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Voting for a confirmed Socialist like Obama is not a path to reform - it is a path to a Socialist take over of our way of life, a path to losing our forefather's vision of constitutional freedoms, a path to turning America into a over taxed, over regulated, economically depressed, government dependent, 3rd world type country overran by illegal immigrants looking for a Socialist hand-out.

If You See This Thing Flying
Around Your Voting Booth
Step On It




The point of this web site for you loyal Republicans or Democrats who can't see what is really going on with the elite, ruling class in Washington is to expose and ridicule these arrogant, bureau-hack buffoons with biting humor and satire.

The logical side of your political brain has become infected with ideological and partisan political crap passed onto you by mentors, parents, teachers, professors, peer groups and the media all of which have the same irrational mental illness - the insidious disease of liberalism.

In order to wake up from hynotic, mesmerizing 'menace of liberalism' you need to take off your ideological blinders and take a long, thoughtful look at the bigger, political scene in Washington, on your TV and radio, in magazines and newspapers. It is time to reflect on why we hold certain political views and opinions and determine if they are based on facts or on emotional biases fed to us from childhood to adulthood by parents, teachers, mentors, school, work and friends who are also hynotized victims of liberalism.

There is plenty of the historical data available today that exposes in detail what the Democrat and Republican government leaders have perpetrated on the American public over the last 65 years going all the way back to Roosevelt and his disastrous NEW DEAL programs.

65 years later we have another Roosevelt in Obama with all of HIS liberalized, socialistic/Marxist crap. It is irrational and self-deprecating for any informed American citizen to put all of their faith in any one political party over the other based on historical facts - and not on any phony, propaganda slogan like 'hope & change' and repetitive, lie-filled propaganda speeches.

Obammunism and the liberal Democrats will be remembered for intentionly wrecking our economy through trillion dollar spending spree bailouts of borrowed money to unions and corporate backers that slowly collapsed the econmy and then our housing/jobs markets!

Example. Just look at the lack of accomplishments of Pelosi-D, the queen of dunces, ( re-elected 10 times since 1987 ) and Reed-D ( re-elected 6 times since 1983 ) are two of the most unqualified, lying, liberal frauds whose liberal agenda has run our economy into the ground and yet both have held their government jobs for a total of 41 years? 18 years for Reed and 23 years for Pelosi?

The question that begs to be asked is what the hell have these two dunces done or accomplished in 41 years that was so important that they were jointly reelected 16 times?

It is time to get angry people. We have let these arrogant, incompetent liberals get away with wasting our nation's treasury and over regulating our lives far too long!

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B. Obama
"Ike" Obama

America was not created by liberal Socialists like Obama, our Constitution was not conceived by incompetent fools like Nancy Pelosi. Democrats and their destructive liberal ideology is NOT a legitimate political alternative to conservatism as "Nazism" was not a legitimate alternative to Democracy in Germany.

Germany was hijacked by Hitler and the Nazi party in the late 30's as the Democrats have hijacked our country with the election of Obama and the Democrats in 2008.
( Read the History and Rise of Hitler and Nazism in Germany and see how the methods and policies of Democrats and liberals in Washington mimic the methods used by the Nazis in 1930 Germany. More similarities than not! ) - Anonymous, 2011 -

"They are here! There is no other earthly way to explain liberalism"


The financial toll that this fraud, Obama, has caused this country far excedes the total amount of money stolen by the top 4, modern day, 'Ponzi Con-Artists' who were rightfuly sent to jail for their crimes while Obama, the king of scammers, struts around free and then was reelected to continue this fraud?

Voting for a confirmed Socialist like Obama is not a path to reform - it is a path to a Socialist take over of our way of life, a path to losing our forefather's vision of constitutional freedoms, a path to turning America into a over taxed, over regulated, economically depressed, government dependent, 3rd world type country overran by illegal immigrants seeking a hand-out from Socialists like Obama.

What happened in the last presidential election? It's my contention conscientious but ill-informed, non-political American voters are responsible for foolishly putting their man, Obama, back into office. A large segment of our society have been convinced by Obama and the Democrats that it is the government's job to provide free education, free health care and free everything. Obama, like the old school politicians, bought peoples votes with false promises and phony give away programs paid for by tax payers. These are people who have been feeding at the government welfare trough for years.

There is also a rise in all types of ethnic oriented coalitions at the grass roots level who are also looking for their share of the free Obama hand outs. None of these various voter groups have any serious, patriotic American values, values that was and is the foundation of our country. Their loyality is based on their belief that Obama will provide for all of there wants and needs. They voted for Obama based on his false promises and give-away programs. Obama convinced enough Hispanics that he would give illegal’s in this country amnesty. Obama also gave college students the idea he might forgive outstanding college tuition loans and the possibility of free health care. He was and is the all time big “free give-away” president.

All of this promise of free government money cultivates a society of non-producers who live off of the government dole. You can blame Obama and the Democrats for creating these idea. It is also a culture of 'American Idolism', it is a psychological syndrome that dominates millions of non-political, uninformed people and Obama's free give away promises that influence their vote! There heroes and mentors are TV comedians who poke fun at conservatives, capitalism, religion and the rewards of hard work. They see hard work as something unnecesary when Obama promises them free a whole list of giveaway programs

Liberal voters saw Obama as a 'contestant' competing against Romney rather than seeing him as a Presidential 'candidate'. Voting for a contestant seems more hip than voting for a superficial, Marxist con-artist like Obama. It was, as they saw it, a contest of style, a contest of superficial personality traits, of someone who promised them free government money, free cell phones and college tutition - it was not seen as a serious political battle of ideas - it is/was a war of Socialism over Conservatism. The path of Socialism will eventually kill the America dream, kill the mechanism for success and productivity. Everything that the takers want but they want it without any of the hardship that work requires. They think the wealthy producers should share more of their wealth, give them free this or that. The horde of Obama takers has now out voted the producers. So who won? No one because eventually the producers will shrink in number when the liberalized takers out number them.

Obama knowing he was likely to be defeated based on his socialist agenda, high unemployment and a declining economy started his reelection campaign back in early 2008 by rewarding Unions, Banks, Auto Companies, with tax payer bailout money and made unfulfilled, false promises, to support liberalized Hispanic and young women groups long before the 2012 election. This form of political bribery is what, I believe, gave Obama the necessary edge he needed in the overall popular vote in swing states to overcome Romney's message that it was clearly Democrats and Obama’s socialist policies that are responsible for extending and exasperating the current economic mess. Democrats have yet to prove they have a workable plan to stop their spending, solve the massive debt problem they created and prove their socialist agenda will work when it has failed in every country where it has been tried. Obama's incessant maligning prosperous business people that actually create jobs is not a viable, all encompassing recovery plan - it is just a slogan to generate divisiveness and distrust in the capitalist system that built this country. Obama's only solution focuses on raising taxes but in a shrinking, troubled economy with far fewer jobs now than in 2008 that policy will only make matters worse in 2013.

More bribery. Obama, to further solidify the Hispanic vote, passed an executive order that allowed undocumented children of illegal parents to avoid deportation and work legally in our country. This act gave the Democrate Hispanic community a false belief that Obama will give all illegals amnesty. That one Executive Order, which circumvents laws and the Constitution, worked and because of that we as Americans have lost something that took previous generations hundreds of years to build and in 4 years Obama has seriously weakened our nation by liberalism. Now we and the country will never experience the honest leadership that was proposed by Romney/Ryan. Leadership that would have tried to halt Obama’s socialist transformation efforts to wreck our country financially because of Obama's socialist views, views heavily influenced by his upbringing and training from his communist mentors and parents.

Lets look back to the 2008 election where many voters of all persuasions were giddy to vote for Obama for the simple reason he WAS the 1st black President but you never heard from anyone on the liberal left that he was the 1st black socialist, 1st black Marxist, 1st black communist. So one can see that Obama followers use very 'selective reasoning' in voting for him and ignore the obvious reasons why he should never been nominated let alone elected to the office of President. So there is a certain number of ill informed and less educated voters who have chosen to ignore and dismiss Obama's radicalism and his nonexistent qualifications to even run for the office of President. Community organizing, which was Obama's primary leadership skill level, is not a learning platform or an arena for developing leadership experience in becoming the President of a corporation and certainly are not qualifications for being the President of the United States.

What we got with the election of Obama is a group of liberal political scam-artists and party thugs posing as loyal Americans bent on corrupting our way of life and our government through liberalism and theft of our treasury for their own personal gain. Let face it Obama’s ethnicity and communist background prevents him from being a loyal patriot to the standards set by our founders regardless of his false claims of being an American! Obama is an American in name only because his performance over the last 4 years proves my point that he is nothing more than a conniving interloper, a charlatan in the same mold of fraud artists like Bernie Madoff.

Liberals and liberalism has corrupted our poorer, uninformed citizens and created coalitions of foreigners who have no loyalty, allegiance or roots to the constitutional values of our country. We will have to endure 4 more years of lying, incompetency, a collapsed housing market that has little chance of recovering and just hope the country created by our founders can survive this attack by the evil of charlatans like Obama and liberalism!

The prognosis for a economic recovery is downright grim. If anyone thought Obama's first term in office was a economic disaster wait untill you see what is bound to happen in the next 4 years. In a recent interview for his newest book 'Aftershock', author Wiedemer says, “The data is clear, expect 50% unemployment, a 90% stock market drop, and 100% annual inflation . . . starting in 2012.” The real economy is barely teetering on the edge of collapse and look who the 'willing dupes' put back into office, the community organizer from Chicago. Talk about a 'disconnect from reality'! Political scoundrels and more scoundrels but some are worse than others but all are scoundrels - Republicans and Democrats! The financial toll that this fraud, Obama, has caused this country far excedes the total amount of money stolen by the top 4, modern day, Ponzi Style Con-Artists who were rightfuly sent to jail for their crimes while Obama struts around free? Stealing investor money or taxpayer money it is all the same - theft is theft.

I'm perplexed! Lets see if I can figure this out. It's well known that Obama's record of failure as a President was monumental over the last 4 years - nearly 6 trillion dollars were added to our National Debt of 10 trillion dollars. His liberal/marxist/communist background was influential in his permanently wrecking our health care system with ObamaCare, he doubled gas prices in 2008 by closing oil drilling on public land and killed the Canadian gas pipeline, is working through the EPA on shutting down the coal industry needed for power plants and low cost electricity that will also kill thousands of coal related jobs, gave away billions of your tax money to bankrupt green energy manufactures, banks, auto manufactures and as a result of all of that Obama is directly responsible for increasing unemployment. It is not the 7-8% being reported but it is a realistic 12 to 15 percent and has managed to collapse the American housing market and destroy everyone's home values. Plus there were 3 huge, impeachment level political scandals - 1. Fast and Furious gun smuggling capper involving AG Eric Holder who has never been punished or jailed, 2 - Solyndra - a 500+ billion dollar government loan that will never be repaid because they went bankrupt in less than a year. Where did all that money go?? 3 - Libya - the murder of Ambassador Stevens and ransacking of the consulate in Benghazi has to be the most incompetent outrage of the year. Why - because Obama and Clinton refused to act or were so overwhelmed by their lack of experience in these matters that they could not make a decision. Together they could not decide on what to do in response to his calls for help! So they lied and 4 Americans died! Where is the outrage by Obama voters over these scandals and fraud??

So what does the mindless American voter (dupes) do, they put the same lying squirrel monkey, Obama, who created all of this economic havoc back into office to solve the same problems that he and his liberal kook friends created?? It is absolutely mind boggling!!


Story Link
The Obama/Libyan Disaster Exposed
It’s my belief that the Obama administration in regards to the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was far more concerned about how the terrorist attack will affect their image but more importantly how it would affect Obama’s image in his run for the Presidency.

President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and UN Ambassador Rice were all willing conspirators who told and promoted a false story about the mob attack in order to cover up their own failures as responsible elected officials and respond to the security requests made directly by Ambassador Stevens.

Story Link
The Fatal Attraction of Obammunism

Obama is shown in the photo here during one of his 2007 pre-election political rallies in Ohio and accidentally stopped to speak to someone who Obama thought was just your average, uniformed citizen - Joe The Plumber.

Unfortunately for Obama Joe the Plumber was not your average, uninformed citizen. Joe was a well informed conservative who nailed Obama on his biased 'share your wealth Marxist/Socialist theories' that has nearly doubled our national debt to $16 Trillion dollars and has done nothing in 4 years to reverse high unemployment, home foreclosures and wasteful spending on disasters like Solyndra.

That confrontation over Obama's 'socialist redistribution comments' should have ended his run for the Presidency then and there!

A Expose On The Government's Subtle Attack On Your Privacy

The irrational and contagious need by government, government agencies to collect personal data has become wide spread within the government and now with ObamaCare the threat is even greater for government to pry into your personal business! It smacks of the worst aspects of population over-control seen in Socialism, Nazism and Communism. If you forfeit your rights to privacy then all your rights guaranteed by our constitution are open to assault by Obama type government.

Tax, Tax and more Tax - The Obama Government will be using the IRS to collect detailed information about who your health insurer is and if you don't have any insurance you will be required to pay a non-compliance penality. Your health information and/or penalty payment must be attached to your federal tax return starting in 2014. I wrote about the seductiveness of Obamacare and why it should be defeated. One of it's least advertised revenue streams to help pay for it's high costs was going to be money paid in penalty fees by people who don't buy or can't afford either ObamaCare or some other form of health insurance.

The following outlines the details on how your government and Obama are working behind the scenes to gather as much private and personal health information about you as they can and it is all tied into the implementation and mandates of ObamaCare in 2014.

If you though you were going to receive FREE health care, your not. Here is what urban ghetto dwellers are going to receive. Starting in 2014 the IRS will, under B.S. ObamaCare mandates, demand you report to them all of your medical records and history when you file your tax forms. B. S. ObamaCare wants to assemble every facet of your prior health records including if you currently have health insurance. Don't have health insurance then you will have to submit an additional tax to the government for not having health insurance or buy B. S. ObamaCareless.

You say you don’t care, that you have nothing to hide! The German population in the 1930’s thought they had nothing to fear when Hitler rose to power and launched Nazism. He was legally elected by the German people just as Obama was legally elected by the American people.

You may have nothing to hide now but you and the rest of the country have a lot to LOSE in the future if Obama is reelected - each Presidential Excutive order issued by Obama and his EPA government over-regulation will ultimately constrict your freedom and bring you closer then you think to a 2012 Nazi style government and we all know how that ended in 1945.

It was mainly American lives and money that freed Europe from Nazism in WWII but think who is going to free you and I from B. S. Obammunism? WHO? You can reverse the tragedy of history tommorrow by defeating Obama and his dream goal of a socialist government that is headed toward a economic collapse like Greece and other (Obama type) socialist dominated governments.

How much value do you put on your personal freedom and freedom from the Government's invasion of your privacy, your family and other Americans. This form of government hatched by B. S. Obama is NOT what our founders created or wanted. Obammunism is what they were escaping from when they fired the first revolutionary shot at Lexington in 1775. They were revolting against B. S. Obama type of tyranny, against liberal charlatans, imposters, liars and conniving, political frauds and theives who on the surface appear to be harmless, incompetent politicians.

The question is what right does Obama have to destroy our country and turn it into a socialist regime in less than 4 years? How does a minor Chicago know nothing, community organizer even have the audacity to lead anything but a unruly street mob?

If Obama is reelected you will have helped and will become a co-conspirator in destroying our current way of life that we, as Americans have had the luxury of experiencing for the last 237 years due to the sacrafice of those who have protected our country against people like B. S. Obama..

Yes it is that serious, you only have to open your eyes to the see the slow erosion of our freedoms by government intervention into every aspect of our lives - it’s the government, it’s the elected officials that has gotten out of control, it is a government who tells us what we can do or suffer the consequences of either jail or fines as proposed in B. S. ObamaCareless.

This will involve millions of new tax documents landing in mailboxes across America every January, along with the usual raft of W-2s, 1099s, and 1098s. At tax time, the 140 million families who file a tax return will have to fill out a brand new tax filing form. Six million of these families will end up paying Obamacare’s individual mandated, non-compliance tax penalty. Is this what our founders wanted? NO, NO and NO!

This is a new and frudulent way to collect even more tax money from private, middle and lower class citzens all because they can't afford or don't want his expensive health insurance. Now you can understand why Obama and his HealthCare has to be defeated in tommorow's election! The massive amount of tax money that Obama has already wasted and the trillions borrowed to bail out banks, unions and auto companies and now he wants even more of your money to be wasted on more socialist programs. Obama the king of scam makes Bernie Madoff look like a petty thief!

The complexity of a system to force every American to buy ObamaCare will by itself be massive and unsustainably costly. It will require thousands of new IRS overseers to be hired to track the millions of citizens that don't currently have health insurance. My only thought is if you can not afford health insurance now how are you going to pay the mandated penalty come 2014?

If Obama and the Democrats can create something as intrusive as ObamaCare then what will be the next Obama anti-Contitution, anti-freedom law or regulation that will tell you what you can or can not do? The ultimate outcome will be a country that was pewrfectly described in the movie "Idiotocracy".

This new tax information document must, at a minimum, contain: the name and health insurance identification number of the taxpayer; the name and tax identification number of the health insurance company; the number of months the taxpayer was covered by this insurance plan; and whether or not the plan was purchased in one of Obamacare’s state run "insurance exchanges.”

There are many, well camouflaged assaults by Obama against our personal freedoms protected by our constitution. If you're like most Americans, you probably don't realize how closely you are being watched, how much private information has been collected and how easily your life could be affected and financially controlled by ObamaCare's attack on your privacy.

The contagious and irrational need by government, government agencies to collect your personal health data has become wide spread and now with ObamaCare the threat is even greater for government to pry into your personal affairs! It smacks of the worst aspects of population control, intimidation and domination found in Socialism, Nazism and Communism. If you forfeit your rights to privacy today then all your rights guaranteed by our constitution are open to assault by Obama and his type of authoritative government tommorow.

And who is the enemy within our government? Although private investigators, credit agencies, large corporations and other snoops are threats to your privacy, by far the biggest threat comes from the very people we have entrusted to protect our privacy, freedom and the constitution: the high-level bureaucrats and politicians like Obama who are determined to demand that you do what they want and what they have determined is for your own good!! A case of a few liberal inmates running the political asylum.

Government at all levels now has scores of computer files on each of us, giving authorities the potential threat to track and eventually control our lives from birth until death. Information is being collected by the IRS, FBI, local police, public high schools, universities and hospitals. It's all available to the government to use as they see fit.

We are also being subtly encouraged and intimidated to spy and inform on each other. Virtually every regulatory and police agency from Health and Human Services, EPA to the IRS with toll-free "tip lines" so you can call to turn in your neighbor, your doctor, your boss, or your spouse. Hospitals and doctors are required to report parents to police for abnormal injuries to children that even 10 years ago wouldn't have merited a second look.

School "DARE and WAVE" programs (discussed below) that encourage children to turn in their parents, teachers and each other to authorities or the police. It puts the power of false accusation in the hands of a child who may be seeking revenge because of some slight or feelings of being offended. These programs were developed with good intentions upfront but could be easily manipulated and misused for retailtory reasons.

The net result is that our legal rights and protections for our privacy and freedom of action that took us hundreds of years to accomplish, are being quietly wiped out in a single generation. Here are a few examples of the hidden attack on your privacy. It does sound a little like a Hollywood 'B' rated, sci-fi movie but it is real and the implementation of ObamaCare on American citizens is just the beginning of a well disguised, hidden form of tyranny.

  • Your Bank Was Ordered To Spy On You Under new government "Know Your Customer" rules, bank employees are encouraged to turn in customers who conduct "unusual" transactions to police and the Treasury Department. A few "suspicious activity reports," and police can use that as an excuse to seize your bank account or arrest you for the suspicion of "money laundering."

    It doesn't matter if you are guilty or innocent. Once the government takes your money, it's gone. So watch out if you sell your car, get a big bonus, or deposit an inheritance check.

  • Big Government Has Been Spying On Your Phone Calls and Emails Dozens of federal agencies and hundreds of state and local agencies are now running massive electronic-surveillance programs; and the target is YOU. Programs run by the NSA, DEA, IRS, and the FBI can intercept virtually every e-mail and fax you send, and monitor your Internet surfing and financial transactions. Mention "guns", "drugs," "taxes," "terrorism", "revolution," or 50 other "keywords" in an e-mail, fax, or overseas call, and the NSA or FinCen (the IRS' Financial Center) could "red flag" you as a drug dealer, tax evader, or terrorist.

  • Surveillance Cameras Are Now Appearing Everywhere When one of my friends walked through downtown Manhattan recently, he counted 2,400 surveillance cameras, many monitored by police. Coupled with new "facial recognition" technology, police may soon be able to track your every movement.

  • New Cell and Cars Phones Are Capable Of Tracking Your Location To Police. On October 26, 1999, President Clinton signed a law that requires all new cell phones be tied into the Global Positioning System enabling police to track your movements. Similar tracking devices are already in many new luxury cars (such as GM's "On-Star" system). Car locators with radio transmitters may also be in the next generation of car and truck On-Board Diagnostic Systems (OBIII).

  • What Happened To Medical No-Privacy Laws. One of Bill Clinton's parting "gifts" to America was an executive order abolishing your medical privacy. Under Clinton's order, "an expansive public-private partnership is granted access to all electronic medical records, without patient consent." (AAPS News, April 2000). This even includes the private notes of psychiatrists.

    The Bush Administration has upheld the Clinton regulations which went into effect April 14, 2001. Millions of government bureaucrats, IRS agents, local police, and insurance companies will have access to every detail of your personal medical history. At the push of a button, they'll be able to find out if you or any member of your family has ever used alcohol or illegal drugs, had a sexually-transmitted disease, or were treated for mental illness.

    This new law will seriously erode trust between doctors and patients, and give government agents and large insurance companies enormous power over your personal life. Already, new mothers who used drugs or alcohol during pregnancy are having their children taken from them at birth. You could even be denied employment or credit based on your government-recorded DNA code, just like in the movie "Gattaca."

  • Big Obama Brother Is Slowly Turning Your Kids Into Spies. Under DARE (Drug Resistance Education Programs) is now in over 70% of all elementary schools. Children are encouraged to turn their parents in to the police ("for their own good") if they use illegal drugs, drink alcohol, own guns, or have unusual religious or political views (such as fundamentalist Christianity). What authorities don't tell children is that if they report their parents, their homes can be confiscated, and they will be put in foster homes or state institutions. This happened in Nazi Germany.

    This is how the Nazis in Germany gained control over the children of German parents and turned them into radical Nazis who were taught to faithfully follow Hitler and his teachings. This happening in our schools today - replace 1930's Hitler with2012 Obammunism.

    Under a new program, called WAVE, it gets even worse. WAVE children, like Nazis are taught to turn each other in to police for "being too aggressive," for sexual harassment, or having violent thoughts. WAVE pilot programs are now in seven states, and will be nationwide in five years. Disobedient or problem children can use this system to retaliate against their parents for harmless disciplinary action or imagined grievances. This happened in Nazi Germany.

  • Mandatory Federal Background Check For Gun Owners. These background checks have been used to illegally create a national database of gun owners. How is this database used? Recently when nationally-syndicated columnist Walter Williams was stopped for a routine traffic violation, he was ordered to sit in his car for half an hour until police backup and a police dog arrived. The reason: He was listed as a registered gun owner. In New York and California, the creation of gun-owner databases was quickly followed by new laws banning a wide range of guns thus making millions of honest and peaceful citizens "instant felons" subject to being investigated, arrested and having their personal guns confiscated. This happened in Nazi Germany.

  • The Government Has Launched An Attack On Foreign Bank's Rights To Secrecy. In June, 2000, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) – led by the U.S. demanded that 35 offshore tax havens end bank secrecy, end "harmful tax competition" (i.e., low taxes), and enforce the tax laws of foreign countries. Bank officers in offshore countries with investments in U.S. securities must now disclose the nationality and identity of the owners of the securities, or face confiscation of 30% of their entire investment each year! President Clinton even threatened military invasion on tax-haven countries that don't "co-operate."


The Following Is A Repeat of Previous Article
NOTE: Obama calls it a Jobs Act. And that is what he is especially good at doing on a daily basis and what he is good at year around - ACTING!

That is probably why he, Obama, prefers to hang out with Hollywood liberal kooks and personalities, who like himself, work in a world of make believe and fantasy.

Trivial news items destined for the back pages of newspapers sometimes becomes front page news. Former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld announced to anyone listening that he was cancelling his subscription to the NY Times.

So what you say? Apparently Rumsfeld, a long time subscriber, was finally fed up reading the left-wing pabulum of the N.Y. Times in general and someone named Krugman in particular.

This uneventful news item became prominent front page news several months back because Paul Krugman, the author of a article on the 9/11 attack in the N.Y. Times, finally pushed Rumsfeld over the edge and he, out of utter discuss with liberal phonies like Krugman, cancelled his subscription.

Not knowing who this Krugman was I Goggled his name. I should have known! Krugman turns out to be yet another liberalized academic robot, a diehard leftist drone of the highest order.

The Krugmans of the world, out of necessity, are either employed by the (1) Government or (2) teach at left-wing, liberalized schools. Ever wonder why that is? Well apparently there is very little demand for leftist Krugman liberal know-it-alls with little or no practical experience in the real world except in big 'government or academia'.

It seems that left-wing columnists like Krugman, like all liberals schooled at "Leftists" teaching factories, eventually out of necessity, worm their way into some Government Department/Agency or some pseudo-academic position in one of the more well known liberal, brain-washing institutions of lower dis-education!

Then they become so called ‘experts’ in something as boring as economics. That somehow gives them the pseudo-academia credentials needed to also form political theories and comments.

What is even more laughable is Krugman has hoodwinked a major newspaper into publishing his liberalized economic/political rubbish in a column as if it has some relevant value to the paper’s readers.

Krugman can expound 24 hours a day on his worthless, Marxist styled theories, ideologies, author books, articles and papers and no other liberal academic will ever challenge or criticize the validity of their vapid comments, theories and ideologies.

It is a well known truth in the real world that no amount of diplomas, degrees or academic awards from a liberal school is not really worth much in the outside business world that's beyond the haven of government or academia insulated from reality.

I'm personally surprised that Krugman was not hired or appointed by Obama to be on his jobs policy staff based on Krugman’s exuberant praise of Obama's latest jobs speech in his N.Y. Times column.

KRUGMAN: "I was favorably surprised by the new Obama jobs plan ( a redo of earlier plans ), which is significantly bolder and better than I expected. It’s not nearly as bold as the plan I’d want in an ideal world. But if it actually became law, ( which it won't ) it would probably make a significant dent in unemployment."

The only dent it and all of the rest of Obama fumbling, bumbling around will produce is more unemployed and fewer jobs as the economy continues to decline under Obammunism.

Is Krugman really serious? How does Krugman know "it would make a significant dent in unemployment" without knowing any of the specific details in Obama‘s job proposals?

Krugmanisms, as reported here, are just more of the typical irrational, liberalized toadyism that offers NO supporting proof or evidence that this current jobs bill/proposal or any of Obama’s 9 previous jobs proposals will be any more successful this time around.

Apparently Krugman has never read any of my critiques of Obama's previous jobs bill/speeches and was obviously unaware that Obama had already posted 9 earlier jobs speeches (not bills) that produced nothing of any value and predictably would waste even more billions of your tax payer dollars.

If any of Obama’s previous job proposals and speeches were workable why Is Obama giving yet another speech about a NEW job proposal. Because that is all he has is SPEECHES and more speeches that lead nowhere or produce anything!

Krugman, supposedly a "economics expert", praises Obama's job speech as a "bold plan" as if the former Chicago Community Organizer actually knows what he is talking about.

Obama's record proves that he knows nothing about creating jobs, a jobs plan or fixing the current economic decline perpetuated by Obama's Administrative policies.

Liberal politicians like Obama with no expertise in anything are experts at only one thing. Wasting tax payer money and then raising taxes to bail themselves out when their previous plans fail!

And what precisely does this Krugman know about job creation? Has he, like Obama, ever created anything to do with the creation of even one job? And what does Krugman really know about Obama? About Obama's lack of previous leadership skills or background, his lack of knowledge in governing anything, about creating a jobs plan, about economics.

Krugman in his column didn't even challenge Obama on how he was planning on funding the exorbitant costs of this jobs bill, a jobs bill that does NOT even exist in any formal proposal before the Senate. What type of a economist would not challenge Obama's ridiculous jobs proposal or how Obama plans on funding it - you guessed it, more spending, more taxes.

Hasn’t Geithner told him the country is broke and can’t afford anymore liberal give-away programs. My garbage collector could have come up with this level of a jobs plan and yet Krugman thinks Obama‘s plan is "bold". It is bold alright - it’s filled with BOLD face lies and false promises.

Everything with Obama is always off somewhere in the rarified stratosphere of the future but none of his bright ideas on jobs are ever passed by the Democrat controlled Senate.

In fact Harry Reed-D won’t even bring any of Obama’s previous worthless jobs bill to the Senate floor for debate! Obama was planning on funding his proposed phantom jobs plan with massive taxation on Americans in one of the worse economic periods that’s 2nd to the 1930's depression.

Obama, has been again loudly demanding on one of his many a road tours that Congress should pass his jobs bill immediately. Obama's newest jobs bill is nothing more than a massive tax bill and is using the unemployment crisis as a phony ruse to increase your taxes because he has ran out of tax money he has wasted on other worthless liberal projects and programs.

Americans are the most over taxed citizens in the whole world and yet Obama is trying to shame the American public with his "fair share" slogan into giving up even more of their meager income.

It reminds me of his demand to pass his Obama Health Care bill - another worthless piece of Obammunism that requires massive funding through taxation and forcing everyone qualified to purchase his more expensive government ran health plan.

Again this inexperienced political illiterate has no history or background in running anything the size of our government let alone a major health or jobs plan.

Krugman’s column used sopho-moronic phrases and platitudes to describe Obama's jobs glorification speech such as: "it's a lot better than nothing" or "it might produce a large employment bang for the buck".

Hardly what I would call a serious, in depth economic analysis from a economist (?) who should know better. More liberal babble from someone who is totally ignorant of real world knowledge of economics!

Krugman's analysis of the Obama jobs speech after some polite, ass-kissing praise quickly descends into the usual, predictable liberal lies, falsehoods and vintage Krugmunisms.

Krugman then drones on in a predictable, repretitious liberal whining and complaining on how those awful Republicans in Congress will probably thwart Obama's so called "bold jobs plan", how Republicans ignore the plight of the unemployed, how Obama inherited this economic crisis from the Republicans, how Republicans are against tax cuts for the average tax payer but supports tax breaks for the rich and corporations.

These are all of the same liberal dribble, propaganda that liberals like Krugman repeat over and over, year in and year out but never offer any real proof for his phony leftist claims of outrage.

If any of the above comments by Krugman, a well known "Liberal Loon", were true then who if not the Democrats were in control of both the Senate and the House during Obama's first 2 ½ year reign as President. Yep, It was the 'Jackass Party'.

It is Obama's Marxist policies, his liberalized Administration and media puppets like Krugman that are responsible for the continuation of 2 ½ years of high unemployment and a collapsed housing/jobs markets - not Republicans.

Krugman is NOT interested in the truth, he is only interested in supporting the same idiotology espoused by the Marxists in the White House and academics in liberal schools.

He does not make even the slightest effort to tell the truth - he regurgitates the same phony Marxist philosophy he and 99% of his liberalized academics pass off as ’truth’ when in fact it is just empty words that describes the failed leadership and policies from ignoramuses like Obama whose only success in life came from his commie-community organizer stint in Chicago.

Krugman can run his lying liberal rant on and on about Conservatives but unfortunately he is only repeating the same old, litany of vintage, old school liberal lies that has NO real foundation for either truth or honesty.

He, like most liberals, is a congenital liar and he knows no other liberal will challenge him. He can't defend Obama’s failed ‘Hope & Change Presidency’ with any hard proof that Obama's Marxist policies have worked in changing anything except for increasing our national debt by 6 trillion dollars. Wasted tax dollars that has NOT produce anything and has not change anything.

Some things, like liberals, their lies, their policies, never seem to change and certainly Krugman not only does not know what he is talking about, like Obama, but he marginalizes his own very questionable reputation with his own brand of blatant dishonesty and politicized rhetoric.


It’s sad that the 4 families who lost family members under the Obama administration's handling of the Bengahzi attack shows that they obviously care very little or nothing about our country. The 4 Americans died at the hands of the rebels as real American heroes and Obama, a lying scoundrel, will live out his life branded as a coward and inept leader!

One week before Stevens died, the American Embassy warned the White House that Libyan officials had declared a state of 'maximum alert' in Benghazi.

At a 9/10 security meeting was Obama told of this assessment by Libyan officials about the state of security in Benghazi?

