Where Right-Wing Moralist and Sychophants Duke It Out With Left-Wing Moralist and Sycophants
RULES FOR LIBERALS - "there are those ( Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel, David Axlerod ) who want
to change your country from what it is TODAY to what THEY believe it should be TOMMOROW - SOCIALISM"


The Olbermann asylum story is a 'made for TV soap opera' that will just not QUIT.

Just when you think his medication is working he comes unglued, starts hyperventilating and then the eyes start to bulge whenever he hears the word 'Bush', 'Cheney' or 'Palin'.

And if you happen to be one of the 5 to 10 people who actually watch and listen to Olbermann's we have created a fun method to past the time away between his famous, rubber room rants and be able to scientifically score with accuracy the level of his mouth foaming rages!

Here is how it works. We will use, for illustrative purposes, one of Olbermann's extemporaneous, spit flying, rage rants aimed at Sara Palin and ObamaCare as an example.

Give yourself 1 point every time "Muttering Ollie" makes one of the following statements + 1/2 point for the style of his emotional outbursts.

  • 1 Point for saying "sir" with a sneer on his face. ( Add ½ Point if it's a "how dare you, sir" in the same angry tone )

  • 1 point if he relentlessly whines in a 'sarcastic, angry manner' about Sarah Palin. ( Add ½ Point if he throws in a pejorative like 'failed or quitter' ) ( Add another ½ Point if he starts foaming at the mouth or a ½ point if you see spit oozing out and down his chin )

  • 1 Point every time he mentions some exaggerated number of people he says have died each year from a lack of health insurance. ( I guess he is talking about the number of his listening audience that is dying )

  • 1 Point every time he mentions the fact that there are 40 million uninsured people in the US. ( Add ½ Point if he exaggerates the exaggerated uninsured number to 50 million )

  • 1 Point every time he praises Canada's, France's, UK's, or Cuba's Health system. ( Add ½ Point when he adds that long waiting lines at hospitals in socialist health care countries like Canada, England and France is a lie spread by Republicans )

  • 1 Point every time he says 'death panels' and Sara Palin's name in the same breath and with loud 'Sarcastic Anger'. ( ½ point if his face starts to swell or turns beet red )

  • 1 Point every time he claims, with a sarcastic 'smirk', that Republicans have no plan or solutions! ( Add ½ Point if he says Republican's solution is "they don't care and want people to die" )

  • 1½ Point ever time he mocks Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Glenn Beck or Mark Levin ( Conservative talk show hosts with large numbers of listeners )

  • 1 Point every time he rants about someone's personal health horror story who don't have insurance and pretends it happens thousands of times a day in the US. ( Add 1/2 point if he accuses Republicans of being cold, callous and unsympathetic for trying to block ObamaCare )

  • 1 Point if he glares angrily at the TV camera and says snidely that Medicare rejects more claims than any other insurance plan in the country. ( Add ½ Point if you hear a low 'angry sob' of disgust )

  • ½ Point every time he praises Obama, Reid, Frank, Napolitano, Pelosi and exaggerates or lies about people he clearly despises - Bush, Cheney, Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, Levin and recently - Scott Brown.

    ( Deduct 5 points if you become so incensed listening to this dribble that you immediately jump up and shout with authority at the TV "you sir are a lying sack of crap" )