' as agency heads to ram through his Democrat Socialist Programs.

Voters want Obammunist to run the government based on the concepts of our Constitution, not on Socialism. The basis of our culture, our history, our freedom is connected to our Constitution. It's not based on Communism, Socialism or Marxism!

According to Obammunist, nearly everything in your personal life needs reform and the average voter, by his standards, is just too ignorant to grasp the ideology of Socialism. These are communist concepts promoted by third world dictators. Socialism only works where there is a dictator running the country by military force. Is anyone finally getting the picture of Obama the Socialist.

Obammunist, to justify his irrational, socialist, reform policies, repeatedly explains that the voters choose him for "social change". Obammunist said that "American voters chose him not just because they wanted new policies in Washington, but because they wanted a change in the tax and spend policies of Washington Democrat/Republican politics".

Voters wanted a change in the Washington culture of LIES, CORRUPTION and FRAUD. Stop Democrat Socialist policies that try to convert out country into a Socialist state. We don't want Socialist Health Reform! We don?t want Socialist policies that will bankrupt our National treasury for Socialist programs. Voters want an end to this culture of lies and waste. Not more lies to obfuscate the Obammunist Socialist policy changes to our Health Care.

Voters want an end to the Socialist culture of waste and taxation. Not more wasteful stimulus bills that, without any success, has thrown trillions of your tax dollars down the Obammunist rat hole. The goals of socialism ignores reality and the enormous additional cost to taxpayers.

Voters want a quick end to frauds like Obammunist destroying our way of life and replacing it with a Communist/Marxist, style of a political system that has failed in every country where people like Obammunist are in a leadership position.

We do Not want an endless list of Socialist reform programs. Obammunist, who lacks any leadership skills, has no experience in leading or running anything let alone the biggest economy in the world. He was given the responsibility of leading our country out of a massive recession but unfortunately he is a fraud who is incapable of leading. He sees Socialism as the "only" answer which is not his idea or an original idea. He is just a follower of failed Socialistic theories practiced in 3rd world, dictator ran countries, not a leader who understands and defends capitalism or our Constitution.

Promoting phony Democrat/Communist reform programs is NOT leading, it is dictatorial! Obammunist?s past and current Communist/Marxist associations, his formative years of Communist teaching is what is behind his culture of 'communist/Socialist reform'.

Obamunist, similar to Hitler's rise to power, won the election on a platform of LIES and false PROMISES delivered at political rallies. Lies about his past associations, his Socialist agenda regarding illegal immigrants and health care. Lies about the increased cost of his health insurance reform plan. Lies, Lies and more Lies.

Obamunist wants the increased cost of Health Care reform, that current includes Health Insurance for illegal immigrants, placed on the backs of hard working American families.

Government, according to Obammunist and former dictators like Obammunist, see leadership as being based on the control and manipulation of all aspects of the American citizens through his Obammunist political reforms - Socialism. Political Health reform is just another acronym for a Communist/Socialist dictated government control backed up with real threats and intimidation.

Every dictator, from Hitler to Stalin, govered from a position of forcing reform through subtle or real threats and intimidation. The current Health Reform bill is loaded with all kinds of threats against American citizens through the enforcement of financial tax penalties and/or jail terms for those that don't bend to Obammunist Health Reform rules. Remember Obama said he was going to put his "boot on the neck of the oil company", connected to the Gulf oil spill, if they did not follow "HIS" orders. Who uses those terms except dictators!

If Obammunism wants real reform, not communist control, where is his reform of Washington political cronyism? Where is his reform of liberal/Communist propaganda being taught to grade school children? Where is his reform of Washington political corruption? Where is his reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Where is his reform of the unemployment crisis? He can't reform any of these problems because Obammunist and the Democrats are the source for all of these problems.

Voting for a confirmed Socialist/Communist like Obammunist is not a path to reform; it is a path to Socialist/Communist domination, a path to losing our constitutional freedoms, a path to turning America into a over taxed, 3rd world poverty stricken country.

Remember Obammunist appointed Anita Dunn, a confirmed communist, who said she was a follower and admirer of the tyrant, Mao political philosophy, as his Chief of Communications. QUESTION - Who hires someone with a known history of communist beliefs except another communist sympathizer - Barach Obama.

Anita Dunn and David Axelrod are American's version of the Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, for the Obammunist administration. Obammunist, Dunn, Axelrod and Goebbels used "oratory prose ( Speeches filled with False Promises And Lies ) over truth to persuade, to manipulate, to convert our Country to their vision of Socialism and the destruction of America created by our founders".