Obama said in his Sept 12th Las Vegas speech . “We believe in an economy that gives everyone a chance.” But did he give Ambassador Stevens a chance by denying his request for more security at the consulate on the 9th and obviously ignored the warnings issued by the Libyan government?

What are we to make of Obama avoiding answering a whole host of serious questions regarding the Benghazi affair where Ambassador Stevens was killed? His standard answer so far has been to say nothing except to offered us platitudes that he will “chase the perpetrators down and punish them“.

Yea but that is what anyone in his position would be expect to say but beyond that he does not offer any answers as to WHY he and Secretary Clinton and Ambassador Rice for 2 solid weeks blamed the disastrous attack on a insignificant, obscure video.

Who would propose that as an answer when the whole country knew that that story was FALSE? Why would Obama, Clinton and Rice perpetuate such an absurd LIE? Are they that incompetent or were they just insensitive to the seriousness and reality of the viciousness of the Benghazi attack.

There are just too many unanswered questions where Obama seems to be content to bury his head and act like Benghazi never happened. His fleeing to a Las Vegas campaign fund raiser the very next day just seems totally out of place when 4 Americans were just violently killed? Notice Obama canceled his planned trip during hurricane Sandy but he did not cancel his campaign trip to Las Vegas over Benghazi.

So we have to wonder is Obama just totally bewildered, confused and overwhelmed as to WHAT was more important - Benghazi, a Vegas campaign fund raiser or a hurricane? Can’t he see the difference, can‘t he see his behavior again was embarrassingly callous, indifferent and showed his lack of leadership and interest in our country?

Now we hear, after the fact, that Obama, based on his own statements, supposedly (?) issued a official Presidential directive immediately after he found out about the Benghazi firefight, saying that he wanted to be sure those people on the ground were safe and they were getting what they needed. There is NO record that such a command was issued.

That didn’t happened and 4 Americans lost their lives! So why would Obama fly off to Vegas without following up on his own directive to be sure that Ambassador Stevens was safe? It just does not add up and Obama makes things worst by his SILENCE!

One of two things happened. This means either the president’s directive was not executed or it means the order was never issued. The likelihood of a Presidential directive was somehow not followed when the consulate was under a fierce assault is NOT believable - that means he lied!

If he lied as I believe he did especially when one examines his behavior the following day on the 12th when he went to Vegas and he treated the Benghazi attack as being trivial and unimportant that he delegated responsibility to other lesser officials?

How does one dismiss the killing of 4 heroic Americans and then you fly off to a insignificant political fund raiser that could have easily been rescheduled.

It’s sad that the 4 families who lost family members under the Obama administration's handling of the Bengahzi attack shows that they obviously care very little or nothing about our country. The 4 Americans died as real American heroes and Obama, a lying scoundrel, will live out his life branded as a coward and inept leader!



While surfing the net I came across a story about the author of a best selling book “3 Cups Of Tea”. His name is Greg Mortenson. Not a name that is on the list of well known, top selling authors but I discovered a very fascinating connection between the author and guess who - B. S. Obama.

B. S. Obama apparently donated $100,000 out of his $1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize winnings to Mortenson’s charity ‘Central Asia Institute‘ because of their "extraordinary work in the United States and abroad helping students, veterans and countless others in need."

As I read more about Mortenson and his charity work I found out that he was not as charitable as he had claimed in his best selling book. In fact some of the claims he made in his memoir were down right false. WHAT? Yes scoundrels abound in the literary world and B. S. Obama is one of them!

But there is more to this story. Not only were there charges of literary fabrication ( lying ) in his book "Three Cups of Tea" against author Mortensen but he was also accused of fraudulent mishandling vast amounts of money taken in by his charity which was promoted in his book.

What an extraordinary coincidence I thought! Here we have B. S. Obama, the king of lies, fraud and deception, being flimflammed out of $100,000 by a another crooked author who is being sued in civil court for falsifying numerous segments of his book in order to fool and persuade people to donate to his charity. Hmmmm. Does this story about faking parts of a memoir sound vaguely familiar?

Now what sort of person would do something like that - make up or fabricate false stories about yourself in your own memoir for the sole purpose of deceiving people, to pretend to be something different from who you really are - a fraud that's who!

All Americans who have lost their home through foreclosure or their jobs under the Obama Presidency are very familiar with that feeling of being lied to and cheated by impostors like Obama.

Mortensen has agreed to a 1 million deal with the Montana State Attorney General’s officials to settle strong allegations that he mishandled his charity’s money. Now Mortensen will be heading back into federal court to fight a civil lawsuit that makes even further claims that he, like Obama, fabricated numerous parts of his bestselling memoir.

The suit claims he presented fabricated stories as fact in order to trick readers into buying his books and donating to his charity. The suit accuses Mortenson and his co-defendants of racketeering, fraud, deceit, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment. Sounds like words that perfectly describe Obama and his flimflam memoir and misappropriation ot your tax dollars.

The plaintiffs are seeking triple the amount of total book sales, plus punitive damages. It is also asking the judge to order that everyone who bought Mortenson’s books to receive a refund for the cost of the book(s).

The lawsuit was filed by four individuals and lists more than ‘24 alleged fabrications‘. Mortenson, publisher Penguin Group, co-author David Relin and the Mortensen’s charity Central Asia Institute were the defendants named in the lawsuit. So far no one has filed a lawsuit against Obama for lying in his memoir or mishandling billions of your tax dollars.

Obama should be censured and impeached by the Senate for Obama's mishandling of billions of our tax dollars regarding the notorious Solyndra fiasco. In Obama’s own 'DREAMS' book there were ‘38 instances’ sited by author Maraniss in his expose book on B. S. Obama that convincingly disputes significant elements of Obama’s own life story and his dubious retelling of his own family’s history. Now how tacky is that Mr. B. S.?

In addition to Obama’s fabrication of stories in his book there are also numerous examples of falsified Photoshoped photos published on the Internet and on Obama’s own web site that were designed to trick and deceive voters into believing Obama was just an common, ordinary guy looking to give the downtrodden American worker a little Hope and Change. What a fraud!

Now the next question is can Mortensen and/or B. S. Obama be successfully sued for purposely misleading readers. I seriously doubt that Mortensen or even B. S. Obama can be sued for making false claims in their memoirs but it is a interesting and amusing thought never the less.

Even now Obama, the charlatan, is still quite comfortable in lying about most things in general, about his past in his DREAMS book and he continues to this day to manufactures lies about his involvement and what he knew about the Bengahzi mob attack in Lybia.

Weeks after the Bengahzi attack he tells his lying liberal media interviewers that he is still investigating ( obfuscating ) what happened in the Consulate where Ambassador Stevens was murdered. Obama's act of not knowing anything about the Bengahzi raid is a another outrageous lie. Obama is lying because he was informed, a the President, of what had happened within hours of the attack but what did he do - he dismissed the report as unimportant, flew off to Las Vegas the following day Sept. 12th to a campaign rally. Lets see here what is more important - an ambassador being murdered in the most violent manner or a campaign rally?? His seemingly unconcern about the Bengahzi attack and violent death of Ambassador Stevens is shocking even to me.

Weeks have passed and Obama still won't explain why he, Secretary of State Clinton and UN Ambassador Rice repeatedly the same bizarre lie about the cause for the Bengahzi attack when they were fully aware of who attacked the consulate. According to B. S. Obama, Clinton and Rice it was the work of some unknown, nefarious character and his slanderous anti-Muslin YOUTUBE video. Sure that was it.

There is nothing this lying fraud won’t lie about to avoid responsibility for his failures as the President and for all of his false promises and continually blaming others for his mistakes! When if ever is the public going to wake up to this monster!


Best Foreign Policy Mojo - Obama or Romney?

There is a rumor floating around the media world about how Iran is now interested in a sit down meeting with the White House to discuss their differences on Iran’s current nuclear program. Odd how these things surface in a convenient way just prior to the debate and the upcoming Presidential election. Hmmmmmm?

It sounds to me more like a Obama/Axelrod political maneuver than anything since Axelrod is the maestro of misinformation on just about anything and everything that has to do with getting Obama reelected in November.

The strategy here is to convince anyone interested in listening that this is a major, major coup for Obama and has the possible impact of swinging the election in his direction. It does?

The idea that foreign policy regarding Iran is a ‘tipping point’ on who wins the Presidential election is the height of absurdity - the average voter upon rising tomorrow has NO interest in foreign policy, they ARE interested in domestic policy if anything and the economy especially when they drive up to a gas pump and they have to shell out $4.00 or more for a gallon of gas!

Karim Sadjadpour, a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said "I'd venture that most Americans are more interested in Kim Kardashian - Kanye West relations than they are with US-Iran relations." That’s my thought too and leaking unsubstantiated rumors about talks with Iran is unlikely to sway anyone’s vote!

Democrat strategists prattle on and on about foreign policy as if it is the most important aspect of the President‘s job. They try to make it a deciding issue in the voting booth and whoever shows the most pseudo-expertise in this area during the debate wins the Presidency.

That may be the Democrats latest swing vote trick but that is not the job of a American President to persuade Muslins in the middle east to become our best friends and allies and throw Israel, Iran’s archenemy, under the proverbial bus. Obama spends a lot of time maligning and blaming Romney, Israel, successful Americans, oil companies in place of solving the important issues. Blaming is NOT a solution to anything.

Voters have to wake up to the fact that Obama and his socialist agenda has plunged our country into a weakened state by wasting billions of tax dollars on failed green energy programs and projects, cutting military spending to levels that encourages more Muslin 9/11 attack and reducing our nuclear arsenal to please Russian demands. Peace is maintained through maintaining military strength, not appeasing or apologizing to your enemies

These may be Obama’s socialist objectives but Americans are asking who gave you the authority to push our country over the cliff with these unwanted and unnecessary programs that negatively affects the overall welfare and security of millions of American families.

I’m now wondering why Obama has put so much energy in trying to appease the Muslin countries with his apology speeches. Does he think they are so backward, so childish and naive that they will fall for these ridiculous antics from a inexperienced, community organizer from Chicago.

I believe the Muslin world thinks of Obama as a joke! Experience means something and Mr. O from their perspective you have zero experience. The tragedy at the Bengahzi Consulate in Libya is a prime example of political dilettantes like Obama and Clinton getting way over their heads in something they know nothing about!

I think Obama was expecting a 'bully-beat-down' from Romney over the Bengahzi mob attack. For nearly two weeks Obama, Clinton and Rice stuck to their false YouTube Muslin video story that they said caused the attack until they were finally ridiculed publicly for defending and repeating a story they all knew was false. More discussion from Romney was obviously pointless at this point in time!

Muslins can read the same information we have here about the real Obama. Outside of being a community organizer who earned a law degree what has Obama really done in the working world to warrant any respect by either Muslin leaders or the American public.

So who of the two candidates has the best foreign policy mojo - Obama or Romney? Obama I feel is totally misguided by his own arrogance. He has developed a inferiority complex from his lack of experience and so he over strives to identify with and win over foreign leaders who he thinks might accept him more readily because of his black heritage and Muslin connection to his father. That is a stretch of narcissism!

The President for the moment has both rank and status. Article II of our Constitution establishes the president as commander-in-chief of the military, which gives him a lot of control over how the United States deals with the leaders of other countries. As Carl von Clausewitz said, "War is the extension of diplomacy by other means."

I also think Obama has misjudged foreign leaders ability to see through his phony facade, see Obama's lack of leadership experience, especially in foreign affairs, and they tend to politely dismiss him. U.S. Foreign policy is formulated by so called experts behind the scenes. Obama is just the spokesperson.

You can listen to Obama supporters ramble on about Obama’s foreign policy expertise but where did he, in less than a year prior to the 2008 elections, become an expert on foreign policy? Most of what Obama said on foreign policy during the debate sounded like he was reading it off of a prepared script.

Joe Biden is a under qualified dunce who was selected by Obama for his supposedly foreign affairs expertise so it is now apparent why Obama struggles to understand the Muslim world.

He talks in broad generalities without any specific plan to solve or change anything other than attacking Romney and accusing him of being a foreign policy neophyte himself who has jumped back and forth over various policy issues.

Here is the key issue. It's now up to Obama to prove he is worthy of being reelected, NOT weather or not Romney is qualified to be President. I think Obama gradually lost momentum after each major revealation of his misguided policies. First there was Eric Holder's Fast & Furious debacle, the muti-million dollar Solyndra collapse and now the Bengahzi mob attack and death of Ambassador Stevens.

If one was to list all of the major Obama screw-ups over the past 4 years I think Obama should probably just keep his mouth shut about Romney whose OVER ALL experience goes way beyond that of a ex-community organizer. SORRY OBAMA YOU LOSE again!


The Obama/Libyan Disaster Exposed
It’s my belief that the Obama administration in regards to the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was far more concerned about how the terrorist attack will affect their image but more importantly how it would affect Obama’s image in his run for the Presidency.

President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and UN Ambassador Rice were all willing to tell and promote a false story about the mob attack in order to cover up their own failures to do their jobs and respond to the security requests made by Ambassador Stevens.

They were willing by their negligence to let Ambassador Stevens and others to be murdered and then they concocted a false story to cover their incompetence.

I hope this image of their friend Stevens will be permanently embedded and etched on their minds for a long, long time after the November election so they never forget how their failed culture of liberalism and incompetence caused his death!

I also hope this image will also bring home to those Obama supporters how Obama's naive appeasement policies and apology speeches to Muslims in Egypt and Libya was just simple folly doomed to fail due to Obama's unsophisticated vision of that part of the world - They do not know what they are dealing with or know what they are doing! They were playing with fire in Bengahzi and got burned badly for their liberal arrogance!

President Nixon was impeached and thrown out of office for lying about a far less serious crime involving the notorious Watergate break-in. Nobody was killed or drag throught city streets in that incident.

This Libyan disaster is far more serious but where is Congress and the media's clamoring for Obama's impeachment for this debacle - where? And why are these undecided voters who voted for Obama so unconcerned about Obama's lying day after day about the Libyan mob attack of our Consulate with their phony YouTube video story?

So why did Obama in the debate deny he and the others of his team said it was the YouTube video and not terrorism behind the attack. Here is the biggest outrage of all! In the latest debate Obama gave Romney one of his voodoo stares. Glaring angrily at Romney, Obama vehemently objected to Romney exposing his, Clinton's and Rice’s Libyan lies and then Obama went on to lie again about the motivation behind the Libyan attack.

Obama made the claim that Clinton and the UN Ambassador never told any false story about a video that he and they all had said numerous times was the underlying cause for the attack. Obama’s speech at the UN said the exact same thing about the video as if they had all agreed in advance to tell the same false story explaining the mob attack.

Obama’s Conflicts of Interest
There is another facet to the terrorist attack that the Obama administration is now pondering. Forget the attempt by Obama and friends to hide their incompetence regarding the Consulate attack with their false story about a insignificant YOUTUBE video. I doubt the original protesters were even aware of the video until Obama and Clinton brought it up on a daily basis for several weeks to explain their version of what happened in Libya.

Here is what Obama is really concerned about! Will any type of retaliatory strike by the U. S. government against the killers of Ambassador Stevens create even a bigger problem for Obama’s and Clinton’s political future.

There are many conflicts of interest here that have to be considered so that their images is not further tarnished by their obvious lies, arrogance and stupidity. A half hearted retaliatory attack would show the American public/voter that Obama is a strong leader but it will cause even more problems with his Muslin pals in Muslin controlled middle eastern countries.

But conflicts of interest seem to be the rule in the latest Obama/Libya Gate mess. So who are the winners and who are the losers? Was the administration’s first response to the attack on the Benghazi Consulate a preposterous lie for the sole purpose of protecting Obama and Clinton from any blame in not properly protecting the Consulate from these terror attacks.

The use of the word ‘terrorist’ seems to be something they and especially Obama, wanted to avoid at all costs because it made them look totally unprepared and uninformed about something they should have been prepared for especially on Sept 11th, the anniversary of New York’s Twin Towers attack.

Obama can’t tell the truth about the attack no matter the consequences to his own reputation. He addressed the UN and had spoken earlier telling the same lie over and over saying the attack was the work of a spontaneous mob driven to a frenzy by a YouTube video. All bogus, all lies by your President!

Intelligence sources said that the Obama administration knew within hours that the attack was a terrorist group NOT a spontaneous mob and were looking for one specific suspect.

The subsequent false propaganda produced by the White House about a angry mob upset over a minor video maligning the Muslim religion was pure unadulterated, Democrat political LIE.

Sources said the intelligence community knew by Sept. 12 that the militant Ansar al-Shariah and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb were likely behind the strike.

New information has now surfaced that discredits the false story told by Obama, Clinton and Rice over the last two weeks. Emails obtained from anonymous government sources show that the State Department( Clinton ) and the White House ( Obama & Rice ) knew within two hours that an Islamist militant group had taken credit for the September 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Bengahzi.

The key suspects are members of the Libyan militia group Ansar al-Shariah. The group inially denied responsibility, but eyewitnesses saw Ansar fighters at the consulate, and U.S. intelligence intercepted phone calls after the attack from Ansar fighters to leaders of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM, bragging about it.

The affiliate's leaders are known to be mostly in northern Mali, where they have seized a territory as large as Texas following a coup in the country's capital.

Further, a Libyan official said, “No one but a uninformed fool would believe that the explosion of mortars, rapid automatic gun fire, and rocket grenades in the attack on the Amerian Consulate was the work of a spontaneous street mob.”

And it wasn’t just UN Ambassador Rice telling the public lies, it was also Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the President himself. These are all high government office holders making absurd, IRRESPONSIBLE claims that they knew were false.

Is There A Valid Reason For Bozo’s Like Schultz To Be On TV?

Mr. Ed Show - Ed Schultz was once a sports commentator who as a former football player was possibly tackled once too often during his gridiron career at Minnesota State University and later he signed on with the Oakland Raiders as a free agent.

Apparently he didn’t fully recover from dozens of tackles and head blows so he began a new career in sports broadcasting. He then moved on to talk radio and then into political commentary.

Some pundits suggest that the Mr. Ed Show tries imitating Edward R. Murrow but it is more like a Saturday Night Live comedy routine rather than a real news reporting show.

This may also explain Mr. Ed's recent abrasive demeanor in his uncalled for personal attack of Laura Ingraham and it was suggested then by the network he seek professional anger management help.

Anyone who has seen or heard Mr. Ed can tell he is not quite all there but his condition, common to many liberal talk show hosts, has been excused away by the numerous head injuries he may have suffered during his early football days.

Now he has a frequent habit of flying off the handle on air for no apparent reason. His TV trademark is a lot of yelling and using foul language during his nightly TV political diatribes.


When did bozo’s like Schultz become a TV network necessity? Is there a crying need for bozos? Were TV audiences clamoring for more bozos. Was their a real scarcity of bozos? Was there a write-in campaign to the networks for a liberal bozo? Were there marches on the networks for more bozos? The answer is - HELL NO! Why is he even on TV?

The network at first thought his ranting was humorous. They needed something fresh and different to spice up their nightly line up of talking bobble-heads. Ed can unleash a withering smear attack on anyone but if he hears the name George Bush, Laura Ingraham or Rush Limbaugh - watch out!

His face swells up and turns beat red. Foaming spit starts creeping out at the corners of his mouth like a volcano ready to erupt. But that is when Mr. Ed performs his best comedy routine - he lets fly one sneering epithet after another and as fast as he can utter them without the help of a teleprompter. But boy is he fun to watch.

Mr. Ed has, in some ways, replaced the ravings of Keith “News Hound” Dobermann who was fired for basically the same style of political slim ball tactics used by Mr. Ed.

I guess it is just a matter of time before Mr. Ed is hauled off to the broadcaster's sanitarium for his own vile, name calling attacks. I have heard that the network keeps a straight jacket on hand just in case Mr. Ed finally goes over the edge.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame


The only thing missing in Obama’s dismal debate performance was a quivering lower lip and his famous Tel-A-Lie prompter.

I think Obama was shocked when he walked to the podium to see that his Tel-A-Lie prompter had been removed. From that moment forward Obama fumbled and bumbled his way through the debate as best as he could relying on memorized catch-phrases from past speeches he tried to pass off as answers to Romney’s formdiable word blitz.

Obama appeared to visibly shrink in stature as Romney took command of the debate and thoroughly embarrassed the amateur politician from Chicago. Romney looked and sounded inspiring, Obama looked depressed.

Obama stared down at the podium appearing weak, dejected and overwhelmed as he stood there and took one of the worse political tongue lashings of his career.

There were no adoring crowds screaming his name and swooning as if he was a rock star - there was none of that absurd, phony adoration he and his handlers seem to crave. They mistakenly believe this adoration atmosphere by uninformed voters is a vote of approval for the past 4 years of his administration’s lying, fraud and deception.

Obama showed visible vexation and humiliation to Romney’s relentless bombardment of facts and figures exposing his miserable, incompetent, economy wrecking performance as a U. S. President.

Obama without all of the Hollywood trappings of supporters, his Tel-A-Lie prompter, etc. acted like he wanted to run and hide to escape being humiliated for once and for all to see on public TV, to see this inexperienced, former community organizer fraud for who he really is - a over blown, over inflated, egotistical wind bag.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame


Obama recently granted young illegal immigrants the right to work, resulting in fewer jobs for U.S. citizens

“How can the Obama administration justify allowing illegal immigrants to work in the U.S. when millions of Americans are unemployed? President Obama and his administration once again have put politics and illegal immigrants ahead of existing laws, the Constitution and the American people.”

B. S. Obama promised he was gong to "focus his attention on job creation like a Laser-beam“. B. S. Obama has focused his attention on just about everything but jobs creation.

B. S. Obama, on jobs, said the following: 2009: "If the economy isn’t fixed in three years then it will be a one-term proposition for me”. We certainly hope that promise comes true in November.

2010: “job stimulus” plan promised to create or “save” 3.5 million jobs by the end of 2010. 2010: B. S. Obama then claimed that his job stimulus package would create 4 million jobs by the end of 2010. Did any of that happen - NO!!

In 2012 the whole jobs proclamations mention above has vanished and now B. S. Obama, in a recent campaign speech, is making jokes about Romney shipping jobs overseas - does anyone pretend to know what B. S. is talking about?

Is Obama saying that all of the jobs his stimulus created have somehow been shipped overseas by Romney, is that what B. S. is saying?

There is also a unverified quote being passed around the internet that was supposedly attributed to George Washington: "The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury”.

That has been revised in 2012 to the following quote: "The first official act of any newly elected President is to loot the treasury" - B. S. Obama.

Equally amusing is B. S. has now become a wizard of 'word redefinition'. He has changed his so called jobs nomenclature from “jobs created” to “jobs saved”.

B. S. Obama, someone who has no formal economic training or job experience in anything more complicated than balancing his checking account, has magically created a non-provable economic measure from “jobs created” ( provable ) to “jobs saved” ( not provable ) to justify wasting $821 Billion dollar of your tax dollars on another socialist, tax wasting boondoggle.

Update: 2011 - B. S. Obama has now recanted his “jobs saved” in order to sell you yet another new explanation of his jobs plan with a new measurement regarding the jobs market - it‘s now called “jobs supported”.

But wait - the B. S. Obama administration has again created even a new jobs measure, it’s called “added or preserved” jobs to justify the GM union bailouts. Redistribution, as anyone can see, is good for everyone of Obama’s favored friends except tax payers who support all of Obama’s wasteful spending!

It seems to me that B. S. is getting further and further away from his original 'jobs creation' promise to something that has nothing to do with the 'creation of jobs'. B. S.'s job plan has now become a “game of words" by creating a whole new set of word definitions that tries to redefine the “dismal failure” of B. S. Obama's jobs stimulus bill.

Click here for a in-depth chronological analysis of B. S. Obama’s failed jobs stimulus plan.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame


The role of a political confidence man like Obama is not to convince his skeptics, his doubters, his critics but to manipulate the thoughts, the beliefs, the naiveté of the most gullible, the most ill-informed voters within our society.

Obama's primary job is to obfuscate his total lack of any economic accomplishments or jobs creation.

In fact if Obama wins in 2012 he will be inheriting a economy of his own making that is far worse than the one he said he inherited from George Bush in 2008! His excuse then was the Bush economy was far worse than he was told.

Then to get his audience to accept, to believe in the false premise that his Administration is something far better and greater than anything proposed or offered by his opponent Obama must blame his inept performance over the last 4 years on who or what? - himself or George Bush again?

99% of Barack Obama's campaign speeches sounds very persuasive on the surface to the uninformed voter who chose to ignore the facts or are ignorant of the facts. On the other hand he sounds totally moronic and laughable to anyone who knows what the facts are, knows that Obama is nothing more than a clueless, bewildered, political puppet.

Obama on the flip side has NO serious interest in convincing the highly informed voter, nor is he worried about looking arrogantly stupid to those voters either because they are NOT his audience. His audience is composed of those voters who willingly accept being lied to and are easily duped by Obama's repetitive, false promises that meets and agrees with their own dream world expectations.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

[ click HERE to read the full analysis of "THE OBAMANIZATION OF AMERICA'S SUBURBS ]

Chicago, Obama’s home town, has been the home of many well known, notorious mobsters, criminals and liberal kooks.

You could easily compare today’s Democrat Party with Chicago’s history of unsavory charlatans - I specifically mean it's Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and their secret anti-American political agenda that is designed to destroy the country that was laid out by our founders in our Constitution.

They ( the Obama Administration ) have a very devious, new plan up their sleeves that they are developing behind closed doors to change America in ways you never could have dreamed of or even thought was possible.

Defeating Obama this November is the 1st step to putting a stop to another Obama socialist experiment that is doomed to fail and rob our treasury of trillions of dollars.

Obama, now the current Democrat Mob Boss, has shown a proclivity himself toward anti-Americanism with his accumulated 6 trillion dollar debt in 4 short years on failed socialist programs along with his ( Nazi inspired ) executive orders that has cleverly circumvented Congress and the Constitution to achieve his disastrous socialist goals never ever envisioned by our founders.

Obama's recent hollow UN speech had this one unusual line that by it's very words defines NOT what Obama believes in but the exact opposite of the goals he wants to acheive in the next 4 years if he is reelected this November.

He said: "The future must not belong to those corrupt few who steal a country’s resources". But that is exactly what Obama and his regime has done - - "loot" our treasury of 6 trillion dollars for his own pet socialist projects, reward his socialist union cronies as well as his wealthy campaign supporters invested in Solyndra.

None of this waste of tax dollars has produced anything beneficial for you or the country - it was spent to buy votes and pave the way for his reelection in November.

To put this fraud in perspective there are approximately 200 million American citizens, if Obama gave every citizen 1 million dollars that comes to only $200 million dollars. That would have certainly stimulated the economy faster and far greater than giving 500+ million dollars to a ‘green energy’ solar panel company that went BANKRUPT.

So let us be very clear - Obama does not by his very actions, beliefs or thoughts made behind closed doors believes in half of what he said in his recent UN speech nor in our Constitution.

He, like Bernie Madoff, has literally 'robbed' and "defrauded" our country's treasury [ 6 trillion in more new debt ] for his own party’s benefit and his political supporters benefit. Obama glosses over this waste of tax payer money with cleverly written, deceptive rally speeches designed to deceive the most ill-informed, most gullible in our society.

The strange ‘redistribution plans’ that Obama hinted at during his 2007 confrontation with Joe the plumber in Ohio when he said “sharing the wealth is good for everyone” (except tax payers ) is much more grandiose and diabolical than just his illegal Health Plan forced through Congress, his bailout of GM unions, the billion dollar loan to his millionaire donor friends at Solyndra and who knows how many more trillions of tax dollars Obama has wasted on hundreds of other crazy, liberal experiments.

If you throw in the 1.4 Billion dollars the Obama's have wasted on vacations at luxury resorts, flights to Copenhagen to sell Chicago to the Olympic Committee and extravagant parties at the White House you have someone who does not have the best interest of our country in his "dictator soul"!

Boy Oh Boy! Let’s take a brief look at what Obama and liberal Democrats have in store for the middle class living in suburbia if reelected in 2012. If you thought Obama was a monumental, liberal screw-up like Jimmy Carter then wait until you see his new 'socialist plan' he has for those of you who live in the suburbs. If this plan is ever implemented think of what it would do to your property rights, home values and the new home building industry.

If reelected, THE OBAMANIZATION OF AMERICA'S SUBURBS will be a real eye-opener and shocker for those moderate/centrists, swing voters who unfortunately were embarrassingly fooled into voting for this Marxist/socialist fraud.

Obama and his fellow Community Organizing Mentors ( C.O.M stands for communists ) friends have ALREADY created a strategy plan for redistributing ( looting ) the tax coffers of suburban governments through out the country that surround larger but decaying, crime ridden less wealthy inner cities. The Gestapo of the Obama regime for this plan will probably be the EPA agency.

Don’t try to rebuild OR rehabilitate these inner cities, let's just dump the WHOLE inner city problem on the wealthier suburbanites outside of these inner cities so the inner city citizens don't feel 'left behind' and 'deprived' as defined by THESE phony, hair-brained liberals like Obama that are intent on sabotaging America and the Constitution.

Obama and his community organizer zealots have this insane, obnoxious idea that it isn’t 'fair' to poor people who currently live in these inner cities with their lower tax base compared to the higher tax base found in near by suburbs. Obamunists use one of the oldest, political liberal trick by playing the “have not” people against the those who “have” ( aka class warfare - the oldest trick in the Democrat’s play book )

The Democrats are fond of forming coalitions of these so called “have not”, disadvantaged people living in the inner cities but not for the purpose of helping. The "coalition' group(s) is a liberal training ground to stir up hatred against the ‘have’ people ( aka rich people ). The secondary reason for coalitions is to create a liberal vote generating machine of the "have not" by promising them the redistribution of other people's tax dollars, more welfare, more health care ( ObamaCare ) and food stamps. None of these ideas will create JOBS but will create more debt!

What they want to do is promote this manufactured idea of 'unfairness' that liberals and Obama have created and deliberately planted in the minds of the the poor, uninformed people.

Obama has this phony “Utopian Dream” illusion and that is what he is referring to when he talks about “spreading the wealth' and 'fairness' rhetoric so every uneducated, school drop-out, poverty stricken inner city dweller has the 'same shot as everyone else'. It all sounds like a good idea as presented in one of Obama's rousing Nazi style, rally speeches but it will fail because liberalism, the philosophy of failure, is the diseased thinking behind it.

The glaring fact that these liberal 'fairness doctrines' is just a false, made-up concept to delude the uninformed. These liberal ideas have no record of solving anything but have a record of wasting more tax dollars with nothing to show for it.

These glorious ideas of Obama can't work, won't work and have never worked is the underlying element that liberals always overlook in pushing their age old ‘spread the wealth’ agenda.

Socialist liberalism wherever it has been tried has failed. This is the one key element that seems to escape proponents of these Marxist socialist philosophies.

Voting for incompetence produces more incompetence, more failed results that continually drains the tax treasuries of every American community under attack by liberalism.

I always thought Obama was just throwing around flowery, utopian, liberal platitudes to make his voter base happy and make him sound like he really cares about leveling the “social playing field” for them. Just phony political rhetoric that all politicians say but no one ever really believes they mean it.

Conservatives have always known that liberals and Democrats were politically and mentally unbalanced dreamers but Obama is truly nuts. He and his liberal community organizer kooks are beginning to believe their own fantasies and utopian liberal platitudes they talk about among themselves over cocktails at someone’s mansion in upper suburbia.

Obama even allowed his kook organizer friends conduct a seminar in the White House explaining how they plan to accomplish their 'Obamanization of America's Suburbs'.

To accomplish this totally insane idea they want to combine ( loot ) the higher tax wealth of the suburbs with the lower tax wealth of the inner cities into one giant megalopolis, into one big utopian money pot so everyone can share the wealth equally, so no one will feel left out. Just more liberalized moronic, goobly-gook.

Attention all liberals! There is a very strong reason why people of all cultures have escaped to the suburbs - it is to get away from the liberal created social decay and criminal element found in today’s inner cities. Liberalism is what is behind the collapse of every Democrat controlled inner city. Instead of training people how to earn a living they show people how to scam the social aid programs that offer help to people that need a boost.

If this ‘idea of Obama utopianism’ was ever to work Obama and his fellow redistribution dummkopfs should have started working on this idea way back in the 1800’s, not 2012. It never dawned on me that Obama and liberal Democrats actually believed in this utopian suburban concept. I thought it was more liberal buffoonery at the expense of the tax paying public.

Let’s go over this again in case you don’t believe what Obama is trying to do. Obamunists ( Obama community organizers ) want to redistribute the tax money that suburbanites pay to their local city governments and share it with other liberal politicians that control the corrupt, inner city governments.

History revisited - “Obamunist Redistribution of Suburban Tax Dollars” is, I believe, actually a form of Neo-Colonialism, something that Obama’s radical, communist father opposed vehemently. I don’t think Obamunists actual sees that his nutty, suburban megalopolis idea is really 21st century Colonialism - just more Marxist liberalism and communism all rolled into one neat package that serves NO purpose except it allows liberals the opportunity to keep their political power positions and a nice standard of living.

Colonialism is where one dominant political group in a nation that oversees and controls the destiny and economy of another smaller nation and it’s people through 18th century colonization - a 2012 capitalist idea of “acquisition” where by a smaller corporation agrees to be taken over by a larger corporation. Maybe in true Colonialism not everyone was in agreement but you get the idea!

The ‘Obamanization of America's Suburbs’ is essentially the same thing - colonialism! Obama is planning on using today’s political system to force the decaying inner cities, where Obama voters live, to be combined with the outlying suburbs in order to create one giant megalopolis. Now who doesn't want that?

Obamunists, who see themselves as being morally superior, believe that by achieving their 'suburban megalopolis goal' it will end poverty and eliminate those 'inner feelings of unfairness, separation and deprivation' of people living in the inner cities - one of the Democrat's main rally cries to gain their vote!

WHAT? Yes Obama and his community organizer buddies have already been laying the ground work since Obama was elected in 2008 while all of you centrists/moderate dopes have been blissfully sound asleep in your utopian dream world.

I heard one moderate dope say: 'Obama can’t possibly be bad at everything, there must be one thing that he has accomplish that’s good, it can’t be all bad or am I just defending failure for my own bad decisions and ego?' You be the judge!

You have all heard moderates and their ‘sheep bleating’ comments - I’m a independent, I’m not a mindless robot who votes only Republican or Democrat.

Yea, sure - I only hope you will be just as overjoyed when you voted for Obama and then your local government buys/rents a house in your lovely suburban neighborhood or perhaps next door to you and then turns it into a public housing project as I have seen happen in the suburbs of northern California. That is all part of Obama’s plan to force the blending of suburbia 'haves' with the inner city decadence of the 'have nots'.

[ click HERE to read the full analysis of "THE OBAMANIZATION OF AMERICA'S SUBURBS ]

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

Austin Woman Smuggled Guns Into Mexico Gets 30 Years
Eric Holder Guilty Of A Similar Crime Remains Free? WHY?
Does anyone see a connection of this story to Eric Holder's story? This woman received a very stiff sentence of 30 years in jail for the exact same crime as Eric Holder.

His excuse was he said "he didn't know anything about it". U.S. District Judge Lee Yeake said in sentencing Aurelia Ochoa Hernandez, 55 - "We provide the market for the drugs here, and ... we send the weapons back to allow the cartels to control their territories and kill innocent people and keep the supply of drugs coming to this country."

Yes, I agree but why is Eric Holder, who was responsible for the exact same crime, not being arrested and charged accordingly?


The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

The fatal attraction of Obammunism - Obama is shown in the above photo during one of his 2007 pre-election political rallies in Ohio and accidentally stopped to speak to someone who Obama thought was just your average, uniformed citizen.

Unfortunately for Obama Joe the Plumber was not your average, uninformed citizen. Joe was a well informed conservative who nailed Obama on his 'share your wealth Marxist/Socialist theories' that has nearly doubled our national debt to $16 Trillion dollars and has done nothing in 4 years to reverse high unemployment, home foreclosures and wastful spending on disasters like Solyndra. That confrontation over Obama's 'socialist redistibution comment' should have ended his run for the Presidency then and there!

What was Joe's fate for exposing Obama and for telling the truth. The media collaborator's instead of investigating Obama's Marxist background turned their investigation into a character assassination attack against Joe the Plumber.

The Obama media collaborators never said that Joe was wrong or mistaken, but they systematically tried to smear Joe's character for speaking out about Obama's Socialist/Marxist background. That is 'Liberlism'!! It is a form of tyranny, NOT freedom!!

The liberal media has never been interested in hearing the truth about Obama’s Marxist philosophy either in 2007 or today. Obama has plunged this country into a downward spiral of catastrophic proportions and yet these Obama apologists continue to defend the person who is wrecking our country.

Media Liberalism is a bewildering phenomena of mass delusional behavior based on hope. Hope can be described as that rarified space somewhere stuck between doing and NOT doing something. I hope I can find a job, I hope I don’t lose my house, I hope Obama can save our country. . .

One current example of this phenomena is the release of a Romney video by Jimmy Carter’ s grandson, James Carter IV.

Carter’s grandson from all observations has apparently inherited the same liberal brain gene that defined the Carter administration’s monumental, destructive incompetence. The same defective brain gene found in Obama and his army of delusional worshippers and media collaborators. All false, all frauds

Thank god Jimmy the IV has no presidential aspirations and hopefully he will disappear back into his underground bunker somewhere in liberal la-la land.

Here is how the "liberal media collaborator’s" report the release of this video.

The Mother Jones ‘secret’ Romney video from a $50,000 a plate fundraiser back in May has done ‘a lot of damage’ to the ‘already-ailing’ Romney campaign, and James Carter IV grandson of the former President, is proud of his role in leaking the ‘shocking’ tape.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time exposing the 'pathology of liberalism' created by the indoctrination of Obama worshipers and day dreamers by similarly indoctrinated teachers from grade school through college.

The video was not ‘secret’, it has no 'shock value' in it’s contents nor has it done any 'damage to Romney’s campaign' or is the Romney campaign ‘ailing’. That is the left’s delusional wish.

The communist Lenin is given credit for using the "willing dupe" expression and he went on to say they would also supply the 'rope' for their own hanging. Given enough rope liberals will hang themselves over and over again with there moronic slander attacks of people who oppose their "tyranny of liberalism".

These are all leftist propaganda distortions designed to spin the “truth” about Obama’s Marxism and what I have said about “liberal delusional-ism“.

People who buy into the notion of Obammunism are 'willing dupes', day dreamers that worship the liberal ideology that relies totally on character assassination, lies and distortions to maintain their dream world vision of social idealism. It's kookism, hair-brained idealism.

Like communism Obammunism is a top down authoritarian government proponent that favors strict rules, obedience, massive massive regulations, food stamps, environmentalism, welfare and a central authority like the EPA to keep people down and controlled - that’s Obammunism with a touch of vintage Nazism.

Obammunism has increased the number of people in poverty and on food stamps, decreased the number of people in the middle class and increased the number of people in Government to maintain their control over you. Liberal dupes that swallow this tripe go along with it willingly even though they know it is a subtle but corrosive tyranny, a form of a coup d'é·tat that our forefathers warned us could happen in a open society if citizens like you are not vigilant and simply ignore the obvious 'warning signs'.

Jimmy the IV said “he wanted to expose Romney for his true ideals and interests“. Liberals always explain things in a vague, obscure manner because they have no explanation for liberalism. He never says what those ‘true ideals and interest’ are so viewers will have to interpret the Romney video according to their own bias.

He added that “as a partisan Democrat follower, I believe it will assist Democrats in the coming election.” HOW? - that is never explained either? Why doesn't Jimmy the IV explain why Jimmy the I's was so easily defeated - was it because of his super colossal incompetence.

Romney said nothing in the video that wasn’t true so I don’t know what one can learn from this minor blip on Jimmy the IV’s radar screen. It has also been rumored that the tape may have been re-edited to produce a false conclusion that liberals think could be damaging to Romney. Just another ho-hum day in liberal la-al-land.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
Fallows style of making false accusations is representative of thousands of other liberal, media collaborators who continually create false rumors and stories ( Ex - Joe Soptic story ) that are created for the sole purpose of maligning Romney but conveniently ignore Obama's mismanagement of our economy and middle east foreign policy, a foreign policy of appeasement, misguided apology speeches and Obama's juvenile braggadocios behavior in the assassination of Osama Bin laden.

James Fallows, a former Jimmy Carter speech writer, has been provisionally nominated for membership in the International DUMMKOPF SOCIETY.

We are not claiming here that Fallows speech writing skills was the cause of Carter’s monumental downfall in his 1980 reelection campaign against Reagan.

And we will not let that influence our decision in nominating Fallows for membership in the Dummkopf Society - Carter was quite capable of defeating himself.

Now why would Fallows deserve this nomination at this time - well The Atlantic's magazine’s James Fallows is well know for using a classic liberal trick of attacking conservatives and Romney in particular with phony, made-up, false accusation(s) from anonymous accusers.

Fallows is just another liberal media, gutter snipe who uses anonymous accusations and accusers to malign Romney, conservatives, GOP and tea party members without producing any substantive evidence to backup his false accusations other than his own personal bias.

Here is an example of how it works: Suppose I received a email from a anonymous whistle blower that said 'Fallows has been seen approaching young men in public rest rooms'. This may be a disgruntled accuser seeking revenge but I can’t be sure so I leave it up to my readers to determine it’s authenticity.

Here is the problem. There is no way an accused individual can address this type of accusation. It is a false accusation but how does one defend themselves against this type of slander without appearing guilty merely by association.

This is the type of false accusations that Fallows has frequently used to smear the reputation of Romney just because he happens to be the Republican candidate opposing Obama. They don't really care about the reckless direction that Obama has taken our country.

They completely ignore the fact that Obama and his administration has plunged this country into a national debt crisis, the country is wobbling out of control as unemployment and home foreclosures are at a all time high with NO plan or solution in sight.

After 4 years of playing golf, million dollar vacations around the world, extravagant White House parties, rubbing elbows with Hollywood celebrities, etc, etc. the country is far worse off than it was 4 years ago!

Why can't Obama supporters see this fool for what he is - a arrogant, black street-hustler, ex-community organizer with an attitude and thinks he is rich and somebody important!

But wait, there is more - Obama/Hilary are back at it again with the same crazy apology/appeasement nonsense they have tried in the past.

The Obama administration is actually running were sorry "apology” ads in Pakistan. The ads include both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama apologizing for an obscure YouTube video that the administration keeps harping on as the reason for the mob attacks on the Libyan consulate. Every informed authority in that region has said that it is terrorist related, not the video but do they listen - NO!!

Is it any wonder that groups like Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and others mock and laugh at these two dimwits. That is their answer for the brutal murders of 4 Americans? Where is their condemnation of the gun toting, throat-cutting Muslim terrorists? Where is that Ad! What could be more misguided than these two fools making ass-kissing apologies to the Muslim terrorists??

Obama and his delusional administration just seems to be always on a perpetual path of denial and apology when it comes to these terrorist groups. It is incredible that Obama/Hillary just can't see that their appeasement/apology strategy can’t work on illiterate, Muslim, street thugs that are armed to the teeth.

These are the same type of criminals they helped to arm and overthrow Kaddafi. Probably the same terrorists that dragged Kaddafi’s body through the streets just a few months ago like what they did to Ambassador Stevens just recently . These are Muslims criminals who run loose on major middle eastern streets and who are looking for any reason to commit acts of violence and Obama/Hillary's answer is a apology Ad?. Christ Almight get rid of these liberal fools, enough is enough of these colossal, incompetent jerks!

Then we have people who support Obama like Fallows in this country making false accusations against Romney, etc. Fallows is representative of hundreds of other liberal, media collaborators who continually create false rumors and stories ( Ex - Joe Soptic story ), who all repeat robotically the same false lies and stories pumped out daily by the Obama reelection campaign.

Lies that are created for the sole purpose of maligning Romney but conveniently ignore Obama's mismanagement of our economy and middle east foreign policy, a foreign policy of misguided appeasement, misguided apology speeches and Obama's/Biden's juvenile 'braggadocios behavior' in the assassination of Osama Bin laden. Is there no end to this administration's iditocy?

Fallows’ recent political analysis of the Libyan tragedy is based on nothing more than his personal ‘liberal feelings’ and a obsessive desire to perpetuate any false accusations to smear Romney - all LIES that are leaked out to the liberal press by Obama's reelection propaganda machine! Obama's political career has a history of attacking his opponents with similar muckraking tactics.

Fallows denounces Romney, as did many other liberal media bobble-heads, for speaking out about the Libyan mob attack. He said Romney should have let Obama, a self taught expert on Muslims, foreign policy and terrorism, make the 1st official response to the Muslim mob attack. Apparently liberals like Fallows are the presumptive experts and referees on all matters associated with political protocol.

Big F'n deal! I didn’t know there was an official liberal rule of protocol on who is allowed to speak first in circumstances like this and it has to be followed precisely by liberal standards or you risk being malign by Obama's army of liberal media co-collaborators.

Fallows then predictably, goose-stepped his way along liberal party lines of ‘group think’ = ‘group speak’. But Fallows goes one step further this time around and proceeds to make his own wild, incomprehensible, false assessment of what caused the mob attack.

Here is what Fallows said - “I think I would have felt as strongly about Barack Obama, Joe Biden, or Hillary Clinton if they had used their speeches today mainly to 'attack the GOP for policies that had allegedly(?) brought on this tragedy'. And I would have said so.” The ongoing liberal whining and complaining about the GOP and Bush has become their standard but tiresome answer to everything that they have exploited one way or another that has failed.

He wrongly puts the blame for the mob attack indirectly on Romney’s shoulders. He insinuates, without even knowing any details, that it was unspecified, GOP policies that caused this tragedy.

He doesn't care about telling the truth but only cares about slandering Romney and promoting their inane, elitist theories. When it is discovered to be a lie, he dismisses it as not being important enough to comment on and moves on to the next false accusation! Once it is out there in the blogosphere it will convince enough people that there may be some truth to the comment.

He disguises his accusation in a puff article where he is supposedly comparing the positive/negative aspects of Romney to Obama but it is clearly a biased article in blind support of Obama and his socialist manifesto.

First reports in the liberal media on what caused the mob attack said it was a reaction to an obscure, unknown video documentary that supposedly maligned the Muslim religion. Not true! The Muslim propaganda machine is catching on to the various political tricks of the Democrats in order to disguise their own real intentions and purpose when they launch these raids.

The Obama administration then claimed after, accessing the situation further, said that it was a small protest group that had expanded into a well armed, organized assault on the consulate. Was it the obscure video or Obama/Biden's loudly boosting about killing Osama.

He then added the word "allegedly" as an escape clause, as an excuse for his undocumented accusation. It's doubtful too that any of the characters he mentioned in this on-going story, Obama, Biden or Clinton, are going to get into a foreign policy discussions when they find themselves in a indefensible position in trying to explain why the mob attacked the consulate and killed the Ambassador.

They will want to distance themselves away from any policy discussions as quickly as possible. Obama and Clinton were seen hurrying away from the podium after reading, in a strange, monotone manner, their scripted speeches without answering one question from reporters about the latest Obama fiasco.

There is even a more darker side to Ambassador Steven’s murder. There are creditable reports being circulated about Ambassador Stevens sexual orientation (homosexuality) that may have played a part in his abduction and sexual abuse before and after his death.

These cruel acts by the Muslim animals that killed Stevens may have been the reason for Obama’s and Clinton’s somber tone in their initial comments about the killings. There is a more serious question about who and why was Stevens placed into a Muslim country when they traditionally have a very strong abhorence to anyone who is homosexual??

More administration liberals are now rushing to TV news programs to give their own slanted opinion so as to protect and defend Obama's mismanagement of terrorism in the middle east and his disastrous policies in general.

United Nations' Ambassador Susan Rice's comments on ABC's "This Week" contradict those of the head of the new Libyan congress, Mohamed al-Magariaf, who said "the attack was specifically planned by al Qaeda-linked militants even before the protests began".

Ms Rice was also pushing the anti-Muslim video theory of the administration. The question is - is Ms Rice, an Obama apologist (aka collaborator), an authority on al Qaeda terrorist plots or would you more likely believe the more correct assessment of the attack by Mohamed al-Magariaf.

Clearly liberalized collaborator Ms. Rice has a "incredibly distorted and naive" vision of what is really going on in the middle-east as does Obama and his administration.

Ms. Rice described Mr. Obama as "incredibly calm, incredibly steady, and incredibly measured" through out this crisis. She left out "incredibly stupid", "incredibly misinformed" and "incredibly out of touch"! Obama is far too busy, by all reports, due to his appearance on the Letterman nightly TV show, campaigning and fund raising for his reelection to be bothered with Muslim terrorism at this point in time.

Obama's primary solution to nearly every problem, including the latest fiasco in Lybia, as always been to appear cool and collected. I always took that to mean Obama does not have a clue as to what is really going on. Then he delivers a another prepared "incredibly innocuous" do nothing speech. Obama’s whole, single minded approach to governing, is “words are far more powerful than any substantive action.” Obama - "I'm good at delivering speeches and that is where my expertise ends!". I let the people closest to the situation make the right decision and I pretend I know what is going on and deliver the speech they haave prepared for me.

All signs point to someone ( Obama ) who was and is ill prepared to be the President of the worlds most powerful government. A government that has just experienced one of it's most devastating moments in our country’s history by a handful of Muslim zealots. Thank you Mr. Obama you have proven once again that socialism and your Muslim appeasement policies have had little if anything but "incredibly disastrous results"!

LIBERAL CREDO - We don’t give a damm how incompetent our candidate is as long as they are liberal and can lie through their teeth. We will use every slimy political trick available to get our candidate elected and to hell with the consequences to the country.

Fallows’ personal comments about Romney and the Muslim attacks are as misguided as is Obama's and Ms. Rice's. Fallows' comments were not only insulting, they were FALSE, they were misleading and they were lies! It suggests wrongly that it was Romney and some unnamed GOP policies that were the key reason for the Muslim mob attack. I don’t know what policies he is even talking about or if he even knows but the mob attack was CLEARLY a case of REVENGE.

Has Fallows forgotten that it is Obama, not Bush or Romney, who is currently in charge of U.S. policies. The more correct answer to the cause behind the Muslim mob attack was more likely Obama's and Biden's boastful comments about the killing of Bin laden - not anything to do with Romney, GOP policies or obscure videos attacking Muslims.

I don’t know what this idiot is thinking to make such a stupid comment but he needs to be publicly exposed as another lying liberal collaborator and should apologize to the Romney people for such a outlandish and despicable charge without a shred of evidence to back up his false claim.

These people are mechanized automatons who have no sense of embarrassment in making such ridiculous, slanderous accusations. The explicite details of these false Romney stories is always left out, thus this form of reporting by the liberal bobble-heads leaves the reader with a false image of Romney who is always made out to be equally 'evil' and 'deceptive' with no further explanation.

They are in terminal denial that their radical socialist liberalism is fundamentally a fraudulent, dream world philosophy. Liberalism - ugh! It is disgusting, it gives me heartburn and a bad taste in my mouth.

In every attempt by a liberalized 'minority' that try to implement their socialist/liberal principals on the 'majority' it has FAILED and has proven to be the ultimate downfall of all modern day governments.

If anything it is incompetent liberalism at work!. Their mishandling of the middle eastern terrorist problems did practically nothing but embolden and enflame the Muslim mob in Libya.

The mob attack was justifiable revenge, in their minds, for Obama's and Biden's Prima-Donna boastfulness about Bin laden. To demonstrate their outrage, they timed their attacked on the exact same day as Americans celebrated the 9/11 anniversary.

Thus the Muslim mob attack could easily be blamed on Obama/Biden’s childish boasting and bragging about the killing of the terrorist leader, NOT some artificial anger over some video critical of Muslims. Obama/Biden weren't happy with just "boosting about the killing of Osama" but they used the Osama assassination as one of their major accomplishment and made it a integral part of Obama's reelection campaign platform.

Dunce Biden even came up with a slogan he thought was a great idea, he said - "Osama is Dead and GM Is Alive". Clearly both Obama and Biden are so far out of touch with reality that they were probably stunned when their prior ass-kissing middle eastern policies were being laughed at by the Libyan terrorists even as they plotted their attack on the consulate.

It was moronic and certainly lacked any sign of mature leadership. I doubt you will hear anything more about the killing of Osama again from either Obama, Biden or Clinton.

Note - this is not the first time that Fallows has been caught lying and fabricating trivial, unproven stories about Romney. He previously accused Romney of lying about the exact time frame when he left Bain Capital - evidence was later produced to backup Romney’s initial claim that he was not in charge of Bain between 1999 - 2002.

All liberals follow the 'monkey see, monkey do' pattern of spreading lies - someone in the Obama propaganda department comes up with another lame story about Romney and then all the talking bobble-head, liberal pundits are suddenly repeating the same, false stories - the only thing missing from these stories is actual "proof" or "evidence".

We have to be reminded from time to time just how damaging it is to our country to elect any liberal straw-men like Obama to the Office of President or any office with political influence over our lives.

Obama has created one incompetent disaster after another over the past 4 year and it is hard to grasp how Obama could have a high approval rating in anything when there are so many people unemployed, when Obama nearly doubled the debt to 16 trillion dollars in less than 4 years and when there are so many people who have lost their homes to foreclosure.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

Promise the voter anything, deliver on nothing and blame
successful Americans and Bush for Obama's failed policies!

Obama’s personal army of radical media collaborators once again launched their predictable war of words criticizing Romney, but not Obama because he is one of them, for his forthright and legitimate criticism of the muslin mob attack on the Libyan consulate and for Obama’s obvious reluctance to show a strong and outraged statement condemning the deadly Muslim mob attack.

In order to wake up from the hypnotic, mesmerizing 'menace of liberalism' you need to take off your 'ideological blinders' and take a long, thoughtful look at the bigger, political picture of liberalism in your government in Washington, on your TV and radio, in magazines and newspapers.

In fact all media outlets are widely infected with liberalism. It is impossible to escape it's menacing tentacles. Take a moment of your time to reflect on why you personally hold certain political views and opinions. Then try to determine if they are based on ‘facts’ or on ‘emotional biases’ fed to us from childhood to adulthood by parents, teachers, mentors, school, work and friends who are also hypnotized victims of liberalism.

Ask yourself where did I get these ideas of liberalism, are they mine or is it something I was taught and learned from all of the liberalized adults I came into contact with from 1st grade through college and beyond??

But let’s move on - so where was the outrage of President OBAMBO?? WHERE? His weak, perfunctory, almost reluctant response is clearly indicative of Obama’s “incompetence”, his liberalized way of thinking.

It is also indicative of having NO strong terrorist policy in place regarding these radical Muslim attacks plus his on going and bewildering support of the Muslim Brotherhood and their take over of the governments of both Egypt and Libya. Liberalism breeds chaos and out of chaos comes terrorism and gang attacks.

Obama’s weak statement also sends a message of encouragement to the Middle East’s Muslim mobs and will predictably spread to other countries with large populations of radical Muslims. This menace of liberalism combined with Muslim anarchy will eventually suffocate all free world countries.

Typically the ‘media collaborator reporters’ launched a immediate Romney slander campaign when Romney was asked by a liberal reporter a typical liberal entrapment question that has no logical answer and makes you appear guilty of something. It’s like saying how long has it been since you stopped beating your wife?

The question was - “is it appropriate to criticize the Obama administration while Americans were being killed overseas”. Do you see how the liberalized mind of media collaborators think and twist their words to automatically condemn Romney for speaking out with a obvious entrapment, ‘gotcha’ question.

Sound familiar? This a common slander technique of the left that Obama and the Democrats use regularly to belittle and insult any opposition to their liberal thinking. Obama has never won any election based on his political beliefs or policies. Obama is a ‘illusion’ of the common man that was manufactured by radical socialists bent on destroying your country and defrauding the American political system.

This is the same coordinated liberal media collaborator attack question used by Yahoo News Washington Bureau chief, David Chalian.

He was fired immediately after he was heard on a live, open mike telling a fellow host during a ABC News web show "that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann were unconcerned about New Orleans and were happy having a party at the convention while people were drowning in New Orleans."

Sound idiotic? Of course but if enough people repeat this idiocy enough times then other liberalized trained puppets will begin to repeat the same idiotic phrase over and over themselves and they will eventually convince themselves into believing it’s true.

Here is how it works - take a unrelated story ( in this case hurricane Isaac in New Orleans ) and then makeup some ridiculous connection of that story to the Republican's convention in Tampa and reword it so it sounds like there is a legitimate connection between the two stories when there is absolutely NO connection. Once said, regardless of how false the comment may be, many Americans will assume that there may be some truth in the comment!

Liberalized news collaborators immediately go on a political ‘demonizing hunt’ looking for ways to ’marginalize” Romney for telling the truth about Obama and his radical Socialism and his support of the Muslim Brotherhood in both Egypt and Libya. The group that may be behind the attack itself.

On ‘Morning Joe’ this Wednesday regular panelist Mike Barnicle offered his liberal but wrong opinion that it was Pastor Terry Jones, ( NOT Obama or his policies, Not Socialism, NOT liberalism ) who promoted the Muslim film that allegedly inspired and drove the murderous mob to attack the consulate. Barnicle said he ( Jones ) should be investigated by the Justice Department “as an accessory to the consulate attack”.

The attack on the consulate in Libya was bound to happen. It was probably planned in advance to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary rather than any movie critical of radical Muslims or the outspoken Pastor Terry Jones in Florida who has promoted the movie. He has in the past also been critical of Obama‘s stance on gay marriage and his association with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood it is believed were using the 'Muslim movie riots' as a cover for their heavily armed and well thought out attack against the consulate. It’s Barnicle and liberal fools like him who are so easily duped into believing these stories about a anti-Muslim movie than they are about learning the facts.

It is another example how liberal voters are in denial about the incompetence and phoniness of Obama. They, like mechanical, hypnotized puppets, immediately line-up to support Obama, support the Muslim Brotherhood and repeat the same pre-manufactured liberal rhetoric about Jones and/or the movie that mocks muslims that was reported by other liberal bobble heads on TV. They are 'monkey see, monkey do' and start repeating the same phony prepared stories and then slander anyone and everyone with these ridiculous, manufactured stories.

Do you see how liberalism works and how easily liberalized fools like Barnicle buy into these phony, contrived stories. Barnicle is just repeating a old, unimportant news story about Jones that is being used by liberals as an excuse to hid the real story behind the consulate attacks. If anyone should be investigated it’s liberalized puppets like Barnicle for repeating false liberal stories on TV as if they are factual and true news stories.

Blaming other people not connected to the attack is how liberals think and preach their false commentaries and liberalized LIES. Their immediate response is to go after someone or event with a vengeance.

Barnicle and thousands of other liberalized media cretins like him are the ultimate guilty culprits who continually inflame a already hostile environment associated with this Libya/Egyptian/Osama/Muslim Brotherhood mess.

Obama’s 2009 ‘apology speech’ in Egypt was the start of many inappropriate messages sent to radical Muslims and we now see the result of his ass-kissing catering to the Muslim Brotherhood. They are a group of illiterate, street thugs similar to the Nazi Brown Shirts who also showed NO RESPECT for our AMERICAN VALUES.

All wrong and it is sad that a American diplomat and 4 others had to die. We as children learned from out parents that telling lies and associating with the wrong people like the Muslim Brotherhood eventually has unfortunate consequences later in life. Obama apparently has never learned these important life lessons!

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
Promise the voter anything, deliver on nothing and blame
successful Americans and Bush for Obama's failed policies!

Here we see 2 leading Dunce-O-Crats battling over who can be more moronic than the other. Bill “Loopy” Maher on the left and Tom ‘bobble-head’ Brokaw on the left.

The dispute began with Chris Matthew’s arguing with Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus during the Republican Convention about Romney’s innocent joke regarding Obama‘s forged birth certificate.

Matthews along with Maher, the two leftist race detectors, see racism in nearly everything ever say about Obama. Our Waldo Liar & Race Detector Meter can not separate which Dunce-O-Crat, Maher or Brokaw, is the biggest doofus.

It seems the disagreement between them started over who is more ‘race conscience‘, Maher or Brokaw. Our official scorer here at ASK WALDO says clearly that Maher is the winner! Maher sees ‘racism’ eveywhere where it does not exist.

It’s the liberal news reporting trick to make up a story from two unrelated stories. No matter what is said about Obama, Maher/Matthews connect racism to all comments without any proof and rely on their warped, liberal point of view as a guide.

Liberalism in California is like a insidious plague that infects nearly everything and when someone makes a point opposite theirs they go into a slobbering, liberal hissing-fit crying foul.

Maher claims as does Matthews that Obama is constantly made to look like bumbling fool and that Brokaw was contributing to the idea that Obama was born in Kenya, is incompetent and stupid.

Brokaw did say that Republicans should have stepped in when people started calling Obama a Muslim or un-American, but that "it comes the other way ( slanderous lies about Republicans ) from the Democrats to the Republican side as well."

Maher yelled this was "bullshit," and that Brokaw, with his efforts to add some reasonable objectivity to the argument about Obama’s citizenship, was just contributing to the idea that Obama is not a American citizen or in Maher language - ‘birth-er-ism’. Does Maher have a speech impediment and is that even a word?

Maher believes that every Obama media collaborator "should just simply label birth-er-ism ( without any facts to back up his claim ) for what it obviously is" - racism. Maher says "the cancer of birth-er-ism has infected at least half of the Republican party". As I have said many times in the past "it is not Obama's skin color but his in-com-pe-tence".

I've checked and there is no know cure, pill or inoculation for birth-er-ism so I guess all 50% of the Republican Party with this rare condition will just have to live with it and hope someday there will be a cure?

Naturally Maher nor Matthew’s ever mention their nearly daily ’screaming’ racism attacks against Republicans, Tea Party Members, Conservatives and anyone who disagree with their liberalized views.

Well I think that it is generally accepted by many Americans that there is some legitimate doubt about Obama’s citizenship, about his ability to lead and his lack of any experience in being a leader of anything. Our national debt (16 Trillion Dollars ) has nearly doubled in the last 4 years under Obama‘s Presidency and surpasses the debt created by all of the previous Presidents - now there is a record that can't be overlooked by the press.

If you look at all of the evidence regarding Obama’s efforts to hide his past that alone makes a lot of normal Americans suspicious about Obama’s foggy past and who he really is?

Obama's school records have been sealed, there are dozens of forged Obama family photos on the internet and on his Face Book page. So who exactly is this Obama character and who were Obama’s real parents? In every TV interview of Obama no one ever mentions or brings up these curious oddities from his past.

Let supppose for laughs that George Bush wrote a similar book, like Obama's about himself and his family. And it was discovered that it was loaded with lies and distortions about his past. And he sealed his school records and published faked images of himself on the internet. Do you think for a minute that Maher or Mathews would dismiss those revelations as unimportant? Of course not - they are all phonies as is their precious, so smart, so well dressed and clean - Mr. Obama!

Obama himself has contributed to the mystery by dozens of distortions and fabrications about his past in his “Dreams” book. What exactly was his and his mother’s relationship with pornographer/communist - Frank Marshall Davis. Enquiring minds want to know! Why hasn’t Maher/Matthews ask Obama THOSE questions?

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
Vintage, Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton Tries To Boost
Obama’s Falling Popularity With His Patented
Fool'em Used Car Salesmen Speech

Promise the voter anything, deliver on nothing and blame
successful Americans and Bush for Obama's failed policies!

Before we begin let me list members of Slick Willy’s Private Sex Club to explain the philandering accomplishments of x-president Bill Clinton, the key note speaker at last night's Democrat convention.

Juanita Broaddrick (AR)- rape - Eileen Wellstone (Oxford) - rape - Elizabeth Ward Gracen - RAPE - quid pro quo, post incident intimidation - Regina Hopper Blakely - "forced himself on her, biting, bruising her" - Kathleen Willey (WH) - sexual assault, intimidations, threats - Sandra Allen James (DC) - sexual assault - 22 Year Old 1972 (Yale) - sexual assault - Kathy Bradshaw (AK) - sexual assault - Cristy Zercher - unwelcomed sexual advance, intimidations - Paula Jones (AR) - nwelcomed sexual advance, exposure, bordering on sexual assault - Carolyn Moffet - unwelcome sexual advance, exposure, bordering on sexual assault - 1974 student at University of Arkansas - unwelcomed physical contact - 1978-1980 - seven complaints per Arkansas state troopers Monica Lewinsky - quid pro quo, post incident character assault - Gennifer Flowers - quid pro quo, post incident character assault - Dolly Kyle Browning - post incident character assault - Sally Perdue - post incident threats - Betty Dalton - rebuffed his advances, the wife of a Clinton supporter

Yes, Slick Willy's womanizer past represents the ‘rotten apple syndrome’ we have come to expect from the Democrat party. The selection of adulterer Clinton clearly explains exactly 'who and what' the Democrat Party is all about and what it has become.

The desperate, sleazy organizers of the Democrat Party sent out a urgent call to their most well known and popular charlatan, Slick Willy Clinton. It's apparent that Liberals think that someone with a such a well known adulterer reputation like Clinton's is a 'positive' image to admire.

Clinton's famous ‘sexual behavior’ as President is an example of what Democratas obviously believes should be imitated and praised. It was Clinton's speech writer, not Clinton, who wrote his well executed speech, a speech whose sole purpose it is to deceive and dupe the uninformed public into voting for our country's foremost impostor and fraud, B. S. Obama.

Click 'Sound Button' Above To Hear "Clinton's Famous Lie"

According to liberal boob Chris Matthews, old Slick Willy‘s speech last night was so clever, so powerful, so slick that B. S. Obama is now, according to Matthew’s appraisal, a unbeatable, shoo-in as our next president. And Matthews said that without laughing out loud at his own observations!

To believe Clinton you will have to forget the trillion dollar waste of our tax dollars by Obama, forget about the millions of unemployed Americans, forget about the millions of American who have lost their home. Forget the 4.00-5.00 price of gas, forget the rising price of food on your next visit to the supermarket, forget Attorney General Eric Holder's illegaL sale of guns to know drug dealers, forget the lies Obama wrote about his past life in his "Dreams" book and on and on.

So apparently if you want to be reelected President in America you hire a known promiscuous, sex addict, adulterer and impeached x-president ( Slick Willie ) as your key note speaker. What a laugh!! I though it was Saturday Night Live all-over again!

Perhaps the planners of the Democrat convention experienced a moment of liberal amnesia and had forgotten about Slick Willy’s past reputation and record in regards to women while he was President.

One of the Democrat’s main platform talking points at the convention focuses on women’s rights and Clinton would certainly be the last person you would want to be your key note speaker unless of course you are a brain dead liberal Democrat or just have a weird, outer space, sense of humor.

Maybe they could get cuckold Hillary Clinton to speak in support of Obama's women's rights as a counter argument to old Willy.

And if Sandra Fluke, another strange speaker selection at the Demo-convention, isn't careful Old Willy might try to sneak into her hotel room to see if she has any extra condums on hand or she might want to experience Bill's "willy" first hand! Ha, Ha, Ha!

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
Promise the voter anything, deliver on nothing and
blame successful Americans and Bush for Obama's failures!

Middle of the road critics of Obama say he over promised in 2008! NO - he over LIED and over spent! They say Obama "cares"! No he does not!

They say he is a 'COMMUNIST'. Many people like Obama are infected with socialist ideas as was the German people infected with Nazism through repetitous propaganda, misguided teachers and schools. It is the weak-minded individuals in our society that are easily fooled and are attracted to socialism.

Under Obama socialism are you better off? Ask the millions of jobless Americans who can't find work. Ask the millions of Americans who have lost their home under the Obama regime what they think of the 'caring' socialist Mr. Obama.

The Obama socialist administration simply ignored the glaring fact in 2008 that the country was in debt and was financially BROKE! I remember Obama saying the country was broke immediately after taking office. And what did he do?

He employed the urban CHICAGO 'nigger rich' principal. Obama proceeded to spend 6 trillion dollars of your tax moneys in socialist stimulous money and that waste of tax money by Obama produced what? - nothing but more debt and he rewarded his political friends and unions for their support. A not so unique ponzi scheme all by itself.

Has the 'caring' Mr. Obama explained his waste of 6 trillion dollars of America's treasury? NO! Has he explained why he created a NEW Health Plan ( ObamaCare ) when Medicare itself is spending more money on benefits to doctors and hospitals than they currently receive in premium payments from Medicare members? How is the 'caring' Mr. Obama planning on paying for his ObamaCare when Medicare is BROKE?

The fiscal plan engineered by the Obama administration is centered around cutting benefits to care providers, doctors and hospitals. It's a 'rob Peter to pay Paul' scheme. It is a short term solution at best but will have a huge impact in how seniors will be treated currently on Medicare. Here is why.

Has the 'caring' Mr. Obama explained why his Medicare plan will not WORK? Medicare’s own actuaries estimate that the Obama Medicare cuts to care providers will force as many as 15 percent of working hospitals to close.

Doctors are already complaining about the current LOW Medicare reimbursments that's less than their actual costs - additional reimbursement cuts to doctors planned by the Obama administration will force even more doctors to close their practice or stop treating Medicare patients altogether!

So seniors will still have their full Medicare benefits under Obama's plan but they won’t be able to find a doctor or hospital who will accept Medicare patients.

Also ask the 'caring Mr. Obama why he gave bankrupt SOLYNDRA $500+ million in federal stimulus money, a company where one of his wealthy political supporters was also a major stock holder. Many of the companies selected to receive stimulus money were also strong Obama supporters. The ONE single act of giving millions of tax dollars to politically connected companies like Solyndra is particularly offensive, dishonest and borders on fraud!

Now here is the shocker - an independent inspector general looked at the Solyndra $500 million boondoogle and concluded that the Obama administration may have been involved in secretly redirected stimulus money to businesses that were also Obama supporters. Now that is a 'caring' Mr. Obama. It fits in perfectly with his personal vision of socialism. Socialism under Obama takes millions from you the tax payer and gives it to his political cronies and friends.

I now see that Obama is more of a incompetent fool and impostor than I thought was possible. He is nothing more than a political puppet that is being manipulated by much smarter people than Obama who are looking for a piece of the Obama stimulus pie. He is not smart enough or educated enough in anything as technical as Solyndra to make any kind of a intelligent decision in awarding Solyndra $500+ million dollars.

Obama will live the rest of his life knowing everyday that he failed miserably as a President. The lies, the fraud, the collapsed housing market, the waste of billions of tax money on worthless liberal inspired porjects. Everything that Obama and the Democrats were involved in turn out to be a costly disaster. All of his liberal Marxist ideology is just dream-world academia idiotology nonsense that does NOT apply to the outside world.

He has NO previous business training or experience with anything as complex as solar panels and his decision to award Solyndra $500+ million was based totally on his uninformed, misguided, feel-good, liberalized insanity and it was a way to reward his wealthy political cronies rather than on any sound business decision.

There is more to this fraud. A Obama fund raiser by the name of Steve Spinner is currently being investigated by the an independent inspector general for his role in the Solyndra fraud case.

He apparently along with his wife's law firm, the law firm that was handling loan applications to the Dept. of Energy, was the bag-man between Obama, his wife's law firm and the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank that was probabaly the key driving force behind Obama's misguided decision to hand over 500+ million tax payer dollars to Solyndra.

The criminal collusion between Spinner, his wife's law firm, the Center for American Progress and Obama are the key criminal culprits involved in the Solyndra fraud case.

JOBS - President Barack Obama’s solution for America’s unemployment woes is also a another dream world, socialist scam. He is totally and stubbornly focused on a campaign to spend even more hundreds of billions of your tax dollars on his and the Center for American Progress utopian dream of creating hundreds of “green energy jobs.” Independent report after report has shown that this naive approach to job creation has been a total financial FAILURE!

Why 'Green Jobs"? Well it is because of "Global Warming", another screw-ball, academia inspired socialist scam invented by numerous liberal con-artists. All liberals, including Obama, go along with the scam because they are not scientists and don't understand what it is all about but they know they believe in it because that is what ignorant socialists like Obama do.

This socialist scam is designed to black mail world governments into coughing up millions of dollars to fund a variety of businesses and companies involved in creating solutions to solving the world wide effects of "GLOBAL WARMING". Solyndra and solar panels are all part of the manufactured Global Warming scam to con governments into giving them huge sums of money and in turn, create thousands of 'Green Jobs'. It is a pseudo science created to scam the public and liberals.

The scandal involving the failure of Solyndra in California has to be and hopefully the last and final nail in the Obama 'GREEN JOBS' coffin. It clearly exposes how the government’s and Obama's meddling in the solar panel free market, something they know nothing about, ends up costing you the tax payer, a $500 million socialist experiment by a few air-head, dope smoking, utopian dreamers like Obama. That money will never be repaid!

Here is why! The Obama Energy Department loan guarantee program from which Solyndra benefitted has created just one new permanent job for every $5.5 million spent. Lend that kind of money to a private business in an industry that doesn’t rely on government taxpayer support, and it would put hundreds if not thousands to work.

Here is the question of the century. Has anyone in the Obama administrsation gone to jail for this moumental fraud - NO!! Bernie Madoff, the stock fraud con-man, was sentenced to 150 years in prison for defrauding the the public out of a whole lot less money than the $500 million dollar award Obama gave to his liberal cronies at Solyndra!

Watch a short video that explains Obama's 'sharing the wealth socialism'
Remember paying your fair share means more money for Obama's friends and union buddies.

MEDICARE - The 'caring' President, has also been smearing Romney by saying he wants to “end Medicare as we know it.” The president’s false claim blantently lies by saying that all current seniors on Medicare would lose their benefits. That is a LIE! Just another example of the 'caring' Mr. Obama making another false claim. Here is another LIE. Obama's campaign adviser/propagandist David Axelrod, well know for spreading LIES, also made a false claim that Romney would throw his 85-year-old, cancer-stricken father off of Medicare.

More misleading and false LIES from the Obama and Axelrod propaganda machine. Romney and Ryan have made it perfectly clear for anyone who wants to listen that they WOULD NOT make any such changes to Medicare for anyone age 55 or older today.

No one currently on Medicare would be thrown off the program, forced to pay more, or have his or her benefits cut off. Obama and Axelrod dismiss anything to do with the truth and continue smearing Romney and Ryan in spite of the facts for their own political survival!

What does all of this add up to - it clearly says that Obama as a President, as a leader is totally incompetent and is a bold face lying crook who should be in the PRISON CELL next to Bernie Madoff. Let the facts speak for themselves, not on what Obama falsely claims to be the facts.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
Promise the voter anything, deliver on nothing and
blame successful Americans and Bush for Obama's failures!

It's TIME. It is time that Obama is revealed to be our country‘s most, inept leader!!

The Nazi technique used to control the thoughts of the German people is the same technique used by Obama and the Democrats to control the thinking of American voters:

"Create a lie, make it big, make it believable, keep it simple, keep saying it over and over, and eventually they will believe it’s true." Use empty meaningless slogans like HOPE and CHANGE to make the LIE more believable!

Sound familiar? Obama and his bullying crowd of media collaborators repeatedly use this technique to 'control the thinking' of the American public.

Obama and the Democrats try to hide their lack of any solutions to the unemployment and a collapsed housing market in the last 4 years with the same old, repetitive jokes, slander and insults they used in the 2008 election against Bush. Promise the voter anything, deliver on nothing and blame successful Americans and Bush for Obama's failures!

Obama’s recent speeches sound vaguely familiar to the ones he gave in 2008. They have the same sarcastic tone that is similar to the comments of the No. 1 leftist kook, Bill ’middle finger' Maher.

Did Bill Maher write Obama‘s most recent comments about successful Americans or did Obama pick that idea from the pages of his “Jive and Lie Dictionary of Political Tricks”.

Supposedly Bill 'the bomber' Ayers wrote Obama's "DREAMS" book. There is a pattern here in the way Obama manufacturers lies - he lied about his past in his 'DREAMS' book, he posted faked family photos of himself on the interent and he continues to smear Romney for being a successful American. Is that the image George Washington and the signers of our Constitution envisioned for America? Political liars and smear artists.

Obama said “It's his ‘education tax credits versus’ Mitt Romney’s tax breaks for the rich“.

The more serious question to college students and graduates is, if you had a choice would you chose a Obama tax credit or a job created by the Romney administration?? Obama is very generous with American’s tax dollars but where are the jobs Mr. Obama. What happened to the trillions of tax dollars you wasted on programs like Solyndra? What is a tax credit worth if you can't find a job?

There is NO valid reason for Obama and the media collaborators to demonize successful Americans because that has nothing to do with creating jobs. Those remarks KILL job creation!

Obama could easily be successful if he could give us one thing that he and the Democrats have done to create jobs! He has NO record of success in anything related to job creation.

This is a perfect example of how the Democrats and Obama lie and slander successful Americans ( the phantom rich Americans ) just like the Nazi’s smeared and attacked the Jewish businessman and people.

This form of smearing your opponent makes Obama look petty and small in stature to real leaders with real solutions, not just boastful talk and more talk about how it is going to get better for you somewhere down the road, somewhere off in the future.

Are YOU better off with Obama and the Democrats. I hope you are because a lot of Americans are not! Millions are out of work, millions have lost their homes but Obama continues to blame the successful Americans who create jobs and everyone else but himself.

It’s TIME to realize that Obama is a fraud and a liar. it’s TIME he was fired!

Obama also tried to slander Romney about his unpopular Health Plan. Obama said they call my plan "ObamaCare" and the GOP’s plan is "Romney doesn't care"

Yahoo News Washington Bureau chief, David Chalian, was recently fired after he was heard on a live, open mike telling a fellow host a similar lie about Romney and his wife. He repeated a false Democrat story about the Romney's were 'partying during the GOP convention and NOT caring about the people drowning in the New Orleans hurricane disaster'.

There is no difference here between Chalian and Obama false attacks. They both deserved to be fired for their obvious made up stories with the intention to smear Romney. The Joe Soptic Story was another false, lie filled story created by the Democrats to smear Romney.

The picture is clear. It’s TIME to fire Obama. The Obama administration is about smearing and lying to keep their power and comfortable lifestyle. Not about helping the millions of unemployed workers and those who have lost their homes.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
There is Something Rotten In The Democrat Party

Yahoo News Washington Bureau chief, David Chalian, was fired immediately after he was heard on a live, open mike telling a fellow host during a ABC News web show "that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann were "not concerned at all and happy to have a party with people drowning in New Orleans."

Chalian was making an absurd reference to the simultaneous occurrence of the GOP convention convening in Tampa and Hurricane Isaac in New Orleans and he delivered it supposedly like it was a legitimate news about Romney partying in Tampa and not caring about people that may be drowning in New Orleans.

This a common slander technique of the left that Obama and the Democrats use to belittle and insult their opposition - take a unrelated story ( hurricane Isaac in New Orleans ) and then makeup a ridiculous connection of that story to the Republican convention in Tampa and reword it so it sounds like there is legitimate connection between the two stories when there is No connection.

This phony news style of reporting by Obama media collaborators has become the rule not the exception in today’s media world. Chalian deserved to get fired and so should the rest of the Obama media collaborators that are collectively responsible for today's economic problems brought on by the Obama administration's catastrophic, economy wrecking policies.

This is the type of pre-prepared lies and false stories that Democrat media collaborators like Chalian make on TV, Radio and the Internet in order to slander and insult any and all opposition to Obama and liberalism.

It is a form of mass indoctrination that is based on lies and hate that constantly regurgitates pre-prepared comments like the one Chalian used to slander Romney. Their destructive comments are just unconscious, knee jerk reactions to any situation they perceive threatens their blind robotic allegiance to the Obama regime.

After Hitler was defeated in WW II there was a movement in Germany to 'denazify' the country so that the Hitler types in their society would not be easily influenced or motivated to rise up again and repeat the Nazi holocaust.

From the onset of Hitler’s “seizure of power” in 1933 until Germany’s defeat in 1945, the Nazis used their 'control of the media' to demonize Jews just like today's media demonize conservatives, Republicans and Romney. The propaganda by the media collaborators was relentless then as it is today.

Obama media collaborators like Chalian must be stopped. He represents and clearly demonstrates the robotic influence of Obammunism that has infected a huge segment of our society and most of the commentators and newscasters in today's media.

To start the process of 'deobamafying' our society Obama must be defeated in November to save America from the 'liberal holocaust' that has demoralized our people and is in the process of wrecking our economy.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

There is Something Rotten In The Democrat Party

Another arrogant, venomous liberal bobble head fired

Shrill, loud mouth and cynic Joyless Behar was finally given the boot after months of her tiresome irrational and contemptuous statements. Behar, like most liberal talking bobble-heads, suffers from an acute case of 'liberal diarrhea of the mouth‘.

Behar was a out of control, insignificant liberal media collaborator. After listening to her for even a minute of her screechy voice I felt nauseous and irritated. There was never anything she said that was either uplifting or compassionate.

The longer she was on TV the more out of control, more shrill, more vicious she became because NO one stepped forward and said her comments were nothing more than childish babble and bullying rants.

The more she was allowed to continue the more she was encouraged, more emboldened, more arrogant in spouting off with more and more outlandish insulting comments like a spoiled, whinny child.

Behar like most liberals believe that their personal attacks, taunts and insults are relevant and significant when their comments are nothing more than just liberal gutter HATE speech devoid of any substance or truth.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
Media Collaborators For Obama Are Collectively Responsible for the
Destructive Harm That Obammunism Has Caused This Country

Liberal media collaborators are today's 'brown shirts' They use the printed word, the radio and visual media of TV to target anyone who they see is a threat to or exposes the lies and failures of Obama.

Lets begin by pointing out the obvious. There are varying levels of corruption in all political 'ISM' systems like Capitalism, Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, Nazism, Communism, Fascism.

None of these ’isms’ would have gotten a foothold any where in the world if it wasn't for the self serving MEDIA collaborators and zealots like Budowsky ( shown here ) who, for what ever reason, promote their own evil political system over another which is nothing more than just another example of "manipulation and control by a few over the majority".

Let me remind you about one of Obama's strange but scary proclamations: "He said that as president he would create a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the U.S. military, to advance his “objectives” (?) for America". Hitler also formed a personal Army of his own called the SA or brown shirts that was composed mainly of street punks and thugs.

They were primarily used to physically attack and eliminate any political parties or individual that opposed Hitler. The Brown shirts used violence, street beatings of private citizens and threatened anyone caught patronizing a Jewish business.

They also spread the word that people of Jewish decent were not to be trusted and were to be avoided. The fear of being beaten by the brown shirts was very effective and intimidating. The brown shirts also painted the word "Jude" on Jewish shop windows to intimidate anyone caught buying or selling to Jewish businesses.

Liberal media collaborators are today's 'brown shirts', They use the printed word, the radio and visual media of TV in place of public street beatings of Hitler's brown shirts to target anyone who they see is a threat to Obama.

Anyone who exposes Obama’s failures, his waste of billions of tax money on Solyndra and the Chevy Volt, redirecting tax money to the Teamster labor union at GM are all TARGETS by media collaborators.

Obama media collaborators feel comfortble slandering and lying about people that oppose the idiotic ideas of Obama. It has been made politically acceptable in Obama's world and the Democrats to make false claims and lie about everything! Challengers to the irresponisibilty of Obama are called racists by Obama's media collaborators.

Remember Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa's used similar "threatening liberlaized rhetoric” when he said in short "he wanted to see those SOB's ( the Tea Party ) taken out". Does anybody really care what Hoffa or anyone like him say or do. Who doesn't see the Hoffa union boss types as inconsequnetial buffoons.

Hoffa also falsely claimed that the Tea Party wanted Obama to fail and are 'blocking' Obama's nonexistent plans and programs to create jobs and turn the economy around. These are all media collaborator, manufactured lies about Republicans blocking Obama's unseen jobs plans.

He doesn't have any plans because he does not know what he is doing, Obama is a political joke that has no leadership skills or training. The reason there are no job plans because he does not know how to put together plans to solve anything of this magnitude! How could he, he was a common, ordinary community organizer in Chicago prior to running for the President's job.

He has no plans because he is more interested in implementing old, tired, failed 1930 Socialist ideas because that is what he knows, that is what he was taught and that is who he is. He is a well dressed, manufactured socialist fraud that should be in handcuffs, not in the Presidents office.

Obamamunism is 2012 'brown shirt' THUGGERY. Media collaborators are Obama’s ‘brown shirts’ army and are used by the Democrats to attack anyone who opposes Obama and his vintage socialist policies.

They too, like the ’brown shirts’, spread vicious lies and slanderous stories ( Ex: Joe Soptic Story ) to hide 4 years of waste and failures of Obama and the Democrats.

It is a 'battle of ideas' say the Democrats - so, if you like high unemployment, high gas and food prices and a collapsed housing market as a result of 4 years of Democrat and Obama control - then that is what you will get with Obama and the Democrats in the next 4 years.

Obama is the same slick, TV Pitchman who sold you and your friends a fraudulent Health Plan that does NOT live up to Obama's touted claims of free services and low premium costs for everyone.

Who told you that Obama knows anything about developing and implementing a national Health Plan. Who told you that Obama who has never held a real job knows anything about being the President of anything. I've never read anywhere that Obama has any experience in running anything except he has been very successful in running his mouth and our country into the ground economically.

There are thousads of media collaborators like Budowsky who are nothing more than willing 'brown shirt' dupes who, like a tape recorder, repeat the same socialist dogma produced by the Obama regimes propaganda machine.

I doubt that Budowsky had even heard of Obama before the 2008 election but now he thinks Obama, the ‘political trickster and hack’, is a unrecognized genius?

Budowsky, like many liberals in the media, try to use intimidating threats and insults for those who disagree with them politically as if their politics is something special, something important but it is all a BAD joke. It's the same intimidation tactic used by the Nazis.

Budowsky recently called for a boycott of Newsweek for their recent anti-Obama story. Many of his inflammatory articles are pure amateurish hate and attack articles similar to the slanderous anti-Romney ads produced by the Democrats that target Republicans and conservatives.

Like it or not but I see the behavior of the Budowsky type of media collaborators as 'brown shirts' imitators that painted the word "Jude" on Jewish businesses. Budowsky’s articles try to paint conservatives, Republicans and Romney with 'brown shirt' lies and slogans.

After WW II there was a period of 'denazification' program to officially rid the country of all Nazi influences on the German people. The upcoming election in November will be for the purpose of 'deobamafying' the American people and expose the damage, waste and fraud that Obama and the Democats have done to America and to the American people.

Budowsky, the Obama media collaborator, has written article after article that sings the praises of incompetent liberalized liars like Obama, Pelosi and Reed.

He repeats the same lies and false claims produced by Obama’s campaign headquarters targeting anyone who opposes the Obama regime. Obama, Pelosi and Reed willing use these 'brown shirt dupes' like Budowsky to further secure their own political power and careers.

Budowsky does not write one word outlining anything that Obama has done to actually create jobs or revealed any plans to turn this country around economically but simply uses petty, cheap, slander attacks against conservatives by repeating all of the false claims and lies manufactured by the Obama propaganda machine.

Obama regime accomplishments include trillion dollar debt, higher unemployment, a collapsed housing market and increased food and gas prices.

B. S. Obama, the political fraud who gained a false American Idol status and popularity in 2008 by flooding the internet with fake family photos of himself and who wrote a semi-fictitious, autobiographical book that was never exposed by the media collaborators - they simply looked the other way just like the German people looked the other way when Hitler took control of Germany and murdered millions of Jews. Why?

Today you hear the liberal control words like 'fairness', 'equality', 'spread the wealth of the few to the majority' and phrases like 'a level playing field' and ‘hope and change’ from liberals like Obama who promote their own sinister and destructive form of socialism which is just another ‘system of control over the majority by a chosen few‘.

To accomplish anything leaders of these 'isms' must have willing dupes and media collaborators like Budowsky here to promote their socialist goals for controlling the masses for their own personal benefit.

Control the media and you control the outcome of future political races. There are thousands of Budowsky 'nodding bobble heads' in the liberal press and media all repeating the same leftist dribble.

So where do we go from here? Hopefully Obama and his gang of frauds and misfits are sent packing back to Chicago where they belong. I certainly hope that it is not too late to right the ship that Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln built after 4 years of destructive incompetence produced by Obammunism and media collaborators like Budowsky.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame


Let’s forget for a moment the back stabbing, political attacks aimed at Romney by the Obama Campaign. Lets move past all of that distraction and take a closer look at Obama himself - not the remanufactured image of Obama we see today but the Marxist Obama that lurks just below the surface of a once heavy alcohol/marijuana user and someone who was once a student of his communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.

The Frank Marshall Davis name has surfaced off and on over the last 4 years of Obama’s reign as President. So who exactly is he and what does he have to do with B. S. Obama? We know about his close ties with Bill 'the bomber' Ayers, Jeremiah 'god damm America' Wright and of course his connection to Chicago's 'voter fraud operation' at ACORN.

Frank Marshall Davis: He was the subject of a 600-page FBI file. Davis was under FBI surveillance for 19 years for his Communist Party activities. Davis was on the FBI’s security index, meaning he could be arrested in the event of a national emergency.

Davis wrote a pornographic novel, Sex Rebel, that was semi-autobiographical and disclosed that Davis had sex with underaged children.

Davis was also a heavy drinker and marijuana user as was Obama which he revealed in his “Dreams“ book. There is possibly more to Davis's relationship with Obama and his mother than one might guess.

It has also been alledged that Obama's mother, Ann Dunham and Frank Davis may have had a intimate relationship, and that Davis is actually the real father of Barack H. Obama. Note the stunning likeness of Obama to Davis in the above collage of images. A very unsettling pictorial!!

NEXT: The following photo(s) have recently surfaced which appears to be someone who looks like Obama’s mother - Stanley Ann Dunham. If it is not Ann Dunham it certainly is someone who looks a lot like her both in age and facial characteristics. The person in the photos was supposedly taken by Frank Marshall Davis for one of his many "subversive" porn magazines he was known to have published.

You will have to reach your own conclusions about the authenticity of the photo(s) but all evidence leans toward the possibility that Ann Dunham, who was a bit wild and was also attracted to black radicals, is the person in the photos. A fact that Obama today would want desperately to hide from the public.

Obama’s communist mentor, Frank Davis also wrote and published a pornographic novel in which the author stated that “under certain circumstances I am bisexual” and that he was “a voyeur and an exhibitionist” who was “occasionally mildly interested in sado-masochism”.

Davis also discussed having sex with a young, 13 year old girl named “Anne.” Was that Ann Dunham? I don't know because the age mentioned in the book ( 13 years old ) was far too young to be Ann Dunham.

Here is another early Obama family picture taken in the early 1970s showing a 11 or 12 year old "Obama" with his grandfather, mother and half sister in what appears to be an airport waiting room.

NOTE: There is also a odd, partial image of the back of a black hand under Obama’s right arm that does not belong to anyone in the photo. So who in the original photo was perhaps either added or erased out of the photo and why? This photo appears on Obama’s own personal Face Book page.

In reexamining this photo it has been suggested by some investigators that the back of a black hand belongs to her friend and supposedly lover, Frank Marshall Davis. Was this photo a composite forgery in order to hide a possible intimate and close relationship between Ann Dunham and Frank Davis.

I disagree. The relationship between Davis and Dunham may be a stretch of someone's vivid imagination. The obvious question is why would someone go to the trouble to erase the person attached to the hand and then add Ann Duham to the photo. Was it someone Obama wanted to hide from public view or is there a different, more logical explanation.

You can see see a video that exposes several obvious flaws of this PHOTO.

I'm experienced in the photo-shop methods used in the manipulation of various Obama family photos. What is more likely happened is the image of Obama was added to this photo since it is my opinion the image of Ann Dunham, her father and small child all appear to be normal and in proportion to each other. What is out of proportion to the other figures is the image of a young Obama.

What I think happened in this photo, as in other Obama family photos, is the image of a young Obama was added to this photo because his overall size in both height and width is out of proportion for someone 11 or 12 years old to his mother and grandfather in the background. Also it's easier to add a image lifted from one photo and then paste it over the images in a new but fake photo then it is to erase and then add another image into the background. Most of the Obama image manipulation uses the copy and paste method.

Who ever added the image of Obama from another photo forgot to erase the small portion of a black hand from under Obama's right arm thinking it was just part of a shadow created by Obama's arm. On first glance the hand just looks like it is part of a dark shadow but on closer examination you can see it is obviously the back of a unknown black hand. What you should see is some of Obama's mother's dress through the opening of Obama's right arm .

So who is the real Obama?? There are many other family image problems with Obama’s earlier ‘family photos’ in the years just prior to his entry into Harvard Law School.

No other President I'm aware of has ever created so much deception about themselves on such a massive scale from his enhanced autobiographical book to the doctored family photos. All were designed to disguise his true identity, hide any connection to Frank Davis and make him and his family look wholesome and all-ameican.

There is more to this than just Obama and a few political hacks over at the Democatic National Headquarters. It required long-term planning and money and who and where was that source? Find that source and you will find out who is really behind this fraud.

90% of Obama's life story prior to 2008 reported in the media, on Face Book, in his 'Dreams' book is composed of lies, half truths and fictiuous stories. The more and more you get into this fraud it seems amazing that only a few people have caught on to this deception.

The uninformed public at large thought they were voting for another American Idol not Obama the political trickster. The media played deaf and dumb to all of this obvious deception and fraud and they were actually co-conspirators knowingly or not. Nobody expects a candidate for President to be such a deceptive con artist! Why?

First there was his phony "Dreams" books and now there are so many fake photos of him and his family floating around on the Internet that it's impossible to tell exactly what is fake and what is real. Who did all of this forgery of images and for what purpose other than to create a far different image of Obama as a innocent, black kid growing up in a bi-racial white America!

NEXT: Below is another glaring example of a Obama 'faked' family photo. In the first and original image on the left you see Ann Dunham's parents sitting on a bench. The second photo is the same photo but a young, smiling Obama has been added to the 2nd image.

Note the fake, cartoon hand that has been added on to Obama's left shoulder so that it gives you the appearence that Ann's father is embracing Obama. How phony and heartwarming is that?

It is my guess that these forged images were intended to paint Obama, an admitted abuser of alcohol and drugs in his youth, as a clean, happy, all-American black kid who was raised by Ann's white, conservative looking parents.

Many other Obama family photos are questionable due to many unexplained oddities in each photo. Some may be forgeries and/or composites of two maybe three differnt photos? Other photos depict a younger Obama but who appears in other photos to be a different person physically in size, age and color from one photo to the next.

One group of photos from high school shows a black person's head "photo-shopped" on to a white person's body...you can see the left arm and it's white! There are also at least three separate and distinct different people, in age, color and size, identified as Obama in photos used to document his childhood and adolescent years.

NEXT: Obama's famous 'DREAM' book. Was it Obama’s goal in writing his autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” for the sole purpose of redirecting any honest scrutiny of Obama’s and his mother's deeply disturbing family history and strange ties to Frank Davis.

Did Obama create a more acceptable but ficticious story about who his real parents were, his past by using forged family images prior to getting into politics knowing that his real past life story would be quickly challenged and exposed by his crictics.

Once Obama had remanufactured a new past history of who his parents were in his ’Dreams’ book which was a very creative move that overcame a huge hurdle in Obama's political path prior to his entering the political arena.

He was probably told and helped by one of his radical peers ( Jeremiah Wright? ) that he had to clean up his past before he could ever expect to move up the political ladder in a white America. His "Dreams" book solved that part of his past and the whole Frank Davis relationship problem.

Suddenly Davis, the pornographer, communist and drug abuser, became a incidental figure, like Jeremiah Wright, soon to be forgotten and he was swept permanently under the carpet as just someone who Obama had met casually in his adolescence years. The same with Bill 'the bomber' Ayers. Obama said Ayers was just someone who he met that lived in his neighborhood - all lies.

Obama's 'Dreams' book certainly solved a huge problem along those lines even if it was a complete con job that was recently exposed in David Maraniss' recent book about Obama and his 'Dreams' book that pointed out huge discrepancies in Obama's recollections of his manufactured, humble past.

Let's just say that there are far too many pieces of 'damming evidence' in Obama’s past that point to someone who was and is a totally different person then what he appears to be today.

There are way too many unanswered questions revolving around Obama, his mother and the relationship to Frank Davis that I find strange and very disturbing that he is our President. Compare Obama's past to other American Presidents and you will see that there is NO comparison, nothing is quite so bizarre as Obama's past.

Is Obama a complete fraud and a impostor as exposed in these revelations about Obama‘s mother, Frank Davis and his 'Dreams' book? The only things we really know for sure about Obama is that he did identified himself as the author of an autobiography (Dreams From My Father) that also expressed a subtle and obvious dislike for white people in general, of America and white Western Society.

His whole past experience in any leadership position that would qualify him for the Presidency up to 2008 was his earlier 'community organizer' experience with ACORN, the voter fraud organization, in Chicago. The political machine and deceptive tactics to push someone as inexperienced and inept as Obama into the Presidency is very disturbing!

Whether or not he was born in Kenya is one more distraction to the real issue of what appears to be a massive, massive case of fraud, lies and deception. A fraud that has been pulled off by a arrogant impostor who had the backing of a major political party and the entire so called 'mainstream' media collaborators who promoted this fraud. None of this information has ever been released or investigated by any serious major news outlets in this country.

This type of personal deception is unheard of in past elections. I don't know of any other Presidential candidate who has had such a odd and bizarre background and someone who had a long history of communist mentors and who was also successful in winning a Presidential election based upon lies, faked photos and false impressions.

If George Washington or Abraham Lincoln had just 1 of Obama's radical connections to Communism, communist mentors like Frank Davis, Bill Ayers or had a mother who was closely associated with radical, black political activists they would be quickly exposed and chased out of politics.

Anyone can see that there was some sort of a close association between Obama, his mother and the communist degenerate and pornogrpher - Frank Davis. It makes you cringe to think any American could be sucked in to voting for this corrupt, inept charlatan.

What kind of American would vote for this type of individual who lies and posts faked family photos of himself and his relatives on the internet. Once you see the evidence that exposes Obama for what he is - he is a compulsive liar, who with the help of the Democratic Party, perpetrated one the 'biggest fraud scams' on the American people.

There are far too many odd, unexplaned stories about friends of Obama like Frank Davis, Bill Ayers, Jeramiah Wright and many other leftist/socialists to believe anything that Obama says about himself or his background. His whole life and background has been composed of lies and false misrepresentation!!

Obama didn’t do all of this by himself, he had help from other misguided, duped Americans in the Democratic Party who also have the same warped Marxist vision for your country. Who harbor a abnormal hate for the success of others, for capitalism, for Americanism. They see themselves as special, privileged 'saviors' but all I see is someone who is unstable, erratic and terribly uninformed and misguided.

They ( Democrats ) are going to KILL the goose ( American Capitalism ) that lays the golden eggs ( economic prosperity ) due to their greed for power and a distorted vision of replacing Capitalism with the failure of Socialism!

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
SPIN, SPIN SPIN. . The Gaff That Sank A Administration

A Commentary On The Corrupt Obama Administration


*Note the uncany likeness and arrogant sneer of Obama to Charles Ponzi, creator of the 'Ponzi Swindle'

The following is a brief rundown of some of the more notorious scam artist cases in recent years. The objective here is to point out that each of the following individuals all ended up being sentenced to very serious jail time for their illegal Ponzi schemes and yet Obama’s Administration has committed far more serious impeachable crimes of fraud then any of the top 4 Ponzi swindlers listed here.

1- BARACH OBAMA - Yet to be tried, convicted and sentenced for his multi-Trillion dollar misappropriation and waste of federal tax money in just 4 short years. Perhaps the largest racketeering, money laundering and fraud schemer in world history who has, to date, gone unpunished for these crimes. Obama’s fraudulent spending of tax money has exceeded all of the combined fraud of the top 4 Ponzi schemers listed below. There is no difference between the theft of investor or tax money - theft is theft!

2 - BERNARD MADOFF - sentenced to 150 years for his $20 Billion dollar Ponzi scheme.

3 - R. ALLEN STANFORD - a Texas tycoon sentenced to 110 years for a Ponzi scheme that bilked some 30,000 investors out of more than $7 billion.

4 - TOM PETTERS - Tom Petters was sentenced to 50 years in prison for fraud, conspiracy and money laundering as part of his $3.65 billion Ponzi scheme. It is considered the second largest Ponzi scheme second only to Barach Obama and Bernie Madoffs.

5 - SCOTT ROTHSTEIN - Sentenced to 50 years for his $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme.

Once Obama is defeated in November and when all of the fraud he is responsible for is uncovered he will become one of the most hated, most ridiculed and mocked Presidents for the fraudulent misuse of tax money and using the Office of President to carry out this fraud.

When a government official such as Obama is entrusted with tax money for legitimate government expenses but engages in numerous schemes that benefits his political friends, unions and cronies then that is fraud and he should be tried and punished accordingly as were the people in the above Ponzi scams.

If you were to track down and list all of the fraud of Obama it would take weeks of research and hundreds of pages just to outline Obama’s waste and misappropriation of federal tax money.

There must be a way to declare the TARP give away program a massive PONZI scheme and legally go after those who received money and people like Obama, Chu and others, appointed by B. S. Obama, who participated in this scheme to reward favored political cronies through other governmental agencies and departments.

A federal trustee or a receiver and a legal team could be appointed by Romney to track down exactly where, how much and who received federal money in the last 4 years that Obama gave away to his crony’s and bogus green energy companies. The trustee or receiver would have the duty of collecting as much money and other assets as is possible.

There is something called the ‘clawback provision’. This is a rule that allow a federal trustee or receiver to recover money from people, banks, wall street businessses who profited from B. S. Obama‘s give away of federal money.

People who received federal money from the B. S. Obama scheme and profited from it before it was exposed are not immune from having their gains taken away to pay back the stolen money to the government. As long as records exist that document which company, bank or person profited from the scheme, they can be sued to recover money.

I want to point out that Obama and his administration’s fraudulent misuse of federal tax money is not only identical but exceeded the Ponzi scheme crimes described here and were perpetrated by political office holders such as Obama, Holder, Chu, Pelosi, Reed, etc.

These individuals are just a few of Obama’s co-conspirators in the Obama Administration Ponzi scheme who are equally guilty of crimes of fraud, deception and misappropriation of tax money and cover-ups. All should be punished with similar lengthy jail time for their equally serious crimes of fraud.

"A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have." - G. Ford

A Commentary On The Oddyssey Of The B. S. Obama Administration
The 3 Main Characters Involved In The Bogus Soptic Story


The TRUE Time Line Of Joe Soptic's BOGUS Wife Story

** Mitt Romney left Bain in 1999 to work for the Olympics.

** GST Steel in Kansas City was shut down 3 years later in 2001.

** In 2001 a major Obama supporter Jonathan Lavine who was in charge of Bain Capital, closed GST Steel.

** Soptic was offered a buy-out by Bain & Levine. Apparently he accept the buy-out.

** Soptic took another job but declined to purchase their insurance plan.

** Soptic’s wife had her own health insurance plan through HER work in 2003.

** A injury in 2003 forced her to leave her job and as a result, lost her insurance.

** After 2003 apparently Soptic never had insurance for either himself or his wife?

** Soptic’s wife lost her insurance but did Soptic buy the insurance he had declined earlier?

** In 2006, Soptic’s wife was diagnosed with very late-stage and incurable cancer.

** She died 22 days after her diagnosis, a full 7 years ( 7 Years ) after Romney left Bain.

Here is an EXAMPLE of Obama’s mentors, his Idiotology that is trying to destroy your country with socialist, spread the wealth nonsense. Capitalism and freedom is what build this great country, NOT socialism.

Obama is NOT and has never tried to govern according to the Constitution, he is trying to convert your country into some mangled, twisted version of Obama/Marxist/socialism - thus this explains the confusion of Obama’s liberalized policies that play no central role or purpose in the rebuilding of our country.

Obama's policies are based solely on his personal Marxist ideology. These are 'feelings' built up over years of liberalized brain washing at liberal schools and at the hands of mentor indoctrination from radicalized teachers rather than from objective facts, reason, or constitutional principles.

Obama, Cutter and Soptic are the major players in the current phony, made up political story about Soptic's wife dying because Romney supposedly closed GST Steel and Soptic, as a result, lost his health insurance. These stories are typical of liberal, fictionalized, radio/TV soap opera stories!

Do liberal hacks like Cutter think that Soptic's phony wife story is newsworthy?? Mr. Soptic should be on Jerry Springer's tabloid talk show, not on a news show. Lie #1.

White House aides now say they don’t know anything about Joe Soptic or his story about his wife dying. The former Missouri steelworker who appeared in a explosive Obama campaign ad this week claims "Mitt Romney caused his wife’s death".

Campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, “We don’t have any knowledge of the story of the family.” And Stephanie Cutter said, “I don’t know the facts about when Mr. Soptic’s wife got sick or the facts about his health insurance.” Lie #2.

Apparently Cutter, Psaki, Obama and all of the other misfits over at Obama's campaign headquarters forgot about the Obama campaign conference call Cutter made in May 2012 where Soptic was allowed to speak to reporters with the exact same story.

Now 3 months later Soptic repeats the same false story that is being featured in a unbelievable Obama campaign Ad that indirectly accuses Romney of murder??

Lets turn this situation around. The question I have is this - is Obama and his Marxist policies and all of the Washington Democats responsible for all of the millions of people who have lost their jobs, their health insurance and homes??

How many deaths have occurred for the millions of families who lost their jobs and health insurance because of Obama's radical, do nothing Marxist policies?? How does the magnitude of millions of lost jobs and health insurance compare to a single Joe Soptic's false wife story??

Want to get rid of fraud and waste in Washington? Then get rid of Obama, Pelosi and Reed and see how quickly our economy will right itself.

Obama is the Marxist ring master of failure and that is the major reason for high unemployment, the reason for a collapsed housing market and economy. These are dangeous, misguided people with dangerous ideas with only one outcome - a total collapse of our economy!

What motivates people like Obama, Cutter and Soptic to create such a sick, outlandish story? Especially when the lies in his story would be exposed when investigators checked into the facts of the Soptic Wife Story.

Soptic's version of what happened was NOT even close to the TRUTH, it was another liberal attempt by Obama and Soptic to create another lie to slander his opponent Romney. Obama wants to be reelected based solely on his and Biden's hideous and insanely stupid attacks against Romney.

Democrats never EVER talk about the economy, debt, social security. They only release insidious false, slanderous attacks that border on the insane. Who does this hysterical rhetoric appeal to? What American goes along with this style of campaigning.

Is there no new sleasy LOW that Obama and the Democrats haven't tried in order to ridicule Romney and to distract any examination of the incompetent, failed administration of Obama.

This is and has been the standard practice that Obama and the Democrats have used in the past because Obama can't run on his own record so he tries to tear down his opposition with slanderous and false LIES. Obama is a product of liberal schools and mentors who doesn’t know anything but Marxist theory, communist dogma and running hate campaigns against his opponents!

Obama arrogantly believes he knows everything, with NO history to back it up, and his liberal/Marxist training from communists is his main qualifications for being President. He has proven over and over to be the most incompetent and ideologically confused president in our entire history.

Trying to re-invent 1930's socialism as a practical method in solving our country's economic problems in 2012 is suicidal idiocy! 2012 Liberalism is nothing more than 1930's socialism that has not worked and has never worked as a political system anywhere! It is just another liberal fantasy without any historical data to justify Obama'as radical ideas about spreading the wealth as a solution to all of society's ills.

Look at the results of Obammunism: trillion dollar debt, collapsed housing market, policies and regulations that do nothing except smother any chance of a recovery and still Obama rambles on and on about the so called 1%, the white rich people while our country sinks further and further into debt at the hands of Obama and the Democrats.

The lying Obama, Cutter, Soptic and the Democrats now want us to blame Romney? Romney did this, Romney did that! Obama continues to flood the political landscape with lie after lie, phony stories and falsified family photos about himself and lie filled accusations as a substitue for any accomplishments in order to inhibit any serious discussion of who Obama is politically and the radical policies he secretly promotes.

He is NOT trying to govern in accordance with the Constitution, he is trying to convert your country into some mangled, twisted version of Obama/Marxism - thus this explains the confusion of Obama’s liberal policies that play no central role or purpose in the rebuilding of our country.

Obama's policies are based solely on his personal Marxist ideology. These are 'feelings' built up over years of liberalized brain washing and false indoctrination, rather than on objective facts, reason, or constitutional principles.

Obama has no economic recovery plan or job plan after 4 years OF OBAMMUNISM but Obama keeps making the claim that the Republicans are blocking all of his liberql ideas and efforts. He is LYING!!

If you want to use the lying Democrats style of reasoning then Obama himself is connected through Lavine ( see above ) to Soptic’s wife’s death!! It’s this type of hateful idiocy that control and influence these people and why our economy is in such shambles under the Obama administration

Soptic and Obama are just petty liars and have NO sense of dignity or grace when they use Soptic’s wife’s death to promote a despicable lie for political gain and to harm a innocent person. There has been NO other President who has used such hateful tactics.

A Commentary On The Oddyssey Of The B. S. Obama Administration

A Commentary On The Oddyssey Of The B. S. Obama Administration


WIMP OR GAY - Take your pick, Newsweek takes a different approach in describing Presidential candidates Romney and B. S. Obama. We already know what we have with B. S. Obama. He is without any doubt a national disgrace as a President, along with Bill Clinton and Jimmie Carter, all Demo-Hacks.

He is a disciple of Marxist philosophy and has taken our Country down a path of economic destruction along with other Commmie oriented Democrats that has financially wrecked our Country.

Ask any one you know who has lost their job or home how they feel about Americans who voted for this fraud. Anyone who voted for this commie dupe are equally responsible for the Obama policies that has destroyed home values and increased our national debt by trillions of dollars.

Obama and his administration has done something that no other American president has done in the past, he has raped our national treasury by funding worthless leftist programs like Solyndra, the bankrupt solar panel company, being the most well known but how many other Solyndras that have not been exposed, how much more waste of your tax money that has been hidden from the public.

It is incomprehensible to me how any patriotic Americans would admit they voted for this communist. Or are they embarrassed to admitting they aided and abetted the wrecking of our great country by voting for this incompetent fraud.

The most despicable aspect of Obama's fraudulent administration is to accuse anyone who exposes Obama as a fraud is a racist. Is anyone as sick and tired as I am of hearing this offensive slur being used to hide and protect this incompetent fraud and the nonsensical idiotology he espouses.

Here is a passage from my article on Obama's bogus "DREAMS" autobiography: I believe that Obama has spent his whole political life making up stories about his own quite ordinary life and when he had the rare opportunity to record those events in a book he reconstructed them so that they would fit a certain image he thought would have more of a impact on his uninformed audience who were easily duped by such dramatic but false racial stories

Ray Gaster, owner of Gaster Lumber in Savannah, Ga., told B. S. Obama in no uncertain terms that he could 'kiss his ass' for slandering America's small businessmen with his now famous but stupid "you didn't build that" quote. B. S. Obama who has never built anything himself is hardly an expert on anything except spreading lies, fabrication false stories in his "Dreams" autobiography and promoting 1930's Obammunist idiotology that has crushed any recovery of our economy.

A Commentary On The Oddyssey Of The B. S. Obama Administration

TV Pitchman Bilks Millions of People Out Of Trillions
Of Dollars In Fraudulent Health Plan Scam!!

Prosecutors accused TV Pitchman of selling worthless Health Plan that could not live up to advertised claims and projected costs.

A grand jury of Public Outrage has indicted the 50-year-old TV pitchman on 41 counts of conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and promotional money laundering in connection to his company "The Greatest Health Plan in the World."

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
B. S. Obama In The Land Of Nod
Connoisseur of The Obvious
Yes The Same TV Pitchman Who Sold You A Worthless Health Plan

The now famous Obama quote “You Didn’t Build That” has caused such a angry furor that is truly baffling as to why B. S. Obama would even waste his time in making such a stupid, uninformed remark.

Ronald Reagan once said that 'liberals know so much about everything that isn't true'

OK, lets give Obama some leeway here on exactly what he meant to say in his recent remarks on the obscure idea that successful American entrepreneurs used and took advantage of the work of others in becoming successful. It is a mute, idiotic Democrat POINT that is searching for a reason to exist.

You truly have to laugh outloud at many of the questionable statements, premises, theories or ideas Obama and the Democrats use to either sway people to their side or to knock their opponent. B.S. Obama isn’t swaying anyone with even the minimum of common sense. He is merely lecturing the minority of delusional Obamaites who fall for this type of silly BS. Or was he trying to remind us that he is the 'Connoisseur of The Obvious'.

Fact Check. Org said “There’s no question Obama (inartfully) made those statements. OBAMA - “look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. ( Like Obama ) There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.”

The phrases Obama used to inadvertently degrade and slander America’s entrepreneurs is just wrong headed thinking for the president to make and it makes zero sense.

Maybe he didn’t mean to say it the way it came out but Obama is not the first liberalized, Demo-Hack to use that comment and I think he meant it more or less the way it came out even though his claim has no serious merits either with facts or truth. It is strictly a Demo-Hack political attack theme that just sounds crazy and certainly does not make any sense except liberals must think (?) it carries weight with voters who are thinking about switching allegiances.

He didn’t come up with this idea about using other’s work to become successful because Obama’s off the cuff quip was actually lifted directly from a speech given earlier by Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Senate candidate in Massachusetts. Nobody knew exactly what she was driving at when she first made the same statement.

The content of the Obama/Warren theme is clearly a angry swipe at successful business people. But again what is the POINT? The only thing I can think of is the Liberals are trying to sabotage Romney’s campaign that focuses on his success as a business man.

You don’t like successful business people. Fine. But ranting on and on to debase a class of people or an individual that don’t agree with your adolescent view of the world is nothing more than just hostile, liberal crazy talk. Obama who is suppose to be so 'smart' says and does a lot of 'dumb' things quite frequently and this quote is an example.

Having lived in the Bay Area in Northern California I have heard groups of Liberals at parties and get-togethers bring up similar idiotic ideas with all in the group fest agreeing and nodding their bobble heads in unison.

Neither Obama or his Dunce-a-crat henchmen have any history of developing or running their own business but are experts in telling real successful business people that they really didn't build their business. Oh no it was government and egghead dopes like Obama that helped them along the way.

Right - name me one thing Obama build on his own, ran on his own, was in charge of on his own and yet he is the EXPERT in telling others on what it takes to be successful. The man is full of inane CRAP!!

Obama can say anything he wants but when statements that makes you look foolish too often then there is a real problem regarding you mental capacity as a candidate for the highest office. Time and time again I have stated that Obama ranks slightly below the status of a "incompetent narcissist". ( Definition: a obsessive personality disorder characterized by the individual's overestimation of one's own appearance and abilities and has an excessive need for admiration )

My only thought is if you have to explain your comments the next day then you either made a gross error in judgment or your true thoughts just slipped out accidentally. In trying to obfuscate your comments later and turn their meaning into something other than what you said only makes you look either stupid or a liar. There is NO middle ground here.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
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A Commentary On The Corrupt Obama Administration

A Commentary On The Corrupt Obama Administration

A Commentary On The Corrupt Obama Administration

It is time for patriotic Americans to wake up and stop pretending that Obama as a leader, as a President, has been anything but a total failure and disaster for our country.

We see the results of Obammuism daily on TV news that reports on declining employment, declining home prices and story after story about millions and billions of tax money wasted on bogus liberal schemes.

The question that keeps coming up for me is HOW did this incompetent, leftist community organizer weasel his way into the office of President. A President who only sees successful Americans as being something to be despise, to be criticized for being successful.

Who is this Obama, someone who has never been successful at building anything himself, someone who has sponged off of others himself, is suddenly is a expert in telling everyone who has been successful that they didn't build their success without the help of others or the government being involved? What is his point anyway?

He has proven over and over by his own statements to be a incompetent fraud who NEVER held a leadership position in anything that would qualify him to even run for the office of President and yet the leftist media never exposed Obama‘s lack of qualifications or his useless Marxist/socialist associations.

He is a fraud who never was successful at anything, never created a single job, never ran a successful business and yet he and his Presidential campaign attacks those who are successful. The only area where Obama can claim any success is in the area of wasting trillions of our tax dollars on worthless liberal ‘green’ projects and liberal programs that have turned out to be useless failures.

These Obama programs and projects have nothing to do with stabilizing and rebuiding our economy and everything to do with with rewarding political supporters and financing Obama's utopian idealism.

In the face of a declining economy and a collapsed housing market the real question is what specific action has Obama and his administration taken to reverse these trends?

Obama is unquestionably the most incompetent President we have witnessed since the beginning of our great country. Our founders feared that creating an open society would eventually open the back door for the take over of our country by a dictator like Obama and a Supreme court stacked with leftist judges.

The proof of these statements can be seen in the gradual decline of our country, our economy, the wreckage of home values, jobs, retirement investments and the loss of our Constitutional freedoms of choice as a consequence of the recent Supreme court (un)constitutional ruling on ObamaCare.

The supreme court and liberal turncoat Roberts played semantic ping-pong and thumbed his nose at the rule of law in order to pass a illegal formulated ObamaCare Health bill by calling it on one hand a fine and then later said it was a tax. The reasoning being that Congress has the unique ability to levy taxes but not fines?

Only the Democrats on the court and Justice Roberts decided to overlook the key point that it WAS always a fine, a penalty and then somehow in their warped, liberalized view, see it NOW as a tax. This action reveals how the tyranny of a few on the court can tear down and set in motion the eventual weakening of a once proud and great country. The country that rescued Europe from the tyranny of Nazism.

Who is going to rescue America from the tyranny of liberalism?? All of the major countries controlled by the evil of liberalism are bankrupt both economically and morally.

The liberal court mocked the legal process in determining the laws constitutionality and illegally rewrote the law and said it was a tax, not a fine. Obama and the liberals said all along it was a fine until it reached the court and in order to rule it was constitutional the court had to change the wording from a fine to a tax - IDIOTOCRACY all over again.

Everything the leftist media tells you, has told you about Obama and the liberals has been a manufactured lie or a fabrication to make Obama appear to be something he isn‘t and never was.

The Liberal media like Obama are a dangerous, agenda driven, political bureau-hacks who consistently demonstrate a certain level of arrogance, ignorance and a disregard for both the law and the Constitution as seen in the recent Eric Holder’s DOJ criminal Fast & Furious gun smuggling case.

The current political Democrat rallies and TV ads seen today merely promote false propaganda, prepared lies and distortions by Obama and his minions for the sole purpose of scamming and controlling the uninformed minority voters - their only hope in November.

Democrats use the same type of tricks and lies that the Nazis used to magnetize and persuade the German people to follow Hitler in the 1930‘s. Not all modern day dictators wear military uniforms!

Both the Nazis and Obama used the false ‘promise’ of a better future ( Hope and Change ). Obama and the Nazis both used the technique of class envy and class warfare. Both promoted the idea that the masses were victims and Hitler said it was the Jews who were responsible for their plight. Today Obama blames the 'white rich' as his phantom pariah.

The Nazis attacked the ‘Jews’ and Obama attacks the ‘Rich’. Both Hitler and Obama used the ridiculous idea that they were the chosen ones, the ’messiahs’ whose calling it was to correct all of the imaginary injustices supposedly created by rich whites in America. Both Hitler and Obama used fanciful slogans ( Obama's Hope & Change ) and symbols to further mesmerize their audiences with lies and false promises.

Both Hitler and Obama succeeded in hiding their true intentions through well crafted ‘political theatrics’ in order to persuade the poor and uninformed through dishonest rhetoric and lies in order to gain their confidence and votes.

The Nazis with their frenetic, drum pounding rallies, flags and swastikas were the masters of political speech manipulation and Obama and the Democrats are nothing more than a well rehearsed imitators but who are equally dangerous.

Obama has said nothing about the waste of trillions of our tax dollars on dozens of liberal businesses, programs and causes, many of which have failed and have collapsed through bankruptcy. His propaganda speeches again makes false promises of grandiose plans for the next 4 years but never gives any hint on how he is going to rescue our country from the financial ruin that he and the Democrats have created.

Instead the Obama Presidential campaign, with no accomplishments to sell their ideas, rely on false but ridiculous stories about Romney’s dog in a futile and childish attempt to impugn Romney's character. Democrat Axelrod seeking to create a false impression of Romney claims he is the most ‘secretive’ Republican since Nixon.

Let’s see who is the more secretive, Obama or Romney? Obama is that overly secretive guy who refused to release his birth certificate, sealed his college records and tried to disassociate himself and hide his connection to radicals like Bomber Bill Ayers ( who the FBI says is America’s No. 1 domestic terrorist ) and Jeremiah Wright.

Obama's Chicago neighbor and friend Ayers cries, when he was a terrorist, that he didn’t really hurt or kill anyone but the well known terrorist group he belonged to was, in one specific instance, responsible for the murder of two policemen and a Brink’s driver in a botched robbery attempt.

These are the same bomb throwing, radical, anti-American anarchist who are similar in philosophy to Obama in their political rhetoric and support for Obama and all of HIS radical ideas. And you the tax payer pays for his ridiculous idiotology.

Obama is another prime example of this school of thought and his policies foster more radicalism among the uninformed college aged youth and perpetuates more moronic imbecels like Bill Ayers.

Obama, after listening to the black radical minister Rev. Jeremiah Wright for nearly 20 years, claaimed emphatically he never heard Wright ‘make ANY inflammatory, anti-American sermons’? How is that even possible?? I guess Obama must have fallen asleep during those particular sermons.

Wright also said: “Obama knows what it means, living in a country and a culture that is controlled by “rich white people”. This is the same ‘race theme’ Obama has used over and over again but for what purpose?. It is his main theme of his 'blame game speeches' that taunts illegal immigrants, the poor, the uninformed that they have been victims of the white rich system in America that demonizes all wealthy white people. It is unlikely that this is the type of country our forefathers wanted for the future of it's citizens with people like Obama?

When the economy is as bad as it is Obama falsely claims the opposite is true. People out of work and who are struggling to keep up with monthly bills know what the ’truth’ is - it’s bad and it ain‘t getting better under Obama!!

Obama recently claimed: "The private sector is doing fine" and the latest job numbers really are "a step in the right direction." They are? Who other than few liberal Obama dummkopfs believe those ridiculous claims! Those claims are just out and out lies and the people on the left who make those claims are just common liars!

Overall it is hard to tell if the economy is actually recovering or not since there is no real visible proof that it is really going anywhere except downhill in spite of what Obama and the Democrats claim.

Look - Obama and the Liberal Democrats are not economic geniuses so why should anyone believe anything they say about the economy except to say ‘they are masters in spreading lies, false undocumented rumors and voting for tax wasting, socialist job wrecking policies‘.

It is time to repeal Nazi inspired, dictatorial ObamaCare, Obama czars, regulatory Agencies and thousands of freedom robbing Obama laws and regulations.

In November cast your vote for your country so it can be saved and reconstructed from the wrecking ball of the Obama Administration's incompetence!

A Commentary On The Corrupt Obama Administration

A bridge will eventually collapse if the underlying supports are weakened by erosion. The assault on America, it's traditions, it's heritage from within the government by inept, radical Marxist liberals like Obama will eventually collapse from the corrosive effects of liberalism. That is their goal in life! Replace and destroy!

In simple terms, once liberals gain a majority in the population and government then the country, as we know it, is doomed to extinction through the redistribution of wealth of producers to non-producers of wealth.

Eventually there will be fewer and fewer producers and more and more non-producers - takers. Once the tipping point is reached, more takers than producers, then you have a IDIOTOCRACY form of government similar to socialist countries like Mexico, Greece, etc.

A Commentary On The Corrupt Obama Administration

KOOKSnewsLapses in Personal Ethical Conduct By Holder
& Co Points to Mass Internal Corruption

If these people (Holder, etc.) go unpunished then there is no rule of law any more and the lawlessness as practiced by these pompous, arrogant liberal Democrat bureau-hacks will become the standard for lawlessness. The arrogance of both Holder and Obama think they are above the law and Constitution.

10/18/2011 - William McMahon - An official of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives apologized Tuesday and told Congress:

“he shares “responsibility for mistakes” in carrying out a controversial law enforcement operation in Arizona that resulted in high-powered weapons flowing into Mexico and numerous murders connected to those guns“.

Think about it - nationally, it has been reported that the ATF supposedly has at least 4,600 open investigations under its Project Gunrunner, which is designed to stop firearm trafficking into Mexico and yet the ATF was running a program designed to do the exact opposite of his department’s sworn duty and responsibility.

I have always wondered what “responsibility for mistakes” actually means? Yes he admits to - in a round-about-way and a it's no big deal attitude - participating in the ATF smuggling plot that allowed guns to be bought and sold illegally to known criminals. The setting up of such a plot is a ‘crime‘. Selling guns to criminals is a crime! What part of this mess doesn't Congress get??

Directly participating in gun smuggling to criminals in Mexico is a crime whether or not you are a Federal ATF agent or a pivate citizen. The smuggling crime alone is punishable by at least 20-30 years in jail regardless of a persons official position - either as a ATF field agent or the Director of the ATF [Melson] and the DOJ [Holder].

If anyone in the ATF or DOJ goes unpunished then there is no rule of law any more and lawlessness as practiced by these pompous, arrogant liberal-bureau-hacks will become the standard rule. Countless times Obama underlings or appointees were either tax cheats or ran agencies that smuggled guns into Mexico under the guise of a investigation.

So where is the arrest, trial and jail for William McMahon, Eric Holder or Melson. Where? Calling the crime of smuggling guns to Mexico ‘a mistake’ is a affront to the laws of our country against such crimes!

Anyone, currently in prison, who has committed a serious crime could use the McMahon/Holder/Melson feeble excuse that it was just a “mistake”. Allowing law enforcement officials a pass with a flimsy excuse that McMahon takes ‘responsibility for mistakes’ in law breaking is in itself a insult, a flaunting of laws against such crimes.

What is the point in having any law(s) if they are ignored by those officials in law enforcement leadership positions that have sworn to uphold the law?

The more we learn about this Holder/ATF Fast & Furious gun smuggling plot it is becoming more and more unsettling to learn that those entrusted to run DOJ are themselves guilty of serious crimes. How many other criminal acts under Holder's leadership has the DOJ been involved in?

The whole frame work of our society in America is based on laws and obeying those laws! Having a separate class of people in law enforcement who break laws and then assume they are immune to following the law and avoid punishment is a troublesome problem that is slowly eroding our system of laws and rules.

Look at what we have here, we have a corrupt Obama administration operating outside of the law and the Constitution. Where and when is Congress going to act to end this travesty of justice. Obama and Holder are making a mockery of our system of laws and rules.

Laws are for everyone but the ingrained arrogance of liberals like Obama/Holder/Melson/Burke/McMahon act as though the law does not apply to them - the elite ruling class that decides what laws they will obey. Thus lapses in personal ethical conduct by these officials points directly to the wide spread internal corruption within the Obama administration.

Laws are not arbitrary rules that can be broken whenever it fit’s the ATF’s anti-Gun Running programs and criminal punishment that apply to ordinary citizens smuggling guns should also applied to those officials in the ATF who foolishly created these programs.

Look at the Obama/Holder disregard for the constitution that goes unreported by the liberal media sheep. Holder was #5 on the 10 most corrupt politicians in 2009. Look at the Pelosi/Reed liberal crony corruption by Democrats in Congress. The whole gang of liberal Democrats like Obama, Holder, Melson, Burke, McMahon and Schnedar and all down the line to the AFT thumb their nose at the law.

Holder, McMahon are as guilty as the drug cartel bosses they were supposedly trying to catch with this ridiculous, amateurish plot. It is NOT a "mistake". Holder, McMahon and now Obama want to dismiss their involvement in the Fast & Furious gun plot as a simple “mistake”. As if in some bizarre way that excuses their implication in the smuggling of guns and the numerous murders caused by this plot under the control and approval of Holder and Obama.

Is there no one in Congress who has the gumption to stand up and demand that both Obama and Holder need to be empeached now before more of this wide spread criminality is allowed to continue.

A Documentary Of The Obama Administration
New Obama Book Exposes Lies in Obama's

I believe that Obama has spent his whole political life making up stories about his own quite ordinary life and when he had the rare opportunity to record those events in a book he reconstructed them so that they would fit a certain image he thought would have more of a impact on his uninformed audience who were easily duped by such dramatic but false racial stories

Obama's well publicized memoir, Dreams of My Father, a book of homey recollections that helped propelled him into the White House, has suddenly become the central focus of interest with regards to various false claims that Obama made in his popular “Dream’s” book.

Claims that have now been exposed as either false or blatant exaggerations by David Maraniss in his new biography of B. Obama. Perhaps the book should be re-titled "Dreams I Concocted About Me & My Father, Etc."

Surprised by such a revealing exposé of Obama months before November's election? I'm not because Obama's whole political career has been based on manufactured lies and falsehoods about who he is AND what he stands for.

Obama was fully supported by the media but they never did their job, never examined or exposed Obama as a lying fraud. But now that the political sand castle of lies and distortions that he, the Democrats and the media built is finally crumbling, they are still trying to bury the truth about the real Obama.

Obama's "Dreams" book can be broken down into two broad categories - first there are the earlier family stories on his father's side of the family that was retold by Obama that have now been proven to be either false or factually wrong and then secondly, there are numerous personal stories retold by Obama about himself that now appear to have been made up out of thin air.

There are 38 instances in Maraniss’ expose book that convincingly disputes significant elements of Obama’s own life story and his retelling of his family’s history.

So where exactly did Obama develop his socialist political outlook - his father had definite communist leanings when it came to describing how he thought government should function. Barack Obama, Sr. was certainly an "anti-colonialist" with strong communist sympathies.

Maraniss found a fascinating article penned by Obama Sr. in the days following his country’s independence in which Obama’s father argues for “the nationalization of business and industries -- particularly those owned by ( white ) Europeans -- and argues that it is the “duty of government” when considering the "good of society" to "force people to do things they would not otherwise do."

Does this sound all too familiar when one examines ObamaCare and it’s odious dictate that forces ALL citizens to purchase ObamaCare or be penalized either with a fine or in extreme cases - jail. Plus Obama of late has demonstrated a little of the same dictatorial style of Obama senior in his recent presidential immigration order, slandering the Supreme Court and a general attitude that he can't really run the country like HE wants if he is constantly being over ruled by Congress.

So were the myths that were carefully spun by Obama intentional? Or as Maraniss explained later that Obama's book was more or less just a loosely told narrative, semi-fictional memoir that contained various composite descriptions of people and events that may or may not have happened and should not be taken too seriously - what? Obama never said that at the time it was written.

There are various stories about Obama’s past that never actually happened or have been retold in ways that makes Obama look like the classic example of a "struggling, underprivileged black youth who was able to overcome white society prejudices on his rise to the Presidency".

It now appears that perhaps Obama consciously rewrote, for history's sake, various portions of his background in order for it to fit in with his own dream-world image that he had created in his own mind about himself. According to Maraniss there are apparently fictional stories found in Obama’s “Dreams” book that were never ever reported on by the press as being pure fantasy.

The press has consistently hid the fact that Obama was nothing more than a common, duplicitous liar and had no business running for President. What was the purpose of that - put someone into office who was not qualified, falsified his own autobiography and in 3 1/2 years drove the national debt up by trillions of dollars on bogus spending programs in order to save the nation from some imaginary threat?

Putting a incompetent dictator, communist synpathizer like Obama into the President's driver seat was and is a disaster. When is Congress going to wake up?

The false stories in Obama’s family lore portion of his Dream’s” book included his mother’s so called experience of racism in Kansas as well as incidents of colonial brutality toward his Kenyan grandfather and Indonesian step-grandfather. None of that was apparently true.

My favorite was when Obama passionately retold a made-up story about his step-grandfather who supposedly died while fighting Dutch troops in Indonesia. He actually died from a fall at home while attempting to hang window drapes.

Obama’s deliberate distortions about his fathers African and Indonesian relatives clearly used made-up stories about ‘race prejudices’. It was a central theme in his book in order to create, I believe, a air of sympathy for Obama‘s imaginary struggles with race issues and to gain favor with his black base of voters.

Obama was 34 when he wrote this story in his autobiography so Obama knew he was lying about his step-grandfather. The question is what was the purpose for making up such a ridiculous story except to create a false impression that Obama and his relatives had experienced racial prejudice at the hands of whites and had fought to resist Dutch racial oppression. Dying in a fall hanging drapes is not quite as dramatic as dying for a political cause!

If you were swayed by these made-up stories you probably voted for Obama. He used the same tactics as other phony black leaders to gain peoples sympathy and hopefully their vote. Obama told lie after lie for the purpose of inciting uninformed blacks to vote for him and many bought into these lies. It is a sad comment on any American citizen who would use such a obvious tactic purely for selfish political gain but that is what Obama did.

Unfortunately the black population in America gladly swallowed all of that phony racial rhetoric commonly used by and often repeated by well known, self appointed black community leaders and race baiters like Jessie Jackson, etc.

Some of the contrived Obama stories in his “Dream’s” book could be explained away as artistic license in order to make the challenges that Obama supposedly faced as a youth look far more dramatic then was actually true.

At this point you have to ask what was Obama’s objective in fabricating such a distorted account of one’s life story. Someone like author Maraniss was bound to eventually expose the false claims that Obama’s made in his “Dreams” book.

Did Obama just fool himself into believing in his own made up stories and never thought that anyone would actually challenge the veracity of his life story at the time he wrote it in 1995?

I believe that Obama has spent his whole life making up stories about his own quite ordinary life and when he had the opportunity to record those events in his book he reconstructed them so that they fit a certain image he thought would have more of a impact on his uninformed audience easily duped by false racial stories.

Look at his phony OBAMBO image he tried creating about himself in regards to the assassination of Osama Bin-Laden. He has openly bragged about his participation in the Army's 'drone strikes' and how he decides on who is targeted. Does anyone believe that Obama is nothing more than a lying wimp who has never served in any of our country’s military services. Can you say narcissist, delusional dictator!

I don’t know that Obama actually thought about his stories as being lies but were just innocent embellishments based upon his recollections from a fading memory. A memory that was distorted while Obama was possibly under the influence of marijuana and cocaine he has already admitted to using!.

But Obama just has a long history of making over the top promises that he has no intention of ever keeping but are only made to gain his audience’s approval - “tell them what they want hear“ and then do nothing. He even contradicts his own positions on prior issues and policies from earlier speeches in order to blend in with what ever is current public opinion.

Or was it just narcissism? The desire to appear to be something you weren’t but wanted so badly to look like the all American black youth who had fought and won over societies racial prejudices. Obama has a 4 year history of lying and misrepresenting the truth about many questionable issues about his past, about his capabilities as a leader.

To tell you the truth I think Obama was dumb founded at how easily people he knew bought into his so called personal charisma, his exaggerated stories of growing up in a mixed marriage and his later struggles to rise above imagined or real prejudices and did not see through this phony façade he had created of a 'up and coming political leader'.

Once he saw how easy it was to fool people he ran with it, build himself up to be something he wasn't even though he knew he was just a ordinary community organizer with a law degree seeking a little fame and fortune. Can't blame him for that - people saw what they wanted to see in Obama and he went along with it! I think he could be properly called a "Scam-Artist".

But is that even close to being a legitimate justification for lying? For some one who was seeking the highest office in the country, a position that requires that person to be the most truthful and honest person in the country, some one who is 110% above reproach, above scandal, above lying! Unfortunately that description does not fit Obama and has never fit Obama.

Maraniss found while reviewing Obama’s young life, as retold in his “Dream’s” book, was basically very pedestrian, his personal struggles prosaic and later on in his book Obama simply embroider on his past with exaggerations for the sole purpose, I suppose, to make himself appear to be a little more interesting and important then what was actually true.

Maraniss has since made a follow-up statement about the intention of his book. He said it was written only to factually clarify many of Obama’s "misstatements" and not to be used as a political handbook to expose Obama as a 'compulsive liar'. But according to Maraniss, Obama made a whopping 38 so called 'misstatements' so maybe his book should be on the fiction shelf and not in the autobiography category.

To sum it all up it appears that Obama has been lying for most of his adult life about who he is, it is simply a compulsive lying syndrome. Lying comes naturally to a compulsive liars like Obama. It makes them feel superior than they actually are and they also feel very comfortable lying about themselves than in telling the truth.

He does not care about others or what they think, it's always about himself. But history has a way of changing one’s best laid plans and Maraniss' book I feel will have a much bigger impact on Obama’s defeat in November 2012 than Maraniss or Obama ever intended it to be - whoops, that wasn't the plan!

A Documentary Of The Obama Administration
OBAMONOPOLY - The Game of Fraud, Lies and Deceit
A Documentary Of The Obama Administration
The Effigy Ritual In America, 2012

The Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., has officially hanged an effigy of President Barack Obama from a gallows on its front lawn, a move DWOC pastor Terry Jones said was in response to Obama's recent endorsement of same-sex marriage, as well as his stance on abortion and what Jones called his "appeasing of radical Islam."

Did he say “radical Islam” - oh no what will Obama say to that outrageous blasphemy. He is in for it now! If Mr. Jones sees a lot of black helicopters and SUV’s showing up at his church in the next few days you can probably guess who was behind that raid - maybe OBAMBO will strike again?

According to the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, the U.S. Secret Service is currently investigating Jones in response to his ominously suspicious display.

Personally I would rate it a low 2 or 3 for artistic merit but the government may see it in a totally different perspective.

This is not the first time that an effigy of the country's first black president has been hanged and probably, knowing the ingenuity of the American creative genius, it won‘t be the last.

The AMW web site editors like to call this section in the story a ‘teachable moment. Now effigies are not necessarily all negative as one might think. The term loosely means a representation of a person, classically in the form of a formal sculpture or, as in the Jones case, a clumsily and poorly made comical representation of President Obama.

As of now there are no official rules on how or in what form one must follow in the construction of an effigy, be it a sculpture or a dummy. There are NO ( so far ) government bureaus or department czars regulating the construction or launching ( or in this case lynching ) an ‘effigy’.

Effigies have been used for centuries to ornament real tombs and monuments, to the dead but today they are ritually carried during parades, protests, and left wing political rallies.

The practice of tombstone effigies was very popular at one time although the practice has since declined and is not popular today. Older tombstone effigies appeared in many forms such as busts, death masks, and other depictions of the dead. The effigies of old were usually prominent public officials or wealthy families.

Most people associate the effigy to dying, differentiating them from ordinary tomb or burial sculptures, and in some sub cultures, the effigy has more of a serious, ceremonial conotation.

Most effigies today are commonly carried in political rallies or parades. Those events are composed of people who are politically motivated and/or are angry with their government’s policies and to demonstrate their anger, will burn or hang a unpopular, prominent government officials in effigy.

Effigies today that are either hung or burned are primarily symbolic. Typically the hanging or burning ritual takes place after carrying the effigy in a rally parade through public streets so that everyone can see who they want deposed - removed from office.

In most cases, the angry anti-government crowds in western countries do not want the actual person to die, but they do want that particular politician to vacate their office immediately or leave the country. In the middle eastern countries unpopular rulers have been killed by angry mobs. Effigy burnings or lynching’s in the US are rare and are considered passé by western enlightened society.

In March 2010, a teacher at a Rhode Island school hanged an effigy of Obama in his classroom. That same month, another dummy was found hanging on Main Street in the Georgia hometown of President Jimmy Carter.

In 2009, a Kentucky grand jury refused to indict two men who hanged an Obama effigy on the campus of the University of Kentucky. The men had been charged with burglary and disorderly conduct, the latter count associated with hanging the effigy. The lawyer for the two men said that the disorderly conduct charge violated his clients' rights under the First Amendment.

The above stories got me thinking. Why not handle this sort of thing in a more liberal, safe and sane, civilized way. Why not have something called the "Effigy Award", similar to the Academy Award, that would replace all of that time and money wasted on building your own special effigy.

You know there is the driving to the lumber company, buying lumber, rope, nails, creating signs, making a look-a-like dummy and then putting it all together on your front lawn.

Here are my top 5 "Effigy" candidates for the fictitious 'Effigy Award':

Eric "Gun Smuggler" Holder -

Bill "Middle Finger Kook" Maher -

Debbie "Loud Mouth" Schultz -

DOE Secretary Steven "Solyndra" Chu -

Nancy "Pass ObamaCare and find out what's in it later" Pelosi

Maxine "Leader of Stupid Caucus" Waters

For obvious reasons nearly all of these selections have previously appeared on other political dishonorable lists.

So put away your hammer and nails and send us your 2012 Effigy Award candidates. Liberals please note - no letter bombs or other explosive devices as that is against U.S. postal rules.

A Documentary Of The Obama Administration
Has Obama Already Reached His “Level Of (IN)Competence“?

( Repeat of a earlier commentary. . . )

Americans, after 3+ years of Obama, have finally realized, have awaken from their deep hynosis to the fact that voting for Obama was politically a huge mistake and the country is now paying dearly for that mistake with record breaking, ultra high unemployment, a collapsed housing market, depleted personal savings and smaller 401k retirement accounts.

I believe that Obama has reached his “level of competence” when he was a Chicago community organizer and this is the main reasons for his personal failure as a President. Obama is a classic example of the "Peter Principal" in real time.

The net result is that most of the higher levels of government ‘bureau-hack-jobs’ will be filled by more incompetent Democrats ( Pelosi, Reed, Holder, Napolitano, etc. ) who got there because they were performing OK at doing a different (and usually, but not always, easier) job than the one they have been promoted to.

It’s not just Obama but it is the whole destructive, evil, culture of liberalism. As long as individuals like Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Maxine Waters and Charles Schumer and dozens of similarly incompetent liberals who ignore or don’t even recognize the original intention of the U. S. Constitution and existing laws, then there is little hope in rebuilding America to it‘s former glory.

Mr. Obama it is a time for “truth”, a time to drop your complaining and whining about your critics, drop your insincere, rally slogans of ‘pass this "jobs bill" now’ or ‘pay your "fair share” now’ propaganda. It make you appear like a petulant, spoiled child and not as an experienced adult leader.

It is not your critics, it’s you. But you can’t see that because your narcissistic ego, the back-slapping, flattery from supporters won’t allow you to wake up and smell the roses of reality.

You can fool your dilettante followers at one of your $35,000 a couple fundraisers and lead them around by their liberal nose ring with this type of sophomoronic rhetoric. But the bulk of real American workers who have lost their job, their home, their savings, their hopes due to your liberal policies angrily disagree with you and your tiresome, teleprompter, propaganda speeches. Speeches alone will not, have not accomplish anything!

Those who wanted to believe Obammunism can’t be fooled any more with your grandiose lies and false promises, you can't deceive the millions of out of work Americans with more of the same false political rhetoric and promises that things will be better when it’s quite apparent that the country isn’t recovering, things aren’t getting better. You now have to step forward and accept the blame for the economy as yours, not Bush and not your critics, not any of the things you say are holding you back. Your labeled as a "incompetent, liberal hack" for good reasons!

Unfortunately for our Country you have reached your 'level of competence' when you were a community organizer! Plodding along forward with more of the same vintage, failed liberal policies don‘t and won’t work anymore. You have been ‘deluded’ by your own self-importance, your over inflated ego, your liberalized supporters chanting Obama, Obama and when you are finally gone for good they will move on and attach themselves to the next liberal dreamer.

Obama Lie #1 - “the GOP vision of government would "fundamentally cripple America". It is the Democrats, it’s liberals and Obama who have “crippled” America with their failed policies, false promises and worst of all, the deception in your manaufactured lies?

Editor Comment - “To wake up to the 'menace of false promises of Obama liberalism' you need to take off your ideological blinders and take a long, thoughtful look at the bigger, political scene in today’s politics in Washington. It is time to reflect on why we hold certain political views, opinions and determine if they are based on facts or on the emotional, left-wing rhetoric feed to us by the liberalized mentors at school, by liberal propagandists, unionized teachers trained at liberal schools or the liberalized media that support this kind of insanity.

Obamaism #2 - "From the moment I took office what we've seen is a constant ideological pushback against any kind of sensible reforms that would make our economy work better and give people more opportunity,"

Obama can say all of the right words in speeches he wants but that is all he has to offer in 3+ years - “ just more words, more do nothing platitudes, just more well crafted speeches by professional propagandists to mislead, to lie to the American people“!

Voting for a confirmed Socialist, a Chicago community organizer like Obama “is not a path to reform” - it is a path to a Socialist take over of your way of life, your government - a path to losing your constitutional freedoms, a path to turning America into a over taxed, over regulated, 3rd world, economically depressed country overran by illegal immigrants. ( ObamaCare Health Plan is the 1st step toward this goal )
A path to liberal, crack-pot, ideas promoted by liberal academics in government. The fraud in the Solyndra Solar Panel fraud case or the ATF plot to illegally transfer guns to Mexican Drug cartel criminals are prime examples of Obama’s and his administration’s incompetence.

These are serious criminal acts that are being ignored by your Republican and Democrat representatives who are suppose to be serving you in Congress and the watchdogs of the Constitution!

These political criminal acts were NOT just innocent mistakes but were the result of total incompetence on the part of Obama and his liberal administration.

The Solyndra fraud case involves a massive misappropriation by the Obama Administration of $535 million of your hard earned tax money. Money that was just thrown away at a time when you may have just lost your job, your home, your life savings!

Where is the media outcry over this fraud? Madoff, the swindler, is in jail for stealing clients money. Obama, the swindler, is unbelievably prancing around and acting as if he did nothing wrong! Without any reservation he, like Madoff is a crook, a liar and a petty thief who should be impeached.

David Walker, former U.S. Comptroller General, said: ”If you enacted all of Obama’s foolish jobs proposals, you would be significantly worse off than if the Congress and Obama just went on a 10 year sabbatical, stayed away from Washington and did absolutely nothing.” Unfortunately for the country, Obama and Family have the vacation part working pretty good but he doesn't have a handle on doing anything serious about rebuilding our economy, creating the right kind of opportunities to stimulate job creation.

Washington insiders know that there are two faces to Obama. There is his public face. That is the one that makes those phony, drum pounding, Nazi styled rally speeches loaded with unfulfilled promises and tells the American voters, Congress, etc. the usual pointless, banal liberal platitudes that are just carefully worded lies written by a anonymous speech writer!

Then there is the Obama, the socialist/Marxist face, who has placed his socialist czar flunkies into key government departments and agencies to enforce and implement Obama’s socialist regulations and follow Obama’s socialist agenda. None of these czars were either approved by the voters or by Congress. Thus they can make one reckless mistake after another and nothing can be done about it except to defeat Obama in 2012.

King Obama, like other notorious world dictators, is ruling from within the government by ignoring, like a 3rd world dictator, the Constitution, Congress and existing laws that are in place to prevent people like Obama gain control of the government and pushing his socialist policies.

Obama, has been loudly demanding and complaining on his recent fundraising road tour that the Congress, who he consistently ignores, should pass his jobs bill immediately. It is not a jobs bill, it is a tax bill disguised as jobs bill! Obama's jobs bill is nothing more than another massive tax bill and is using the unemployment crisis as an excuse to increase your taxes because he has ran out of your tax money he needs to fund even more of his worthless give-away programs and bad liberal ideas.

Obama is trying to shame American's with his "fair share" slogan into giving up even more of their limited income. Americans are the most over taxed citizens in the whole world and their rally cry should be “Dump this Dope“ now so real Americans can get back to work rebuilding the country that Obama and his policies has destroyed.

Those opposing the funding of Obama’s worthless, liberal job policies ( with hidden tax increases ) is seen by Obama as being "obstructionist".

When you see your country being destroyed, when you see hundreds of Obama's EPA regulations that are suffocating businesses and stifling job creation then you know who the real obstructionist is - it's OBAMA. Over regulation by Obama’s EPA is one of the biggest and worse forms of government obstructionism in the history of our country. It is just runaway liberalism at it's worse!!

Obama is obviously blind to the fact that the country is broke and his liberal policies has pushed this country into further economic decline. If Obama is not removed in 2012 our fate will be the fate of Greece - a collapsed economy from runaway spending and incompetent leadership!

Obama is a monumental, economic policy destroying train wreck that keeps recurring week after week. Yet he insists on blaming Republicans, his critics, for opposing his tax wasting, tax burdening policies. American businesses that create jobs are being forced to close their doors or move their businesses to other countries because of his EPA socialist policies!

If liberals think that Obama is smart enough, experienced enough and capable enough in solving anything based on his community organizing job experience then they are more delusional then I though because they don’t see that Obama and his policies are the problem and can not be the solution. Every thing promised has either turned into a colossal failure or was just a grandiose lie.

His policies, his incompetent Department and Agency heads and czars are the reason for the collapse of our economy and those same people that caused the collapse can’t possibly reverse their liberal positions and solve their own economy wrecking policies. They are political failures that create failure!

Obama’s is a inexperienced, political illiterate and has no history or background in running anything the size of our government, let alone a major health or jobs plan that he insists be passed when Congress certainly knows by now that Obama’s is incapable of solving even the simplest of problems but in trying has amassed a huge amount of additional debt.

It's obvious now that Obama is simply unaware that his administration can’t keep expanding the bureaucracy of government and expect to pay for it through more burdensome taxation when Americans are already over taxed, many are without jobs and are losing their homes. And now Obama wants to be reelected in 2012 after the disaster he has created and is responsible for in the previous 3 1/2 years.

Pure arrogance by one of this country’s most incompetent leaders, even ahead of another Democrat, Jimmy Carter!!

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
The Same TV Pitchman Who Sold You A Worthless Health Plan

Hollywood, CA. today is still, as it was during the House UnAmerican Activities Committee era, the center and home for many movie actors, directors and fringe movie industry people who politically lean far to the left in their political beliefs - in other words socialist/communist.

Communist style propaganda and influences of the Hollywood motion picture industry on American values goes all the way back to 1947 and is still prevalent even today. I seriously doubt that any of todays so called Hollywood leftists are actually card carrying members of the Communist Party - they just espouse socialist utopianism because it is currently fashionable to do so.

California was always known as the land of fruits and nuts and Hollywood and the movie industry is certainly a haven for that crowd. In years past the House Un-American Activities Committee (1947–1975) would probably be investigating Clooney and his type for openly backing the #1 anti-American communist like Obama.

That house committee was composed of nine representatives investigating suspected threats of subversion or propaganda that attacked "the form of government guaranteed by our Constitution." Now you see why Obama and the leftist Democrats are considered communists because of their on going, subtle, undermining attacks against our Constitution, against the Supreme Court, against our American values.

That committee focused its investigations on real and suspected communists in influential positions who implemented directly or indirectly communist influences on American society - people like Clooney and other Hollywood socialists who support influential socialist figures like Obama.

The House of Representatives abolished the committee in 1975, transferring its functions to the House Judiciary Committee. It is now a standing committee of the United States House of Representatives. It is charged with overseeing the administration of justice within the federal courts, administrative agencies and Federal law enforcement entities. The Judiciary Committee is also the committee responsible for impeachments of federal officials.

Claims by the uninformed liberals in Hollywood and through out the country that Obama, who they see as being falsely maligned by critics, would like you to believe that the strong criticism aimed directed at Obama is racially motivated because he is Black.

They and many others simply don't understand how our Constitution is being ignored and attacked from all sides by uninformed socialists like Obama. Socialists that are bent on destroying America with their fashionably, Hollywoodish, leftist idealism.

It is NOT because of Obama’s race but because he and many Democrats are vehemently anti-American, anti-Constitution - it’s that simple. Patriotic Americans want to preserve our American value system and they see that Obama, Clooney and all of the other leftist liberals in Hollywood are trying to undermine those values with their sophomoronic socialist quacking.

The House Judiciary Committee doesn't track down Hollywood communists anymore, the former Hollywood communist villains have been replaced with politically correct airport pat downs of Nuns, the elderly and 3 year old children in the leftist warped pursuit of Muslin terrorists by DHS nazi-style interrorgators.

The target of government today is not communists but petty attacks on it's own citizens as the Obama government attempts to regulate nearly every aspect of every American citizen's life. There are dozens upon dozens of regulatory agencies and departments ran by Obama czar-communists that interfers, at all levels and ways, in the lives of average Americans. The question is where does government regulation end and domination, as in all dictator ran governments, begins.

Is it just a few over zealous, liberal bureau-hacks with hitler type personalities that is the problem? And who exactly regulates these government regulators and how do American citizens put a stop to Obama and the threat of his out of control socialistic utopianism that has added 5 trillion dollars to our national debt in just 3 years.

Experts that have looked at Obama, his administrwation and their trillion dollar spending predict that a massive economic crash far bigger and more destructive than the depression of the 1930's is inevitable - it is not a question of 'maybe' but when will the worlds biggest economic collapse take place. The American debt is so huge that it would be impossible to pay it off in 20 to 30 years even if massive economic changes were put into place tommorow.

The Hollywood movie industry is infested with all types and levels of liberal extremists but they represent a very small segment of the American population both in numbers and political beliefs. Yet the media's reporting of events like Clooney's Obama pep rally and donor fest over emphasizes it's true importance as if Clooney and his liberal friends represent a majority when they are in fact a very small minority but who get the most publicity.

Now from Hollywood’s viewpoint, Obama , although the most unqualiifed candidate ever elected as president, was, for them, the ‘perfect’ communist flag bearing image they have been looking for to represent their liberalized political philosophy.

Yet if one looks at how the the Obama administration's wasted millions of your tax payer money on liberal causes like the Solyndra scandel or the millions of tax money wasted on failed projects like GM's Volt electric car fiasco. And then you have wealthy leftist like Clooney and his gang of Hollywood liberals who are actually supporting the Obama government's waste of our tax money and the idiotcy in government's over regulating every aspect of our lives.

Americans are sick of a few uninformed liberal Hollywood actors promoting incompetent people like Obama, promoting government waste on worthless liberal projects like ObamaCare. There is no distinction to Hollywood liberals between their role playing in fictional movies and their supporting a incompetent, community organizer/Marxist like Obama. It really is a perfect fit - 'acting' is a required skill in both movies, in politics and community organizing - it all makes perfect sense from a liberals point of view.

I have always wondered why liberals like Clooney see incompetent frauds like Obama and liberalism as a solution when liberalism and people like Obama are the cause of America's problems! Actors like Clooney receive a lot of media attention and that attention translates into a narcistic belief within their isolated world that they are really smarter than the rest of us but if they are so smart why pick liberalism - it has always been a failed political ideology since it's creation.

I was also curious about Obama’s odd timing in announcing his sudden re-flip-flop views on gay marriage. It is understandable now when one realizes that the Clooney fund raising dinner was just a few days away and Obama had to make a quick, strategic move in order to gain the support of gays and their money who work in the movie industry.

Not to be too obvious the plan was to send Bozo Biden out and let him, not Obama, declare his support for gay marriage. Then Obama came out later and said in so many words that he was "evolving" in favor of gay marriage and would not oppose gay marriage. Do Hollywood gays believe that Obama is really going to make gay marriage a part of his campaign - not likely.

Obama will have trouble running on his own record let alone running on his sudden flip-flopping support of gay marriage and adding that issue to his campaign. Supporting gay marriage is a hardly a key achievement to focus a campaign around when approximately 30 States constitutionally ban same sex/gay marriage. In fact Democrats as a group don't run anywhere for any political office on their record, they run a campaign of character assassination of their opponent - the reason for so many negative Ads.

So there you have it - the No. 1 problem we face as a country according to Democrats is gay marriage and Romney's bad behavior as CEO of Bain Capital. Forget the 5 trillion Obama has added to our debt and all of the other tax wasting programs like Solyndra that have done nothing toward fixing the economy or unemployment. You really have to ask yorself why would anyone vote for Democrats who have literally destroyed your country with one failed program after another with a massive economic collapse on it's way to your neighborhood. Why?

Vote for Obama and there is a good possibility you have already or will lose your home and your job in the next 4 years of Obammunism. That is what liberalism is all about and elitest dopes like Clooney and friends donate millions to reelect economic dunces like Obama, perhaps one of the most incompetent presidents in the last 60 years!

Because many people in the movie industry are gay and would be invited to Clooney’s political rally, Obama, like most greedy, opportunistic political chameleons, saw a chance to pull in even more millions in campaign donations and play the big shot politician in front of the Hollywood elite. Each side for different reasons were feeding the egos of each other.

Lacking any political scruples, Obama was not going to turn down a golden opportunity to fleece the snobbish Hollywood wealthy elite. Obama's feeble, stammering, weasel speech about 'evolving' into supporting gay marriage was a easy decision to make for Obama. Clooney and the gays swallowed without question Obama's silly fictitious "evolving" explanation ( lie ) as if it was the appropriate way to handle his indecisiveness and stupidity over gay marriage. A big whopping whoop!

Obama, like a true political sewer rat that he is, re-shifted his gay marriage position knowing that his election is not that far away. Obama needs all the donations and support he can get so scamming a group of wealthy, pseudo Hollywood lefists was a welcomed opportunity he could not pass up!. But those Hollywood elites can kiss their money goodby because the campaign for the President in 2012 is NOT about gay marriage, it is about anti-liberalism and frauds like Obama.

Of course none of those people, including Clooney, have ever lived in a communist ran country and their intellectual vision of liberalism was absorbed not from facts and history but from their association with other left-wing dreaming liberals in Hollywood who hold the same political views. They as a group are just intellectually and politically naive to the recklessness and self destructiveness of people like Obama and liberalism.

Swaping positions on gay marriage didn’t cost Obama anything with the Clooney crowd. He has flipped his views on gay marriage more than once in his political career. Obama saw Clooney's rah-rah gathering as an opportunity to flatter a group of self adoring, white, narcissists into contributing millions to his campaign coffers. Thus it was not too surprising that a leftist Hollywood actor like George Clooney would be backing America’s NO. 1 Communist with a fund raiser.

I think the question on everyone’s radar screen is why these 'Elf’s of Fantasy Land' support someone like Obama who is probably one of this country’s worst President? Obviously for Hollywood types that is not a serious consideration but then what is serious in Hollywood?

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
I GOT SCAMMED AGAIN BY THE FLIP-FLOP-MAN The Same TV Pitchman Who Sold You A Worthless Health Plan
Obama's 'EVOLVE' Comments Will Inspire You To Hum "The FLIP-FLOP MAN Can"
To Play: Scroll, don't click, Mouse over the 'Flip-Flop Man' lyrics below

Lyrics To 'The FlipFlop Man Can'

The president can say just about anything he wants but the media truth detectors will decide if Obama is just currying favor for the gay vote and contributions or is he really advocating legalizing gay marriage - not likely.

The 'obfuscator-man' was maybe caught somewhat off guard by having to support gay marriage after blabber mouth Biden unequivocally stated he was for gay marriage

Now if noodle brain Biden’s comments were planned in advance maybe he forgot to wait to see what Obama had to say but I find it odd that Biden made the comment first.

Obama will try to straddle this issue as best as he can so that it looks like he is supporting both gays and non-gays on this one topic. But Obama can't even be honest about his own convictions - he has stated publicly numerous times that he does not favor gay marriage and that marriage to him is between a man and a woman.

He is hoping against hope ( he is the 'hope' & 'change' president ) that voters don't see through his flip-flopping 'lies' on a subject that the Democrats instigated thinking this would be another key issue to persuade more voters to support him in the November elections!

Can these leftist morons ever be serious about issues that ARE important to the American voter such as the economy, food and gas prices, unemployment, home foreclosures, etc., etc. and drop the TV soap-opera issues that only affects a small percentage of Americans? Gays are affected just like every other American by Obama's failed policies on the economy!

Either way it falls under the heading of ‘here we go again’ with another unimportant distraction ( gay marriage ) from the Obama's 'propaganda hit squad' seeking to refocus voter attention away from the disastrous Obama Presidency.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

Spike Obama Reneges On Osama Promise

The assassination referees at the UN after examining the recent attack on the Osama compound made the following ruling: "Upon further review, the Osama assassination ordered by Obama was not in violation of any human or civil rights, therefore there is no penalty.”

In Obama's speech on the Osama assassination he used a football reference in which Obama said: "he didn‘t want to "spike the ball" or demonstrate any further jubilation in getting the terrororist leader by releasing any gruesome photos of his mutilated body.

Well so much for another false Obama promise ( lie ). Obama has been bragging lately at fund raisers how HE played a major role in the investigation, discovery, planning and assassination of Bin Laden.

Most Presidential candidates run on their past achievements but when was the last time a candidate actually claimed to have captured and shot a international terrorist and then ranks it as being one of his major achievements and qualifications in running for the President of the United States.

Community organizing is NOT a job that qualifies one to be President but when you have nothing else to run on then you use anything you think will pump up the appearences of being Presidential! Round one in 2008 made Obama look like something he wasn't - qualified. Round two in 2012 he makes himself out to be a terrorist expert.

Voters through out the country have sinced learned that Obama, is likeable enough but is not qualified to be President. Obama certainly says all of the right things but those are the ideas and words of a speech writer and delivered by Obama as if it was his own words and ideas. Words and ideas to obfuscate exactly who the real Obama is and influence voters into believing that Obama is not as incompetent as he has turned out to be.

The WIMP candidate - does anybody actually believe that wimpy, effeminate Obama, who has no military training or experience, has never owned a gun, shot a gun, or knows how to use a gun is now some sort of a rough, tough Rambo type guy capable of capturing a international terrorist. Everything Obama does and says is just another incredible, outrageous lie or a complete exaggeration and distortion of the facts!

We can all see that Obama is nothing more than a incompetent, community organizer. Can't we just get rid of him on general principals as a compulsive liar with a arrogant attitude, a taste for luxury vacations and ignorance of the Constitution!

Obama spends half of his time on vacations and the rest is spent on fund raising, giving rambling, incoherent speeches as he tours the country, increasing the debt and making one moronic statement after another as if HE is the prime source of truth on every subject, every aspect on how to govern.

He made the Osama promise a year ago so I guess he really did not say he was never going to use the killing of Bin Laden for his own political re-election campaign. Now the question is can the Bin Laden family sue Obama for using the Bin Laden family name in connection with Obama's political campaign with out getting a formal release from the estate of Bin Laden?

Spike Obama, seen here (above) in his 2008 rookie year, wants to avoid any further political ridicule from his liberal left base. If Obama had released any assassination photos he would have been following a century old American tradition that goes all the way back to the early days of America's wild west.

When the western part of the U.S. was being settled by pioneers and notorious outlaws roamed the vast expanse of the open plains, holding up banks and trains, rustling cattle, robbing stagecoaches and causing general mayhem.

It was a time when public hangings, lynching’s and the exhibition of dead outlaws in front of the General Store was a fairly common occurrence. Swift justice by public hangings was meted out by tough frontier sheriffs and small town vigilante lynch mobs. And look at what we have - Obama is this mambi-pambi, liberal dunce who is the worst President since Jimmy Carter.

Now that said Mr. Obama - where are the photos?? No, not your birth certificate. That’s old news.

As ancestors of those wild, wild west frontier folks of yesteryear we want to see Osama’s body propped up out in front of the White House just like the notorius Billy the Kid and the Dalton gang. None of this sissy, antiseptic, liberal political correct crap of a 45 minute burial at sea. That’s pure, old fashion hogwash!

Here is an example of justice back in 1877. His name was “Brazen Bill” Brazelton, notorious highway man, who was wanted for single handedly holding up and robbing dozens of stagecoaches in the early days of the Arizona territory.

Brazelton was described in the Prescott Enterprise newspaper as "the most successful `single-handed' highway robber of modern times."

Well he was until the sheriff and his posse caught up with him and put an end to his stagecoach robbing career! His moment of fame, as with Bin Laden, was quickly ended in a hail of gunfire.

The only thing missing here was the body of Bin Laden propped up on a chair outside of the White House just like in the old frontier days.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

High gas prices is also ‘high’ on the list of President Obama’s many, many failures. It’s not surprising again, especially in an election year, that Obama is now trying, in his best community organizer fashion, to shift the blame for record-high fuel prices onto something other than his well known, failed energy policies.

Between Obama and Energy Secretary Chu, these two incompetent dummkopfs are still, embarrassingly, trying to deceive and sway the American public with their phony explanations and excuses for high gas prices.

High gas prices, according to Obama, is all about oil “speculators” - not Obama, not his administration, not DOE Chu who are the real culprits that's responsible for the rising price of gasoline.

Apparently Obama is saying he 'wants' Americans to suffer, he want them to feel the "pain" that other people in the world feel when they have to pay higher prices for gasoline. More of the same 'socialist teachings' he learned as a student under communist teachers and professors that infest our universities and colleges.

But how did these phantom 'speculators' control prices and exactly who are these speculators? Apparently only Obama knows the answers to those questions, only he has access to this information since all of the other experts put the blame on Obama and his DOE for driving up the prices of gas. Who do you believe, the experts or Obama - the former community organizer?

Obama, in one more desperate and unconvincing attempt to deflect the public's criticism of his do-nothing energy policies regarding high gas prices, announced his solution - as unbelievable as it sounds, he stated that it was oil speculators who were the real problem and he was going to somehow punish these unknown, evil speculators for supposedly driving up the cost of energy.

My first thought was, doesn't Obama have other more important problems to handle like the $15 trillion dollar debt, the declining economy, the collapsed housing market, high food prices, etc. then hunting down 'oil speculators' and punishing them.

If that is the real truth, the real explanation, the real answer to high gas prices then turn your "oil speculator information' over to the DOJ and Eric, 'the gun smuggler', Holder and let him handle them.

Or if Holder is too busy smuggling guns to war lords in Mexico he could turn the 'speculator' problem over to the Black Panthers and they could put a bounty on them for a precentage of the reward! Then Obama could get back to taking care of the real business of the presidency that needs his attention.

Smart people call Obama 'arrogant' but all I hear and see is how ‘stupid’ he sounds, how stupid he appears when he stands in front of the public and announces to them with some lame, 3rd grade explanation about “oil speculators“ being the cause for high gas prices!

What I want to know is where is the call by the leftist media to punish Obama and his gang of academic nitwits for driving up the National Debt, for the Fast and Furious scandal, for the Solyndra solar panel scam?

It is a total mystery to me how Obama, who has no business experience either in oil speculation or the petroleum industry, seems to be the only person on the planet who has the answer to why gas prices are so high.

He alone, without any explanation as to why, has been keeping this amazing revelation to himself until now. Is there no subject, no excuse that Obama can't resist to expound upon each and every day of the week.

He gets up daily and tries to manipulate and deceive the American public with this type of foolish nonsense about speculators. When, if ever, is Obama going to get serious about being a leader, about being a President that Americans can be proud of - WHEN?

And have you ever notice how Obama always talks in the 3rd person like it is not HIS Presidency, not HIS administration that is the reason for high gas prices - the reason is always some other person(s) or group, some other excuse that has caused gasoline to rise to unprecedented levels in the first 3½ years of HIS presidency!

Liberals are the weakest genetic link in our society today because they are the lowest and weakest type of people on the genetic ladder. In the process of maturing liberals as a group were easily brain washed by outside influences and propaganda from mentors and teachers. They were easily deluded into believing in the illusion of socialism. Somehow it made sense to them when normal people saw the evil in it and rejected it. Just as a certain segment of the German people in the 1930’s saw the evil and self destructiveness in Hitler and Nazism. Look at the liberal examples who have clawed and lied their way into our government today. Tell me after seeing the actions and behavior of liberals like Pelosi, Reed, Obama, Schumer, Holder, Napolitano that these people aren’t destructive, don’t have a ‘self centered destructiveness’ about them that is evil and have a evil intent.

Obama then added, as a caveat ‘weasel clause‘, that “none of his invented excuses by themselves will bring gas prices down overnight”.

I seriously doubt that any Obama speech, any lame excuse is going to ever have any sway over the price of gas or the belief by voter’s that Obama is anything other than a incompetent charlatan who doesn't have the intelligence to step aside and say 'I'm sorry, I tried but it didn't work'!

Nevertheless White House spokesman Jay Carney reiterated later in a press conference when he admitted with some embarrassment that “it’s hard to know exactly who these mystery speculators are and what impact, if any, the president’s proposal to punish them would have on gas prices".

What? The President day after day continually wastes everyone's time and patience with this type of desperate, moronic silliness that everyone knows is a LIE! And why does the media who backed Obama continue believing in Obama when he proposes such ridiculous ideas.

Carney further said, “The president has made it perfectly clear ( he did? ) that there will be no Democrat silver bullet, no magical Obama dust, no DOE magic beans or some lie filled 3-point Obama plan that will reduce the price of gas at the pump.”

Every move, every regulation, every energy policy of Obama has been designed to 'crush the oil industries’ attempts to drill domestically or off shore for more oil in order to lower pump prices - and Obama, the oil genius, says uuuuuh NO!

The president is hoping that by blaming and threatening to punish these 'phantom speculators' that is all he, the genius, has to say in order to further convince the American people that his energy policies are the right policies and they are not obstructionist policies, policies that will only increase gasoline at the retail level.

That tells me that Obama actually believes his own lies, believes his own liberalized fantasies and that the American public is so ignorant, so stupid, so gullible to believe these idiotic proposals of Obama are working. Seriously?

So what’s the point in all of this silly, childish nonsense about 'oil speculators' anyway? Why are we being lectured to by Obama about 'speculators' causing high gas prices?

Obama has told countless LIES and has broken countless PROMISES - so why now would anyone believe 'the community organizer's' made up 'speculator' excuse?

Is it just one more way for Obama to distract the American public, to keep them from seeing through his incompetence with more of his patented lies and excuses, one more diversion to hid his misguided Energy Policies?

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Obama's Seen Here Partying On Vacation - Let's check in with the Obamas and hear what they have been doing lately while on vacation.

They have also found time between vacations to write a interesting book on How To Live On Nothing and it is intended to be a lively, fun guide for those of you who have lost their home, maybe unemployed and living off of food stamps.

I'm guessing from the title but isn't your new book for people who had a job and a nice home in 2008 and now those same people, who have lost everything due to the economy in 2012, can find usefull tips on how to survive on very little or nothing at all.

Congratulations!! This is a great and timely book - it should be a outstanding winner especially for those who are still looking for a job and have limited resources. With so many people out of work, sales should be tremendous and easily reach the million dollar mark.

I remember one of Obama's earlier gas saving tips he offered to those people who were complaining about high gas prices. You just keep your tires properly inflated and tune up your car on a regular basis and you will save a ton of money! Nobody would have thought that such a simple tip from Obama could be such a big money saver.

The Obama's told me privately that they expect it will hit the the NY TIMES best-seller list in the very first week. Let's hope the best for them and that they can achieve such a AMBITIOUS goal!

They also told me that all of the profit from the book will go toward reducing the 5+ trillion debt Obama has racked up in the first 3 years of his Presidency. Now that is something to crow about, that is a real, unselfish thing for them to do!!

And how about that cover! It's bold and colorful, it gives everyone a instant idea on what the book is all about. And that boob shot and low waist line of Michelle's on the cover is a absolute stunner - can you imagine any former President's wife exhibiting herself in such a. . . . how shall I say it, in such a 'bold manner'?

That's real ghetto class! That will catch everyone's attention in the book stores and should boost sales.

Ok, let me give everyone a synopsis on what it says here on the cover: "Due to some unfortunate policy decisions on my part the economy as everyone knows has collapsed. To help those less fortunate to survive these dire times Michelle and I have come up with some great, cost saving tips we would like to share with you to overcome your lack of food, shelter, clothing, jobs.......etc., etc.

Uuuuuh, well we don't want to give away everything in the book now because you two probably want the unemployed to be surprised when they read it for the first time. Right?

Ok, lets change the subject for minute - everyone I'm sure has gotten the idea of what your book is all about so let's move on to hear you talk about your vacation, what you have done and things like that.

Everyone is just dying to hear what you and the family did this past week. You know, how is your golf game, etc. We don't want to waste all of your valuable time just talking about the economy, jobs, the depressed housing market, etc.

Remember your here on vacation. What's more important, your vacation or the economy. I bet everyone knows the answer to that one!

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Leftist Advisor To Obama Dumps On Romney's Wife
Democrate Strategy To Attack Romney's Wife Goes Haywire

Hillary Rosen, a Obama White House media reelection advisor, represents everything foul smelling with liberalism and Democrats.

If you take a gander at her flaccid face, she has no room to talk, but Liberals think they are superior to everyone and truly say the most incomprehensible, stupid things on TV. Stupid comments are spoken by stupid people.

The trash talking Obama advisor has literally stepped in it big time and highlights again the insipid arrogance of Liberals. Normally leftist slur artists like Rosen will be tossed under the bus if her attack backfires, as it has here, and splatters back onto Obama and that gang of insufferable fools.

What is amusing is Rosen was hired to advise Debbie Schultz, Democratic National Committee Chairperson, on how to appear and act on TV. A little media training they thought would help Debbie stop making a fool of herself - but old blather mouth Schultz is prone, like Biden, in making gaff-busting remarks and the White House wanted her to tone down the shrillness of her political statements.

Many of these liberalized feminists like Schultz and Rosen are just useful tools to be thrown out there by the party to act like hissing cats on TV by the real behind-the-scene leaders of the Democrat organization who actually run things, who spearhead the Alinsky/Marxist agenda of Obama.

These feminists are just so much cannon fodder to distract and redirect attention away from the Democrat’s main agenda. Schultz and Rosen are just plain gullible dupes to be manipulated and used by the more dangerous gang leaders of the Democrat party.

But today, Patrick Gaspard, executive director of the Democratic National Committee sought to distance the party from Rosen's TV comments. "Hillary Rosen is absolutely not a paid adviser to the DNC or to the Obama campaign, absolutely not," he said.

Does anyone over at the DNC know anything about who or who does not represent them? Republicans have found payments made by the DNC to Rosen. "DNC has paid $120,000 to Rosen's firm since 2011 for both a "communications consultant" and "media consultant." You mean Democrats have to pay people like Rosen to make an ass donkey of herself on TV - I hope they got their money's worth!

Liberal media people like Rosen are thick skinned and immune to insults themselves and that tells me that liberalism is a insidious disease that infects spokespeople like Rosen-type drones who mindlessly, goose-step along Party line rhetoric. They don't have an original thought of their own.

She knew what she said was insulting. That was her purpose. Liberals sit around making similar comments among themselves like wolves chewing on a dead animal carcass and sometimes their rancid, demeaning opinions just slip out during live appearances on TV without even realizing they have made a big ‘oops’ mistake. It's, did I say dat?

Gaff artists like VP Joe ’Bozo’ Biden has made a career of saying stupid things publicly that is normally spoken behind closed doors at the White House.

The point here is why and how do these trailer trash talking liberals like Rosen manage to rise to any position in government - it is just remarkable that people like Rosen, who make irresponsible comments, should probably be working as a Motel 6 desk clerk rather than advising the President.

A Commentary On The Corrupt Obama Administration
Science Has Finally Discovered The Origins Of Liberalism - They Are Aliens

"They are here! There is no other earthly way to explain liberalism"


THE INVASION OF LIBERALISM - The year is 2012 and it has been discovered that earth's human beings are being systematically replaced with outer space creatures from another planet.

They have arrived here from space encapsulated in a cocoon type pod. Once here, the aliens ( liberals ) without you being aware, take over the physical bodies of humans. They appear in all physical ways to be exact duplicates of the person they have replaced.

The exception with alien liberals is they only appear to be normal humans but they are totally devoid of any normal, human emotion or rational reasoning. In every small town, every city they try to take over the existing government and install their rigid, conformist and controlling social order - Socialism.

Right now there are huge, secret warehouse laboratories on every major university and college in the country. Thousand of new pods of liberalized alien creatures are being grown and shipped to the major capitol cities of every country, every continent, all over the world.

Normal humans have to be replaced because they resist us, they accuse us of deceiving normal humans with lies about global warming, about the government's health plan, about the economy and about the 'greatness' of green energy. They try to expose our alien liberal beliefs and intelligence as a danger to all free, non-liberalized humans.

The silent alien replacement process takes place when normal humans are asleep at night. The explanation offered why the aliens ( liberals ) need to take over the bodies of normal humans is so that their superior race, their superior liberalized ideas can continue on in order to escape the light of reality and reason found on their own dying and corrupt planet.

A planet they destroyed with their ‘social liberalization plan’ that produced nothing but starvation, corruption and failure after failure. It became a society totally dependent on the government for free housing, food and money. Eventually all desire to work slowly disappeared.

There was no more producers, only takers on the planet they left behind. There was no more free government food, housing or money to support the growing population of people who did nothing. Food riots erupted in all of their major cities. The will to produce enough food and maintain inner city, government ran welfare programs vanished. Millions of their population starved to death or were killed by roving gangs of criminals as their social order slowly collapsed under the weight of liberalism.

Liberal aliens left their planet for their own survival. The aliens have plans to save Earth from human made pollution. Stop the theft of other countries wealth. Liberalized aliens say they are doing us earthlings a special favor because their species sees Earth as a planet of rich, hateful, unfair humans who are unsympathetic and selfish, who have stolen the resources of poorer countries to make themselves rich and powerful. That has to 'change' and the aliens are 'hopeful' they will win over the suspicions of all normal humans.

One of the noticeable traits of the aliens ( liberals ) whenever they discover a human in their midst who has escaped 'alien liberal conversion - they scream and point their finger at that person, yelling that they are a narrow minded bigot and/or racist.

Aliens then organize other 'converted' alien bodies to march screaming and yelling with their signs and slogans of HOPE and CHANGE through human cities and neighborhoods. They use these tactics to deceive, to show those easily manipulated humans that their alien liberalism is for the good of all humans, it is the right and only way to think!

Alien Indoctrination Programs - The superior liberal aliens in government decide what you must think, what is right, not the old and dated Constitutional laws humans used to defend their bigotry and racism. Liberal aliens have taken over the teacher's union in America and students in schools become easy prey for “conversion” by their liberalized alien teachers.

Liberal aliens infest every human city and town, every university and college. They form liberal alien coalitions and community organizations in your own community to further promote their own liberal alien beliefs and policies. To 'convert' all human groups, all religions, all levels of government, all levels of business and social organizations to alien liberalism.

They try to take over the leadership positions in local, regional and national governments. They try to pass rigid laws and regulations that control all aspects of humanism in a attempt to 'convert' normal, free humans with their liberal alien philosophy and ideology. It is a subtle, devious form of political brain washing, that over time, turned their own home planet into a desolate, waste land of poverty and slaves to free government handouts.

Beware humans, it is only a matter of time before liberal aliens are in control of your own government, your police departments, your schools, your churches.

There is no earthly answer to explain the existence, the purpose of alien 'liberalism' except to convert all humans to socialism, a disease that will eventually destroy our planet as it destroyed their planet.

You know who they are. We must be vigilant!

A Commentary On The Corrupt Obama Administration

Obama's Fear-Mongering Has Replaced Common Sense

There is more evidence now that the arrogant one is beginning to show visible signs of stress in his latest speeches. Speeches targeting the Supreme Court judges in a pathetic effort to defend his unpopular, unconstitutional health plan.

A plan that he, Pelosi and Reid, using various backroom, political tricks, rammed it through Congress when it was strongly opposed by both the public and health professionals.

Obama has become so emotionally attached to his Health Plan, so obsessed that he is willing to do and say anything, no manner how wrong or controversial, to sway those people who are easily manipulated by his bible salesman, rally speeches.

His recent speeches are just angry diatribes filled with countless distorted lies and unsubstantiated false claims in order to place doubt and deceive the American voter that one finally wonders if he has finally snapped under the stress in defending his Health Plan with more lies, more threats, etc..

His whole approach lately is to paint a horrific image of what life will be like in America without Obama and his socialist Health Plan. The babble of his inner voice is becoming more shrill, more menacing in his effort to push his liberal socialist agenda, his unconstitutional Health Plan down everyone's throat. A governmnet ran plan that will be costly and unworkable!

The pattern of lies uttered by Obama recently is based on a old marketing tactic. If Obama repeats the same lies and distortions over and over, day after day a certain percentage of voters will begin to accept them as the truth. They will not question Obama's fabrications and distortions in selling his Health Plan. He wants you the American voter to ignore the facts and believe in his distortions and lies. Someone who a few short months ago was nothing but a community organizer with a law degree.

The Obama Health Plan only passed by a very slim vote of 219 to 212. Hardly a overwhelming victory for something that has so many Constitutional flaws and problems and should have been easily defeated on those facts alone.

The key to funding his health plan requires that every eligible citizen has to buy it and that portion of his Plan is factually and fundamentally “UNCONSTITUTIONAL”.

The former Constitutional law lecturer should have known that it was unconstitutional but I see people like Obama who has the arrogance and disdain for anyone who questions his leadership skills, his misinterpretations of the Constitution, his million dollar loans to green energy companies that have gone bankrupt, his 5 trillion dollar debt and dozens of other failed policies in his robotic effort to socialize every facet of one's life by someone whose only claim to fame was when he worked as a Chicago community organizer. That is not what our founders envisioned for America!

Additional funding would also come from 'tax increases' on people earning higher incomes and eliminating the cost of medical fraud that amounts to millions each year. I know and everyone else knows that Obama is lying -- anything ran by the government, especially a Democrat controlled government, is probably going to cost something like double or even worse than what they currently estimate ObamaCare will cost every American citizen.

As a former Constitutional law lecturer he should known that this part of the Plan would be challenged almost immediately by every state in the Union as to it’s constitutionality. One seriously wonders exactly what was Obama teaching in Chicago about Constitutional law since he seems to have no understand how the 3 branches of government works as outlined in the Constitution.

His own arrogance on this issue seems to have taken precedence over basic common sense regarding the constitutional legality of his Health Plan.

To further doubt what he says is true, he recently challenged the court’s jurisdiction in even determining it's constitutionality, with very obvious but subtle threats in his voice and words.

He said that they, as unelected judges, don’t really have any legal or moral right to nullify his health plan because of the unconstitutional requirement that every eligible citizen had to buy it or face paying a fine or possible being jailed.

Obama, once again, clearly shows his total ignorance and unAmericanism by his stepping way over the line when he accused the Supreme Court of “judicial activism”. That particular term is commonly used to describe 'Democrat liberal judges who DO NOT follow the law'.

Does Obama’s not see that his own liberal appointees to the EPA, DOE and Czars weren't elected officials either and they, on a regular basis, improperly make up rules and regulations that ‘DO NOT’ follow any legal or constitutional guidelines along either common sense or normal traditions but passes whatever fits in with their own or Obama's liberal agenda. That is what out of control “activism” is Mr. Organizer.

Obama is just a ‘quagmire of idiocy’ with his whining, 3rd grade attempt to reinterpet the meaning of “judicial activism” that he used to slander the Court’s Judges. Judges who, in this case, are actually doing what liberal judges don‘t do and that is ‘FOLLOWING’ the law. Obama makes up a new meaning to “activism” for the sole purpose of marginalize the Court’s Judges and to marginalize the Constitutionality of the Court. Can you say - ignorant!

Obama’s liberal mangling of the term “judicial activism” and his arrogant ‘put down’ of the Supreme Court judges and ignorant knowledge of the Constitution is both historical and ludicrous.

Here we have a totally incompetent, arrogant, former community organizer threatening and challenging the historical and legal presence of the Supreme Court and their legal interpretation of Constitutional law.

Liberals all seem to have a problem in understanding how their own government works simply because most of what they are trying to do politically is not within the guidelines of the Constitution! More examples of liberal arrogance and ignorance! Obama does not want to be President, he wants to be a Dictator and toss aside the restraints to his power that's build into the Constitution.

Is Obama’s nerves just little more frayed than normal now that there is a strong possibility of him being defeated in the upcoming Presidential elections in November along with his Health Plan being ruled upon as unconstitutional?

He is also losing the argument with his Health Plan with his latest statement regarding the Supreme Court jurisdiction. He seems to have wandered off into a wilderness area of reality unheard of from any previous President and other liberals in Congress who have openly mocked the Constitutional authority of the Supreme Court!

If the Court does throw out his Health Plan on constitutional grounds that will definitely have a serious impact on any hope of Obama being reelected and he knows it and why he appears so desperate and out-of-control.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

National Defense Authorization Act

There are real, grave concerns about the police state mentality of Obama, the government and the elite ruling class.

The new law ( NDAA ) has a “detention provision that is a serious potential threat to American citizens, it’s importance transcends any petty wrangling between political party ideology or the latest Hollywood tabloid stories about the Kardashian family.

It should be noted that this anti-American, anti-freedom provisions of this law was voted on by a minority of elitist government officials ( Congress ) who supposedly represent you the American citizen and are purported to be the defending watchdogs of our personal freedoms and the Constitution. That is NOT what is going on here with this law and it seems to be a spreading paranoiac trend by the political handwringers within today’s government.

The U.S. Senate passed the act, which it called S. 1867, by a vote of 93 to 7. 93 to 7, does that not tell you how our personal freedoms as outlined in the constitution are being eliminated by one law after another without any say from you the citizen - a law that targets you personally by this small group of elitist in Washington who have a we-know-best mentality.

Section 1021 (b)(2) of the law allows the U.S. military to detain, without a formal charge or a public trial, anyone it suspects has "substantially supported" al Qaeda, the Taliban, or any other "associated forces" that may be "engaged in hostilities against the United States." Does this mean that Wild Bill 'the bomber' Ayers, the Bill Ayers of the Weather Undergound, one of Obama's closest radical supporters be arrested and detained indefinitely??

The law does not include U.S. citizens, unless they are captured overseas directly supporting terrorist activities. However, opponents fear the vague language of the statute could eventually be more broadly interpreted by anyone of authority in government and expanded to apply to all citizens who they perceive to be a threat, imaginary or not to their self interests and regardless of the circumstances.

Here is a link to see how your state Senators voted to put a stake in the heart of our Constitution and your freedom. Not only is the inept one, Obama, trying to destroy America from within with his Marxist theories but the Republicans are helping him with voting on this type of anti-constitutional legislation.

This is not the first time that Congress has tried to subdue citizens through their own exaggerated fears of being tarred and feather for their actions in Congress - a practice once used on corrupt politicians.

There was also the Sedition Act. It provided criminal penalties for any person who wrote, printed, published, or spoke anything "false, scandalous and malicious" with the intent to hold the government in "contempt or disrepute." A hard argument to prove because what member of Congress do you know who isn’t by their past voting record or their personal and political behavior not contemptible in nature and held in high disrepute by voters.

There is no known reason or purpose for the current bipartisan assault by Congress on our constitutional freedoms, directly or indirectly, except to control and subdue those outspoken American citizens ( freedom of speech ) if and when they become too militant, too dissatisfied or too disillusioned over how the ‘government of elitists’ choose to run your government and wantonly waste trillions of your tax dollars on worthless and costly programs of their choosing. Look at the billions of your tax dollars that Obama, the community organizer, has wasted on government loan programs like Solyndra, the solar panel company that Obama booster Kaiser was a major stock holder!

Today’s undercover monitoring by various government agencies of it’s citizens has increased to paranoiac levels by over zealous, anti-terror squads that are way out of proportion to actual threats. Napolitano’s DHS has yet to capture even one terrorist in their constant pursuit of terrorists by frisking Americans at airports who are either elderly, under 10 years of age or are handicapped and who pose no threat as a terrorist to anyone.

Just the act of being pulled out of a line indiscriminately at an airport and detained for a thorough body search is an invasion of a citizens rights not to be detained for anything without cause unless there is clear evidence that that person has demonstrated by their appearance or actions is a threat.

The founders of our country warmed that ‘freedom’ is something that we as citizens have to be ever vigilant in protecting against the innocent appearance of this law when in fact it is a well disguised attack on our personal freedoms - one of the fundamental purposes of our Constitution.

Freedom is not some abstract commodity that can be easily changed from day to today by a majority in Congress. Freedom is freedom and can not be casually reinterpreted by Congress to suit their own ideas of what is freedom is and what it isn’t!

This is another example of how despots in government frequently misuse the “end justifies the means” philosophy in order to serve their own personal agenda, not for the good of the whole. Therefore the new NDAA law should be seen more for what it is “a dubious means to achieve a idealistic end”.

When values conflict, consequences are often unpredictable and purity in seeking the ideal “end” is impossible when a abstract value such as freedom is involved. Thus the freedom of a terrorist ( or citizen ) is jailed in order to preserve the freedom of the greater number of people who are being terrorized.

The governing elitist know and have obviously become more fearful of any grassroots uprising by it’s citizens if Congress continue down this path of recklessly increasing our national debt, rising inflation, unemployment and home foreclosures. They can find time to write this type of legislation but can’t come up with one single proposal to curb their wasteful spending that has done nothing good except to increase our national debt?

The fact that detention camps have been constructed inside America and are now being staffed and readied for “emergency” situations can no longer be ignored or ridiculed as a kook conspiracy theory. This state of fear-mongering by the elite ruling class to handle so called but unnamed “emergencies” is exactly how detentions camps during the Nazi era were explained and look how that turned out.

The obscure reason for the building and maintenance of empty barbed-wired detention/concentration camps built for FEMA and the department of Home Land Security through out the country has possibly a more evil purpose for their existence than one might think!

Since the passage of this freedom depriving law by your government there has been a universal outrage, a grass roots uprising by alarmed state governments to nullify the military detention provisions of this highly controversial National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed into law by the president.

Currently the legislatures of several states from coast-to-coast are proposing legislative action to kill this anti-freedom law from ever being enforced within their states. Virginia just passed in their House of Delegates by a bipartisan vote of 96-4 last week to put a stop to this type of rogue anti-constitutional legislation proposed by a few scare-mongers. There is far too much of this government paramilitary, goon squad, black helicopter mentality running rampant in today’s military and law enforcement ranks.

To rephrase Thomas Jefferson’s famous quote about ‘when government fears it’s citizens there is liberty’. Not so! When this government ‘fears it’s citizens they pass an act of tyranny’ ( NDAA ) that proposes the possible detention of outspoken citizens without any justifiable reason or cause and it is explained away by the government saying it only applies to overseas terrorists? Who do you trust? Just be aware!

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

This week Secretary of Defense Panetta made the following startling statement before the Senate Armed Services Committee that he and President Obama “look not to the Congress for authorization to bomb Syria but to NATO and the United Nations,”

As a result of that statement Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C. has introduced an official resolution calling for “the impeachment of Obama” should he take “any offensive action on Syria based on Panetta’s policy statement that said: “he and Obama would look to NATO and the United Nations for their approval and NOT Congress”.

Senator Sessions-R said: “Well, I’m all for having international support, but I’m really baffled by the idea that somehow an international assembly like the U.N. provides a legal basis for the United States military to be deployed in combat.” Sessions then said. “They can provide no legal authority. The only legal authority that’s required to deploy the United States military is Congress as prescribed by law in the Constitution.”

This action if taken by Obama violates the Constitution and that is grounds for the immediate impeachment of Barach H. Obama. Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution reserves for Congress alone the power to declare war, a restriction that has been sorely tested in recent years, including Obama’s disregard for the Constitution and Congress in the authorization of military force in Libya.

The use of offensive military force by Obama without prior and clear authorization by an act of Congress constitutes an "impeachable high crime and misdemeanor" under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution.

Finally someone in Congress has stood their ground on the 3+ years of the reckless and arrogant disregard of the Constitution and Congress by Obama. He was going to keep on ignoring the Constitution and Congress as long as no one stopped him. Why congressional leaders have waited this long to sent a warning message to the community organizer before this is very disturbing and baffling at the same time?

Aside from impeachment threats there is even more trouble for Obama lurking on the horizon. Obama and his anti-constitutional administration have been walking a very narrow tight rope of secrecy and anti-constitutional activities for a long time.

Operatives on the left thought the speculation about Obama's birth country had gone away months ago. Not true. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Arizona is still continuing his investigation into Obama's citizenship and country of birth with the aim of finally exposing exactly where and when was Obama really born - Kenya or Hawaii?

Sheriff Joe's Investigative Committee is not some renegade group easily dismissed by the kooks in the media but is a expert group of legal and investigative professional who have donated their time and are interested in finding out the truth about Obama's birth country. They have not discovered any damming evidence one way or the other but have found some strange and unexplained omissions in a variety of government, flight and passenger records around the date of Obama's birth.

Why look at flight records? It is being speculated that Obama was actually born in Kenya but his mother soon after his birth in Kenya flew with him to Hawaii in order to register his birth there. Those files and only those files for that time period are mysteriously missing as is any prior school records for Obama!! He is in many areas a 'blank' slate that needs to be investigated further!

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame


Obama may have just ‘cracked’ a little bit under the pressure of the Presidency when he announced that it was “FOX” news, not his brother Abon'go, who was responsible for creating and keeping alive the rumor that he is a ‘closet muslin‘.

Now there is some evidence that Obama may be fibbing again as the famous soothsayer , TV’s Carnack the Magnificent announced a few years back that a muslin would become President of the U. S.

Carnack ( shown here on the left ) who was well know on TV for guessing the answer to impossible to answer questions is shown here holding a photo of Obama and his half brother, Abon'go Malik “Roy” Obama all dressed in native muslin garb.

The story below is old news but the point here is to retell and point out again that the obvious flaws in Obama’s background were important pieces of evidence in denying him the presidency.

There were a few media pundits on the right who pointed out the close relationhips between Obama and radicals on the left. All solid reasons why Obama should have been easily defeated except many voters don’t listen to talk radio or pay any attention to politics in general.

Obama appears to those type of voters as just another 'American Idol' choice. They don't know anything about Obama’s radical background, his association with radicals or his lack of leadeship experience in any public sector job or business.

Abon'go, a muslin, is also the founder of the Barack H. Obama Foundation. It is NOT a foundation honoring our current President but a foundation in honor of his and Obama's father. So our president is actually Barack H. Obama Jr.

Now Obama Jr, is not the only person in the Obama family to have reached the status of “President”. Not to be out done by his brother Barack Jr., Abon'go has officially declared himself ( not elected ) to be the “President” of Kyaugoma-Koeglo, the Obama family’s ancestral village in Kenya.

Now 53, Abon'go lives in a house beside their step-grandmother's and calls himself the president of this remote, long-neglected village an hour and a half's drive from the nearest big city. He doesn't like to talk about how many wives he has — sometimes he says two, sometimes three — perhaps because his latest marriage, to a teenager, brought some unwelcome notoriety from the media.

Abon'go has plans to run for office, maybe parliament. He wants better roads, better schools, better government like all politicians. For his half brother's visit as an Illinois senator in 2006, the Kenyan government graded the dirt road to the family farmhouse, and around the time Obama Jr. won the U.S. presidency in 2008, the family got electricity.

The area was even declared a ‘national heritage site‘, with promises of a cultural center, library and museum, but little has been done to accomplish any of those ambitious projects. "We don't have the best leaders," Abon'go says. "If we fix up the roads, if we put in water and electricity, then it will be a great place. At the end of the day, I'm hoping we have a McDonald's or a Round Table Pizza here." Now if only Obama Jr. had such simple tastes we would not be in debt to the tune of 15+ trillion dollars.

The likelihood of that happening is as farfetched as Obama being reelected President now that he has been exposed as being something he has denied in the past. A muslin? No! A Marxist? YES!

Obama is certainly a jumble of leftist political influences from both his past and his current political life that seems to have been slightly overlooked by voters in 2008. Too bad for America because his Marxist liberalism has open the gate in his administration to Obama Jr. appointees who are far more radical than Obama. They want to tear down our traditional values and heritage and replace it with what - LIBERALISM.

There are people who have been appointed to positions in very influential agencies that has had a huge impact on our economy within his administration ( Attorney General - Eric "those are my people" Holder, Energy Secretary - Steven "I can't say no" Chu, are just a few examples ).

But all them have demonstrated an allegiance to a political philosophy other than Americanism. That’s the disease of liberalism.

When the underlying supports of a bridge fails or is slowly erroded, that bridge will eventually collapse. If you compare the assault on America, to it's traditions, to it's heritage from within the government by misguided, radical Marxist liberals it too will eventually collapse from the corrosion of liberalism. That is their goal in life!

America, as a once free and spontaneous country, depends 100% on the strength and integrity of it's supporting structure of traditions and heritage as envisioned by our forefathers for it's continued survival but if those traditions are weakened from within the government by radicals like Obama then it too will be destroyed!

The left's constant political attack from within our government by incompetent and agenda driven Marxists radicals like Obama and his liberalized administration has created, through their reckless spending policies, a weakened America. Those policies, if not reversed this November, will eventually cause our country as we know it today, like a weakened bridge, will disintigrate.

The country will not disappear and it will continue on but in what form? Communism, Totalitarianism? Liberalism has to be defeated just as Hitler, Stalin, Hirohito and Mussolini were all eventually defeated!

I personally was never educated in a liberalized school system that constantly preached anti-Americanism, anti-capitalism, anti-constitutionalism, anti-religion. But community activism by spoiled American liberals, who have never lived in a socialist country, were educated at these liberlized schools teaching socialist nonsense. Obama is a product of that type of school system and look at the results of that system on our country today.

Liberals are the weakest genetic link in our society today because they are the lowest type of people on the genetic ladder who were easily duped from a early age and who succumbed into believing in the illusion of socialism. Somehow it made sense to them when normal people saw the evil in it and rejected it. Just as a certain segment of the German people in the 1930’s saw the evil and self destructiveness in Hitler and Nazism. Look at the effort, the lives and cost it took to rid the world of Nazism.

Look at the liberal examples who have clawed their way into our government today. Tell me after seeing the actions, statements and behavior of liberals like Pelosi, Reed, Obama, Schumer, Holder, Napolitano, Waters, etc. that these people aren’t destructive, don’t have a self centered destructiveness about them that is almost evil in nature.

Today I'm appalled by the fact that Marxist liberals, who falsely call themselves Americans, are assaulting America’s traditions on all fronts and trying to replace American traditions with liberalism and a failed political system that has not worked in any country in existence today. What exactly is being achieved by destroying the vision of our forefathers with abject failure??

Obama and his Chicago style crony politicans do not reflect the values of our forefathers. Obama himself frequently seems arrogantly distant and disconnected as President. Someone who is obligated by the office of the presidency to represent all Americans, not just a select group of Democrats, loyal contributors, cronies and unions.

Obama, who seems more focused on his own reelection than focusing on the economy, jobs and the housing market, wants to be reelected in November but based on what accomplishments? On what has he done except to instill anger, resentment, divisiveness and the image of a incompetent president to American voters.

Obama, voters feel, has never been connected to the Office of the Presidency. Many of his progrmas and policies were moumnetal failures and created nothing but more debt for ordinary Americans. Obama is described as a odd mixture of political utopian idealism on one hand and seems distracted and unsure when confronted with the failure of his policies on the other hand. He and his policies are failures because he is a incompetent leader and causes failure to happen!

When confronted with why unemployment is still so high or the housing market is not recovering he immediately blames others, or says he miscalculated how bad it really was, or offers up some other lame excuse and justification that avoids any personal involvement in these problems or see how his policies have exasperated these problems.

He talks a good game as a speaker to his followers but much of that is just made up political utopian idealism by political speech writers, speeches laced with unfulfilled promises, half truths and lies! Recovery of the economy is always somewhere off in the distant future for him as the national debt continues to grow as a result of his wasteful spending on his socialist agenda.

The only good to come out of this, if you could call it that, is that someone like Obama will never be allowed near the office of the President ever again - I only hope that people who voted for Obama have learned their lesson!

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

Pelosi Gets A Dose Of Her Own Medicine
From Mr. Sewer Sludge Himself - Bill Maher

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
Panel Politely Laughed But Puzzled By Antics

Retired TV newscaster Tom Brokaw ( photo left ) recently appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and for no apparent reason during the running of the show ‘went weird’ and started rocking side to side and bobbing his head back and forth and did what he said was his impression of one of Mitt Romney‘s trademark facial tics — the “white man's overbite”?

The panel I think was taken a little aback by his odd behavior. I don’t know if anybody even knew what he was taking about or why at that point in the show he started acting so obviously ‘strange‘.

For a moment Brokaw looked like he was imitating one of Bill Maher's political comedy routines that just looked out of place, was bad timing and was completely embarrassing.

Now the show’s panel started to laugh but I think they were more stunned than anything for a moment by Brokaw’s sudden 'out of character' weird behavior.

The panel laughed more at his silly antics then anything and felt at the same time a little uncomfortable in being a part of something so ridiculous and out of place during their panel discussion - you know it’s was one of those ‘the drunk at the end of the bar’ moments and no one wasn’t sure exactly how to act in seeing Brokaw behaving like a old fool on TV.

Brokaw is up their in years and doesn’t look all that well. Old people do some strange, out of nowhere, embarrassing things at times.

It was suggested, as an excuse later, that Brokaw may have had something to drink that was too strong while waiting to go on the show or was having a bad reaction to some of his medications? Either way it was an awkward moment for someone who was once a respected newscaster.

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
I GOT SCAMMED BY THE SCAM-MAN - B. S. ObamaThe Same TV Pitchman Who Sold You A Worthless Health Plan
My New Book Will Inspire You To Hum "The SCAMMAN Can"

There is nothing worse than sitting down with your checkbook at the end of the month and realizing that you don't have enough money left in your account to meet your basic needs.

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The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame
Obama Gave Us The $45,000 Volt... What's Next
$2000 Toaster, $3,000 Vacuum, $1000 Hair Dryer

Lets go back to the Bush era presidency and review Bush’s 2007 Energy Legislation. That law proposed a ban on the inefficient Edison incandescent light bulb.

It began with eliminating the traditional 100-watt bulbs in 2012. Then sales of the traditional 75-watt incandescent bulbs will be prohibited next year, and 60-watt incandescent bulb will disappear after that.

What is being reported is not totally true. The traditional incandescent light bulb won a nine-month reprieve from the federal law that would have spelled its ultimate demise.

In the bill to avert a government shutdown there was a added provision that prevents thaaaat Department of Kooks ( DOK ) from spending any more money to implement or enforce their energy efficiency standards for light bulbs that was set to go into effect for 100-watt bulbs in 2012.

The new standards and regulations remain on the book, even if they can’t be enforced by the DOK.

The efficiency rules are intended to phase out all of the old incandescent bulbs that are essentially unchanged since the time of Thomas Edison and a phase in of the more efficient bulbs such as halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs ( CFL ) or LED bulbs.

The more efficient bulbs have a more expensive initial cost, about $1.50 to $2 a bulb compared to 25 or 50 cents for a less efficient light. But their advocates say the lower energy used and in some cases a longer life expectancy from the new bulbs will more than make up for the higher purchase price over the life of the bulb.

A Department of Energy kook-person said the agency is reviewing the congressional action and had no further comment at this time. We have decided after reading this story that the current head of the DOE, Steve Chu, should be renamed to Mr. Bulb Dolt.

The numerous stories about the incredible amount of tax dollars the Obama administration's DOE has handed over to frudulent green energy companies like Solyndra and now to Philips, is difficult to grasp, let alone understand as to why these billion dollar Obama loans were even approved in the first place?

Chu, Mr. Bulb Dolt, has confirmed that the other Bulb Dolt in the DOE who was selected to head up this fraudulent loan department, Jonathan Silver, had been forced to quit over the Solyndra fraud case by outraged members of Congress.

We come to find out Silver was hired after the loan had already been approved and he really had nothing to do with the loan approval process. When Silver found out that there was not going to be any more available tax dollars in the DOE loan theft program to give away he had already decided to leave prior to the Solyndra scandal.

So big deal, Silver was fired but he was already planning on leaving anyway and CHU, Mr. Bulb Dolt senior, Director of the DOE, is still there??

Bulb Dolt Chu, who is so stupidly unaware as to the criminality of this monumental fraud that he, Obama and his department have committed, made a point in defending his agency’s loan guarantee rackateering operation.

Bulb Dolt Chu said, “Under his [Silver’s] leadership, our loan theft program has demonstrated considerable success (lie, there is NO recorded success), with a broad portfolio of investments ( it's not your job to invest tax money in anything other than government operations ) that will help American companies compete in the global clean energy market.” Just more ( moronic ) liberal generated idiocy designed to keep you the American voter hypnotized so you can’t see through their fraudulent and illegal scams.

Here is a similar but far fetched example. A bank thief is apprehended by the police and he claims the money he stole from the bank was going to support disadvantaged children at an orphanage.

The ‘end’ (support of a orphanage) justifies the ‘means’ (robbing the bank). Consequential-ism refers to a widely accepted moral theory that holds: 'the consequences of a particular action (supporting the orphanage) forms the basis for any valid moral judgment about the robbers actions (robbing a bank is a crime regardless of it’s good intentions to support a orphanage just as using tax money to bail out political cronies investments in a bankrupt private business,like Solyndra, is also a crime ).

Thus the fraudulent loan of your tax money ( the means ) to finance a private green energy solar panel company (Solyndra) is seen by the Obama/Government as a highly moral act ( the end ).

This is the type of academia bull-crap the Obama administration consistently uses to justify all of their fraudulent, criminal acts in wasteful spending of your tax dollars and increasing our national debt. It is an insidious disease by the name of "liberalism". Where is the outrage over this type of criminal fraud carried out by Obama and Chu?

There are millions of Americans who have been sold this phony, illicit concept, who have been conned into believing the notion that they are saving the planet from some obscure, mysterious plague invented by notable fraud artists like Obama and Al Gore.

These political con-artists play on people’s naivety and deep seated belief that they as a group will have a impact on ‘saving mother earth‘. They demonize their critics and adversaries in order to maintain their control of the Congress, who they see stand in their way to exert CONTROL and INFLUENCE over the naive and uninformed voters of this country.

Every speech that Obama or any Democrat makes is designed only to deceive, to obfuscate the truth and is filled with lies and false promises that are presented as some sort of 'personal guarantee' to you the voter that they can be trusted to do the right thing! Is it really that hard to tell the truth and manage the government in a honest manner??

It is all a big, well organized scam ran by the Democrats, they have used this scam for years, to maintain their power over your tax money in order to increase their personal wealth, aid those who support them and give money to groups ( ACORN ) and organizations ( UNIONS ) that donate money to their reelection campaigns. As simplistic, as illegal and un-American as it sounds, that is how it works in Washington!

There is NO clean energy market - if there is, the only place it exist is in the utopian dream world of Bulb Dolt Chu and Obama. These political clowns like Obama and Chu have hijacked your government and you sit by and just watch as a total of 535 people in Congress destroy your country of 311,591,917 citizens with their contemptible lies and theft of your tax dollars.

The above statement was obviously written by one of Obama's propaganda professionals. It sounded just like the lame excuse statement that Obama's chief economic advisor, Christina Romer ( aka Chin-Chin ), made after their insane spending spree to rescue the economy failed to do anything but increase our national debt.

She quit, fearing reprisals from the public, for her reckless economic do-nothing tax spending programs and ran back to her flea infested academia hideout at U.C. Berkeley, CA.

Now you can see why Obama and his fellow liberal, academic flim-flam artists have become the biggest laughingstock government administration since that other peanut-brain, Democrat President - Jimmie Carter.

As one can imagine the major light bulb manufacturers such as General Electric, Royal Philips Electronics and Siemens who have converted over to produce the less costly versions of the latest green energy bulbs are more than a little ticked-off at Obama because they have already invested heavily in new equipment to produce the new bulbs.

If retail outlets import the cheaper incandescent bulbs from China, etc. then the bulb manufacturers mandated to produce the new green bulbs will lose money in the light bulb sales war at the retail level at least for the next 9 month grace period.

Now not all is doom and goom. There is also another alternative to buying the old Edison incandescent light bulb. No it is not buying and hoarding hundreds of light bulbs in your garage either.

A company called Newcandescent manufactures American made, incandescent, non-liberal bulbs ( all sizes too ) right here in the US and they have permission from the dopes over at the DOE to manufacture them. Under new design rules a separate class of bulbs called Rough Service bulbs can be manufactured here under the DOE’s approval.

Newcandescent bought up all of the old equipment that the major manufacturers were getting rid of, GE and Philips and they started manufacturing with DOE sanction. They met all of the DOE new design guidelines, and were given permission to manufacture the bulbs here in the U.S.

But wait, our undercover reporter Earl ( he investigated & reported on the Obama Solyndra fraud case ) has discovered yet another and much more weirder Obama addendum to the Bush Bulb Law. The Obama administration and the dim-wits over at thaaaat kook infested D.O.E were not going to be outdone by Bush decided that they had even a better, bright idea.

Lets create a contest for light bulb manufactures and give the winner of the contest a $10 million award using your tax money. Does this decision by Obama make the hair on your neck stand on end and make your skin crawl with outrage - it does mine.

Why is that? Well the DOE gave the award to Philips for producing the winning entry ( shown here on the left ) but surprise of all Obama surprises it costs a whooping $50.00. Now the only people that can afford one of these bulbs are those likeminded liberal-ites who bought a $45,000 Chevy Volt.

And besides, Philips currently produces a much cheaper version of the new green bulbs that you can buy now so why buy their $50.00 bulb?? What exactly was the point here except to waste another $10 million on a another ridiculous Obama goof-ball idea??

Does anyone ever notice how everything that Mr. Hope & Change gets involved with turns out to be a failure, goes bankrupt or builds a consumer product that costs 30 times as much as the product it is replacing by the Obama government mandate?

I didn’t know that community organizers and liberal kooks knew so much about science, health, automobile manufacturing, global warming, and just about everything else under the sun that they think needs their golden 'midas' touch!

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame

The above headline, "What a revolting development this is." was popularized by comic actor William Bendix who played a milder version of the Archie Bunker type character named Chester A. Riley in the 1950s TV show "The Life of Riley" and before that it had been a very popular radio show.

What follows here is a intriguing story of what happened to another innovative American car that few people today have ever heard of - the Tucker. The point of this commentary is to expose the inepitude of people like Obama and his administration getting involved and influencing the ultimate outcome and failure of the Chevy Volt.

CHEVY VOLT - First let’s look at the Chevy Volt.

Due to lagging Volt sales General Obama Motors just announced the suspension of production for their hybrid electric/gas Chevy Volt.

This was not a unexpected outcome for the VOLT if you look at all of the reasons that it should not have been produced beyond the prototype stage.

It was a very bad business decision by GM management and how the involvment by Obama in the Volt was clearly a idiotic decision by someone who only has a community organizer background, a serious liberal agenda and zero auto manufacturing experience.

The Obama government put a head lock on GM after their bailout to go forward with the VOLT because it fit in with Obama's "mythical green energy agenda". Some critics have even gone one step further and said it was a "stupid, hair-brain decison by a incompetent moron - Obama."

Democrats screamed that was a "Double Entendre"! If you are moron, you can't be incompetent and a moron at the same time? Oh no - then take a hard look at Obama and his flip-flopping lies, his idiotic, community organizer decisions with the Volt, Solyndra, ObamaCare, TARP, denying approval for the oil pipeline from Canada, the $50 light bulb, DOJ Fast and Furious fiasco and on and on it goes! Obama is and has been a incompetent political dunce as an adult but with the whims and petulance of a spoiled, out of control child.

But when the government and people like community organizer Obama get involved in private industry it is always a financial disaster. The VOLT is a classic example and Obama, as a president, was himself a Frankenstein experiment that was has gone terrible wrong for our Country and all American citizens!

Obama and his 3 ring circus of administrative clowns ( Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Holder, etc. ) is slowly becoming the object of ridicule within the inner circle of Washington political pundits. The Democrats pushed the community prganizer Obama into the Presidentcy but he was just not up to the job in leadership skills or mental powers.

Obama, as someone with the barest, political experience and zero business experience, was at a serious disadvantage from the very beginning. The media began to believe their own madeup, exaggerated stories about Obama and just decided to overlook his obvious character flaws, his lack of real world experience beyond the political world in Chicago. As a result Obama and the Democrat party have become without a doubt the laughingstock of Washington and world wide.

GM has reported it has only built a total of 12,400 Volts through December 2011. In November 2011 GM's sales chief announced that they would NOT meet its sales goal of 10,000 vehicles in 2011. Out of the projected 2012 production, General Motors will also produce 10,000 cars ( under the Amperas name ) destined for sale in Europe, 6,000 for Opel and 4,000 for Vauxhall in the UK.

Global production capacity in 2012 is expected to be 60,000 vehicles with an estimated 45,000 units to be delivered in the United States. To meet this goal GM would need to sell at least 3,750 units per month. U. S. Sales in January and February totaled 1,626 units sending a warning signal to GM that they would not meet their expected sales of 45,000 units and decided to temporary close the plant until inventory is reduced or sales increase.

One of several problems why the Volt is not popular. The 2011 Volt price including all available regular production and premium options is $44,600, including destination charges and before tax credits or any subsidies. For the 2012 model year the price of the Volt with all available options is $46,265 before tax credits or any subsidies available. In China it sells for a whopping $79,000.

Two, the Volt's electric motor only range is limited to 35 miles, the 379+ total miles range quoted by the EPA is the combined mileage of the Volt's electric motor plus the gasoline powered generator. The Chevy Volt certainly holds promise but it's projected price is way too expensive when compared to it's gasoline-fueled competitors and will obviously need substantial reductions in it's manufacturing cost if it has any hope of becoming commercially viable.

The Chevy Cruise, a gasoline only car, gets better mileage than the Volt for about half the price. The Volt is just another Obama, tax wasting boondoggle

The most notable fact buried in all of the technical aspects of the Volt is the gasoline versus hybrid data concerning payback to the consumer. The payback period for the plug-in hybrid is 15 years for gasoline prices at $3 per gallon, 12 years at $4 per gallon, and drops to 9 years with gasoline prices at $5 per gallon.

Now one can easily understand why Obama and Chu, who runs the EPA, want higher gas prices so as to wean gas only car owners to switch over to a all electric car based on the above Obama premise that higher gas prices translates to a guesstimated shorter pay back period in owning a hybrid car. Pure liberalized fantasy fueled by their dream world utopian vision of a uncontaminated planet that's been freed from our dependency on the dreaded fossil fuel - gasoline.

$45,000 hybrid cars is not the short term solution. It is the fantasy of disfunctional liberals like Obama who was, a few short years ago, a unknown, insignificant Chicago community organizer with a degree in law. None of Obama's past work experiences or academia training qualifies him to lecture the American public or industry leaders on anything related to science, auto manufacturing or health.

Who does this clown think he is fooling. . . and how does he get away with lying and distorting the truth to hide his and his administration's incompetence is just incredible.

He simply ignores the fact that 99.9% of this country runs on oil and oil by-products necessary in the production and delivery of food to supermarkets, propel airplanes and trains all across America and the manufacturing of millions and millions of useful products that are derived from oil that we use daily.

Oil is necessary to sustain our survival as a nation. He and a few pin head, pseudo-intellectual, know-nothings educated at liberal universities think they know more about what you need, our country needs than industry leaders. Obama is a dangerous Marxist ideolog that has wrecked our economy, has caused gas and food prices to rise to unsustainable levels for the average worker, destroyed the housing market, hijacked the auto industry and is in the process of destroying the personal health insurance industry.

Here is a brief recap on how the Volt uses less gasoline than the 100% gasoline powered car - the Volt operates as a pure battery only electric vehicle until its electric battery capacity drops to a predetermined level from a full charge, at which point its gasoline engine kicks in and powers it's electric generator to extend the vehicle's overall range. It is a little more complex than I have described here but this gives you a general idea on how it works.

The gas powered generator is ran by a 1.0 L, 3-cylinder turbocharged flex-fuel capable engine linked to a 53 kW (71 hp) generator. This engine is not linked to the drive train and therefore the Volt is primarily an all electric care designed to work with multiple sources of fuel to create additional electric power.

Thus you are not using a lot of gas fuel to actually power the car because the gas that is consumed by the Volt is only used to run the electric generator, not a full sized gasoline powered engine attached to the final drive.

Yes it is a clever design but is all of that cleverness worth $45,000 plus the potential cost to replace the batteries and probably the electric generator? Add to that the cost to install a dedicated electrical outlet to charge your car and the additional cost of the electricity to charge the batteries 365 days a year!

The Volts exterior is nothing special and looks a lot like many of the small, imported generic Japanese sedans. Not a lot to get excited about for $45,000 and people who are green orientated souls won't have the cash to buy this expensive planet saver!

Thank you Mr. Obama, you are a automotive genius?

Pictured with the VOLT above is another car ( the Tucker ) that was innovative for it’s time and was expected to give the Big 3 cars companies a run for their money in car sales following WW II.

It was, for it’s time, a very imaginative new car design that was briefly produced in Chicago in 1948 just after the end of WW II. The Big 3 auto makers, involved in war time manufacturing, hadn’t yet produced a innovative new car design like the Tucker for the American car, buying public who were starving for a new car design after the war.

The 1948 Tucker Sedan, shown above, or the Tucker '48 Sedan as it was later called (initially named the Tucker Torpedo ) was an technological advanced automobile conceived by a similarly unique individual named Preston Tucker.

The Tucker Car Company was initially launched in 1948. Only 51 Tucker cars were ever made before the company had to close it’s doors on March 3, 1949, due to wide spread, negative publicity initiated by the ( liberalized ) news media, a trumped-up S.E.C. investigation plus a heavily publicized stock fraud trial that followed. ( all government allegations by the SEC were proven baseless and the false charges of stock fraud were quickly dropped )

Interestingly GM's Volt's sales division accuses the media and to some degree the government for it's slow sales and lack of interest by the public by their turning their Volt into a political football nightmare. The meddling by the federal government in the Volt's development during General Motors' 2009 government-led bankruptcy and the safety concerns about the possible battery pack fire risk after a crash.

About the same time that the Tucker car was being killed off by the Federal Government and other influential political players there was, surprise, another car manufacturer called the Kaiser-Frazer, founded 3 years earlier on July 25, 1945 that was being promoted and financially supported by the Federal Government(?)

It is my belief that the Federal Government’s financial involvement with another car manufacture ( Kaiser-Frazer ) at that time may have played a important part in Tucker’s early demise.

As one can see this is not, as some may think, the first time the Federal government has interfered with political skullduggery in private industry as in the Solyndra solar panel scandal. Obama getting involved with GM and the VOLT car is a modern day repeat of events that took place back in the late ‘40’s although the Kaiser-Frazer car company did not go bankrupt within 6 months of receiving their Federal grant money.

The Kaiser-Frazer car was sort of a lack-luster, marshmallow type family sedan that lacked any true innovative designs of the Tucker but it had one key element that Tucker’s didn‘t - it had GOVERNMENT financial backing to the tune of $200 million in government grants and, surprise again, K & F did not produce the car they promised due to manufacturing and design costs! $200 million in 1948 is equal to $1,791,066,263.00 in today's dollars.

This was another Solyndra type government tax-payer rip off that took place back in 1945 although Kaiser-Frazer, unlike Solyndra, continued building and selling passenger cars for the next 10 years all the way through 1955.

The Tucker corporate stock program was being investigated by the U.S. Security & Exchange Commission that eventually led to an indictment of several company executives although all charges were eventually dropped by the government because they did not have a provable case.

There was some behind-the-scene speculation at the time that the Big Three automakers and a Michigan senator named Homer S. Ferguson had some sort of a backroom, political role in sandbagging the Tucker Corporation! Tucker’s car company was killed off before it had a chance to succeed, it died amid questionable media reporting, political intrigue and a phony stock fraud scandal initiated by the Federal Government.

There was one media individual in particular who played a key role in killing the Tucker car. He was a over enthusiastic, skeptical journalist named Drew Pearson, one of many journalist that reviewed the car, but none so vehemently than he reported that the Tucker car was a out and out fraud. He reported that it could not go in reverse and it drove like a goose “waddling down the road".

This type of silly reporting by the media colored the public’s overall view of Tucker's car and put doubt in their mind about the trustworthiness of the car’s innovative design concepts. This was at a time in history when the news media journalists and public officials were much more honest and trusted by the public than they are today.

Even then the news media was composed, as today, of politically motivated scoundrels who had their own personal agenda in deciding what would be reported to the public as to whether or not the Tucker was either “good’ or ‘bad’ - thus making them a very powerful, influential lobby for whomever had control over their political loyalty.

The government with it's $200 million dollar loan favored the Kaiser-Frazer car over the Tucker and the media got in line to agree with the government. They bashed Tucker by accusing him of stock fraud and his car as being a engineering failure none of which was true.

On January 22, 1950, after 28 hours of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict of "not guilty" on all counts for all of the accused. Tucker had prevailed at the trial, but the Tucker Corporation, now without a factory, buried in debt, and faced with numerous lawsuits from Tucker dealers angry about the production delays - was caput.

Despite the outcome of the trial, speculation continued on with many unanswered question as to whether or not Tucker genuinely intended to produce a new car and bring it to market, or whether the entire enterprise was a cleverly designed stock scam, designed by Tucker for the sole purpose of defrauding gullible investors.

One of the many ironic facets of the Tucker car investigation by the U.S. government was one Otto Kerner Jr., the key U.S. Attorney who aggressively pursued Tucker and his Corporation, was himself, later convicted on 17 counts of bribery, conspiracy, perjury, and related charges for stock fraud in 1974.

He was the first Federal Appellate Judge in history to be jailed out of perhaps many like him who have never been caught in illegal activities like today‘s Attorney General Eric Holder. Kerner was eventually sentenced to a very lenient three years in prison and a fine of $50,000.

The initial problems reported in the press were only limited to the very first prototype. These problems were caused by the limited amount of time it took in developing a prototype car for introduction to the public and for media publicity photos only - the prototype was not a complete, fully developed working model.

But the damage was done in the dubious court of 1948 public opinion. A negative media feeding frenzy quickly followed as the media would do today in the internet’s blogosphere.

One last nail in the Tucker coffin. On top of all of the above problems plaguing the car’s design, Tucker suffered another setback when his bids to obtain two steel mills to provide the raw materials for his cars was rejected by the 'Government’s War Assets Adm.' under a very obvious and suspicious cloud of political maneuvering by the government.

The Tucker was a viable car design but the avalanche of negative publicity created by the news media and government officials destroyed the company and put an end to the car’s production. Some things I guess were just never meant to exist!

The Odditorium Hall of Liberalism Fame


So who exactly is Sandra Fluke and why is she on TV talking about women’s rights and pleading for universities to provide free contraception to women?

Here’s why! I found out she’s a former president of the university’s chapter of Law Students for Reproductive Justice, ( there is that liberal word - justice ) and is an “community organizer” ( aaaaha, an agitator ) with Catholic Students for Women’s Health, a coalition of students from Catholic colleges and universities.

The above paragraph speaks volumes about Fluke. There are all of those self revealing code words for liberalism - Reproductive Justice, Student Organizer and the Coalition of this or that.

Even Obama, the world famous community organizer in recognition of a fellow community organizer/agitator, got into the act and personally called to congratulate her for her honesty (?) in speaking out publicly about her own personal struggle in having to pay for her own birth control pills. What a tremendous thing to do! What a heroine! If I were her parents I would not be proud as Obama stated but embarrassed!

Although I am sure there are a lot more intelligent women out there saying Fluke represents a very small element of self righteous, controlling liberalized women who seem incapable of figuring out how to get through life on their own and putting the responsibility of contraception onto someone other themselves. Community agitation in a nut shell.

Tell me, whatever happened to the idea of young men and women who went out and found a job, met someone, got married, had kids and maybe a dog, enjoyed life and didn’t rely on any institution or government to provide the necessities of life for free which is all part of growing up and being responsible for one self.

It’s reported that Ms. Fluke came to Georgetown University interested in finding a university that provided contraceptive coverage. That's an ambition, that is at the top of ones list in selecting a university, maybe for a liberal but not for normal people??

She researched the Jesuit college’s health plans for students before enrolling, and found that “birth control“ was NOT included. So why would someone like Fluke attend a school that did NOT offer what she felt was an important women’s issue.

A chance to agitate, a chance to tear down a 200+ year old tradition!! The Fluke story shows clearly why liberals could never be the creators of a nation like America because they only want to destroy, to change says Obama but only for their own personal selfish reasons!

Fluke: “I decided I was absolutely not willing to compromise the quality of my education in exchange for my health care,” says Fluke, who has spent the past three years lobbying ( annoying ) the administration to change its policy on the issue.

Frankly I am having a hard time understanding her statement about compromising her education in exchange for her health care although I’m sure the University is having the same difficulty in understand Fluke and her demand for free health care provided contraception at a catholic school.

Find a old fashion tradition and you will find a liberal trying to change it - if the university insisted all women must take birth control pills Sandra Fluke would be picketing the President’s office to stop that!

I’ve learned and Fluke could have found out herself, without her self-promoting, grandstanding on TV, that her local Planned Parenthood provides in some cases free condoms and birth control pills. Depending on the state you live in, you can receive birth control pills for free, other PP supply them at a reduced charge.

For instance New York State offers the Family Planning Benefits Program through Planned Parenthood. It's a state funded program which allows those who qualify to receive their birth control at no cost or significantly reduced cost. Some PP's require an exam for $30 and the pill for $15 a month. That’s .50 cents a day.

The flaky Fluke organizer types of the world become so illogically paralyzed with their narrow view of women’s rights agenda that they try to convince themselves and other weak women that their women’s rights agenda is somehow a natural extension of their own health concerns. Women’s rights in Fluke’s world is basically anything that she can imagine as being a "women’s rights" - in this case, free contraception.

Now are you saying if the university caves in and gives you free contraception that is all it will take to make you stop annoying the university and go away - in some Planned Parenthoods the cost for a years supply is about $40.00 - so that is a cheap price to pay to just get rid of her and her unhappy cohorts.

But it is not that simple since the university sees it is a matter of principals that they have lived by for over 200+ years. Why should they change since their rights have been in force for a lot longer time than Fluke's!

She is trying desperately to connect contraception and having sex as being a integral part of her health care and naturally should be free under her student health care plan. If she is able to achieve her “intimidation goal “ against Georgetown’s policy of contraception then she wins in having someone other than herself be responsible for her own irresponsibility toward her sexual behavior.

This whole subject is so much a liberal point of view - they dismiss the totality of facts about responsibility and birth control, dismiss the Universities long stand position on contraception, focus only on their own wants and then argue that their views are justifiably right and the university’s long standing position, that has existed for over 200 years. is wrong. Who would waste 3 years of their adult life arguing a mute point - a liberal named Fluke.

Who but a liberal would think that birth control pills, contraception, sex, health problems, health insurance all becomes a single issue ( not separate issues ) and then expect the university they are attending to understand their confused and flawed reasoning and change their traditional position on contraception.

Georgetown University was founded in 1789, it is the oldest Jesuit and Catholic University in the United States. It has held it’s position on contraception for the last 223 years and it has no reason to change it’s position on contraception simply because Ms. Fluke, a nobody, thinks their position is wrong and therefore they have to change.

What we have here is a case of she says and Georgetown University says. Fluke has an opinion and the University has a different opinion. Fluke is saying that her opinion trumps the university’s opinion on women’s contraception. Not so fast 30 year old Ms. Fluke.

If Fluke thinks that the university should provide, through her student health plan, free contraception, because Fluke believes it is a integral part of her overall health care, then I don‘t think I would call her a slut as Rush Limbaugh did, but just another uninformed liberal that believes the government, the university, the state should provide her with free contraception as being another liberal right!

To bolster her argument Ms. Fluke spoke about a friend who had to have a cancerous ovary removed that Fluke said was caused by her friend not having access to free birth control pills . I’m not sure what inference Fluke is trying to make here but there is no concrete medical data that shows ovarian cancer risk can be 100% eliminated by taking birth control pills if that is her point.

The chance of contacting ovarian cancer is just as great with or without birth control pills. And besides if the pill costs $40.00 at some PP's for a years supply don't you think someone paying $40,000+ in annual tuition fees could afford the pill??

There is some limited scientific evidence that only “suggests” ( not absolutely ) using birth control pills for longer periods of time increases your risk of some cancers, such as cervical cancer and liver cancer, but it also decreases your risk of other types of cancer, including ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer.

Whenever a study uses the term ‘SUGGESTS’ - that means protection against ovarian cancer is possible but not guaranteed. Again the trade off is there will be some woman who might contact other forms of cancer, so why take the risk in using the pill at all? The focus by Fluke, to other women, should be on the pills safety, not on how much it costs or forcing the university to provide it free!

Her friend I understand was diagnosed with “ovarian cancer” and she had no other choice then to have her cancerous ovary removed as part of her overall cancer recovery plan. Proving that not having access to the birth pill caused her ovarian cancer, if that was the case Fluke is making, it is just more liberal, phony medical science by Fluke who has naturally has no medical background to justify that kind of erroneous conclusions.

One isolated, antidotal story about a friend's cancer scare does not make a case for using the pill. It proves little to nothing in trying to justify her argument for free contraception for women. It is just more liberal, medical mumbo-jumbo practiced by another misguided community activists like Fluke.

The ruckus over this whole issue seems to be way out of proportion to other more serious issues plaguing the country than having a spoiled, immature university student claiming free birth control pills is a woman's right.

I believe her only sin was not a question about her level of slutiness but the fact she was promoting a false need in the minds of other weak women and building a whole career around trying to convince Catholic universities to provide free contraception for women. It just seems very superficial and a total waste of everyone’s time.

There are better avenues to follow if this is your one goal in life but butting heads with a catholic school over this issue is pointless and irresolvable. That IS the kooky world of liberalism!

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